Bamboo Vs Maple Longboard

Bamboo Vs Maple Longboard | Which One To Pick?

In this modern age, manufacturers are using different materials to produce strong longboards. Traditionally, maple deck has been the first choice of skaters for a long time.

However, nowadays, maple boards are being replaced by bamboo, fiberglass, or plastics. Here the question comes,

“Is Bamboo a worthy replacement of maple?”

“Which one should I choose?”

“Bamboo Vs Maple Longboard” is the most common confusion among the skaters when they wish to purchase a new one for them. As you have opened up this page, I believe you are facing the same confusion. That’s why you are searching through Google to find the answer that will satisfy you, right? Rest assured, this article will sort your confusion and will take you a step ahead to make the right decision.

Maple decks are quite strong and come with minimum flexibility. Because of their sturdiness, they can easily support heavy riders for long. On the contrary, the bamboo longboards are highly flexible and durable as well. You can dance and flex on it all day without being worried about cracking. Likewise, there are many other aspects you have to consider.

Here, in this article, we will compare maple and bamboo longboards from different aspects. So, stay tuned to find the best longboard that will suit your style!

Bamboo Vs Maple Longboard: Which One Would Be Best For You?

Both maple and bamboo longboards are fun to ride in their own way. So, it depends on your personal preference to a large extent. However, we have lightened up several factors that will help you to pick a suitable longboard for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump in –

Which One Is More Durable?

When a skater thinks of purchasing a skateboard, durability is the first thing he would look for. Traditionally, maple longboards are popular for sturdiness. They are quite strong and won’t break easily. In the case of durability, certainly premium maple wins the match against bamboo decks. Because maple will last longer than usual bamboo longboards, a new bamboo longboard will be obviously flexible at first. But with long usage, it will lose its flexibility, and you would like to replace it after some years.

Well, it’s not like maple boards will serve you forever. They will break too with the passage of time and usage. But maple longboards show more stiffness than others. However, cheap maple will obviously be vulnerable to long term usage.

Which Longboard Comes With High Flexibility?

Bamboo longboards are very strong and lightweight. If you are looking for a board with high flexibility, bamboo longboards will completely satisfy you. It is because they will flex as the perfect cruiser board. A skater can flex on it all day without cracking it. As the deck is compact and flexible, he can even use it for performing tricks and stunts.

On the contrary, maple boards are durable yet minimally flexible. You can’t expect maple boards to provide highly flexible tricks and stunts. But you will enjoy the downhill ride most with sturdy maple boards. Also, maple decks can easily support big, tall, and overweight guys because of their high durability. Well, bamboo boards are durable, too, to some extent. A 5 layered bamboo deck can bear a guy of 200 lbs without cracking. So, in the case of flexibility, the bamboo longboards are the certain winner.

However, it’s not like maple will always lose to bamboo decks. The property of maple varies depending on its growth. Canadian maples are stiffer and durable than Siberian maples. Also, Canadian maples come with dense fibers. Thus, they make better longboards than the bamboo ones. So, cheap maples certainly lose to bamboo decks, but Canadian maples win the match for their higher properties.

Is Bamboo Lighter Than Maple?

Yes, bamboo is certainly lighter than maple. Bamboo longboards are mostly hollow and lack wooden fibers. In fact, bamboo decks are not as dense as maple ones. So, it’s the best option for riders who need high speed with minimum effort. Underweight or average skaters are mostly suitable for bamboo decks as they can’t produce much muscle power for the board’s acceleration.

Contrarily, the maple decks are quite heavy. Their high-density fibers make the board stiffer as well as heavier. To control these high-density premium boards, the skaters usually need more muscle strength.

Which One Should I Choose For Cruising?

Bamboo Vs Maple, which one will be the best choice for cruising? This is a common question among beginners. I can’t specifically answer that because it solely depends on personal preferences. We have stated before, bamboo decks are highly flexible and made for tricks and dancing. So, during cruising, they will reduce the vibration and focus on making the ride comfier.

However, bamboo boards are not available in all shapes. Top mount is one of the best shapes available among bamboo cruisers.

On the other hand, the maple longboards are more sturdy. Their stiffness will provide you the perfect control a skater would want while cruising. If you want a responsive deck while riding, maple boards will be the best option for you. As they can provide better feedback, you won’t be disappointed during the ride.

Bamboo Vs Maple, Which One Is More Eco-Friendly?

In the case of eco-friendliness, bamboo certainly wins the match against the maple. Because bamboo trees can grow very rapidly, it takes around 5 years for a shoot to grow completely. Also, bamboos can easily re-grow from their shoot. As a result, bamboo trees can quickly compensate for the trees that have been cut off.

However, the scenario is not the same for the maples. As maples can’t re-grow from the shoot, farmers need to replant them again. Also, it takes more than 30 to 40 years for a maple tree to mature entirely. Thus, maple longboards can affect our environment badly. According to recent reports of North America, maple skateboards are the main cause of maple deforestation.

Which Longboard Is More Costly?

Cost is an important factor to consider before purchasing the longboard of your dreams. Neither traditional maple nor bamboo decks are too much expensive. You can easily purchase them by spending some of your pocket money. Though both are quite affordable, you need to pay a little more for flexible bamboo longboards. Traditional maple is way cheaper than bamboo ones.

However, you need some more dollars if you want to go for Canadian maple instead of traditional maple. Because of their high-density and durability, it is obvious that you have to spend more of your pocket money on that.

Final Verdict

As we have stated before, choosing bamboo or maple is totally depends on personal opinion. In some aspects, maple is the winner indeed, but bamboo won many matches as well. In fact, from the aspect of flexibility and end environment, it’s hard for the maple to beat the bamboo longboards.

So, we can assure you that bamboo is a worthy replacement for traditional maple. Nevertheless, Canadian maple is the best choice if you want a durable and long-lasting longboard.

In short, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with purchasing them. Both bamboo and maple are worthy of your investment. In this article, we have highlighted the important aspects of Bamboo Vs Maple Longboard.

Now, the decision is up to your choice and budget. Purchase the longboard that suits you the most and enjoy the ride!

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