Are Longboards Faster Than Skateboards

Are Longboards Faster Than Skateboards?

Are longboards faster than skateboards? Do you often wonder about this? If you reply with yes, then you are in the right place. 

Skateboards (regular) and longboards are two famous board types that we use for riding. But many of us don’t know whether they provide different speeds; if yes, then which one is better and how we can escalate their momentum. 

To remove this bewilderment, we have broadly explained these areas in today’s article. So, let’s quickly jump into the following discussion. 

How Fast Do Longboards Go? 

A longboard is a special kind of skateboard. Its design is pretty different from our regular skateboards.

If you look into the forming of a longboard, you will easily get the differences.

  • Firstly, the platform (deck) of longboards is much longer and wider than that of conventional skateboards. So, you can get extra comfort and stability at the time of riding.
  • Secondly, longboards have a larger wheelbase, bigger wheels, and lightweight hardware compared to other skateboard types. Consequently, your rides can become quicker and more pleasurable on a longboard. 

Considering this unique structure, many professional riders prefer them for cruising, and downhill racing besides traveling to distant places. Also, they can help you to build your skills in ‘dancing’, ‘freestyle’, and other tricks. Anyways, longboarding is a decent option for beginners as well. 

According to the records, the average cruising speed on longboards ranges from 5-14 mph.

Again, skillful downhill riders can reach up to 50-65 mph, sometimes 80-90 mph, speed while downhill racing on longboards.

Yet, your speed will rely on many other factors including riding style, pushing and pumping strength, terrain, weight, and brand type. 

Longboard Speed Record

Pete Connolly, a UK skateboarder, holds the title of ‘fastest downhill skateboarder on the earth’. In the racing event, he scored 91.17 mph (146.73 km/h) on his lucky longboard.

He was also bestowed with the WGSA Classic longboard world record to commemorate this achievement. 

How Fast Do Skateboards Go?

Skateboard is elemental equipment for skateboarding. In fact, skateboards played an undeniable role in introducing skateboarding as a distinct sport.

In the early days, the structure of skateboards was straightforward. There was a wooden deck fixed to a pair of skateboarding trucks. Riders balanced on those boards with one foot while pushing the earth by other to move forward. 

In modern days, numerous brands are developing several types of skateboards with captivating features, though maintaining the traditional edifice.

So, we can find huge deviations in speed among different skateboard types.

Moreover, modern electric skateboards can increase the riding speed using the power of motors and batteries. 

By and large, a regular skateboard can speed up to 12 mph. You can even hit 26-28 mph using your electric skateboard.

Anyways, a skateboard’s speed greatly depends upon its type, shape, wheels, bearings, landscape and environment, and riding skills. 

Skateboard Speed Record

Up to the present day, the highest speed achieved on a skateboard is 146.73 km/h (91.17 mph).

British origin Peter Connolly earned this tribute of being the fastest skateboarder in the world on 16th September 2017 at L’Ultime Descente arranged in Quebec, Canada.

Are Longboards Faster Than Skateboards Or Do Longboards Go Faster?

From our prior discussion, you might have realized which one is faster. Though, to say specifically, longboards are faster than skateboards. 

Now, let’s see the reasons why longboards are quite ahead of skateboards in terms of speed. 

Why Are Longboards Faster Than Skateboards? 

There are many things contributing to the speed of longboards. Let’s explore some of those aspects through our following discussion. 

Bigger Wheels

As you knew earlier, longboards wheels are greater than those of skateboards. Thus, you can easily run over any bumpy surface without losing velocity and touch the finish line quite faster than your fellow riders.

Again, these larger wheels take fewer rounds to cover up any given distance. This property helps longboards go swifter against any classic skateboard. 

Wider Trucks

Wider trucks create a stable field for the riders so that they can skate cozily. Besides, you will be able to avoid the wobble that you would experience while riding at high speed on a classic skateboard.

Moreover, you will get ultimate control over your board along with the speed. All these features can make you feel motivated to push your speed limit. 

Longer Wheelbase

Boards having a longer wheelbase are less receptive to the riders’ movements. 

On a longboard, when you make any stance, your weight doesn’t explode on the trucks directly. As a result, you can freely move with your board and speed it up to the highest limit. 

Apart from these, the deck’s structure and weight, bearings, and construction materials have a greater influence to make longboards swifter than any other standard skateboard. 

How To Make Your Longboard Faster?

Here are some ways to make your longboard faster. 

Adjusting The Axle Nuts:

Axle nuts are important parts of a longboard. They can affect your speed and comfort during the rides. If they are excessively tight, your wheels won’t be able to spin freely.

In the opposite case, you may experience wiggles; even your nuts may come off, at the time of downhill racing.

So, if you want to spin smoothly and increase your speed with less effort, make sure to tighten your axle nuts as needed. 

Keep Your Bearings Clean:

After prolonged use, your bearings may catch dirt. This can eventually create friction leading your board to slow down. So, you should clean your bearings regularly to keep your board working. 

Luckily, cleaning bearings is pretty easy to do. Just remove the bearings, clean them with soapy water and a cloth, and dry them out. Finally, apply some silicon-based lubricants. 

Upgrade Your Bearings:

You have done the cleaning process but there is no improvement in the board speed. In this situation, you have to find an optimal way to boost up your board’s performance.

As our average longboards come with ordinary bearings, you may go for upgrading your bearings after a certain period.

Anyway, while choosing bearings, make sure they include these important features such as curvature, plastic cage, and removable rudder seals. 

Replace Your Wheels:

The last thing you can do to improve the speed of the longboard is to replace the wheels. If your board is still not accelerating after going through the previous steps, change your old wheels with larger and more advanced ones. 

How To Make Your Skateboard Faster? 

Here are some tips that you can follow to increase your skateboard’s speed. 

Select The Right Board:

This is the very basic thing you can do about increasing your skateboard’s speed.  Select the right skateboard type based on your requirements. 

There are many skateboards whose design is a big obstacle in achieving speed. So, before selecting any skateboard, observe its structure. Don’t select a skateboard that is too heavy or too light. 

Replace The Bearings:

There is a scale for bearings namely ABEC which dictates the tolerances of a ball bearing. You can divide the ABEC scale into five classes including 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

The bearings which have the highest tolerances can ensure better performance and preeminent speed. Else ways, the smaller ABEC classes give slower speed. 

So, if you want to enhance your skateboard’s speed, upgrade the bearings to a certain level. An ABEC of seven is fairly suitable for a fast rider. 

Clean Your Skateboard:

Maintenance is a must for the well-being of skateboards, especially the bearings.  They require proper cleaning so that a rider can run forward without spending much energy. You can perform this cleaning action following the same path given under the heading of ‘keep your bearings clean’ in the longboard section. 

Get Harder Wheels:

Harder wheels can stop the distribution of momentum while riding. Hence, you can save a huge amount of time and energy at the time of skateboarding. You may feel like a jolt of electricity on the lane.  

So, whenever you need to replace your wheels, try to get harder wheels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How Fast Can A Longboard Go On Flat Ground?

Answer: A longboard can go on flat ground at a speed of 5 to 14 mph. But the average cruising speed of a longboard can be 6 mph.

Whatever, you can upsurge your speed by mastering effective pushing and pumping skills. 

Q) How Fast Can A Skateboard Go Downhill? 

Answer: A skateboard can go up to 80 mph downhill speed. You can push your limits with hard practice, patience, and commitment.

Anyway, the steepness of the hill and the topography of the terrain also affect your velocity.

Final Thoughts

You know which skateboard type is faster than the other. Besides, you have received a clear idea about how to upgrade your board’s speed. Now, you can easily select the right board for you and amplify its speed when needed. 

Anyway, if you just want to travel a shorter distance and perform various tricks, you should buy a regular skateboard. The regular skateboard has lips on both ends which help to jump and flip with the board.

Again, the downhill racers can blindly pick a longboard because it can provide the highest downhill speed.

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