Best Skateboard for Big Guys

Best Skateboard For Big Guys | Try New Tricks with the Perfect Board!

Everyone waits for winter to have a fun ride on skateboards with their pals. Who doesn’t want to flex and perform new tricks on skateboards? Of course, you want to surprise your friends with your performance.

But are you facing issues while riding the board? Every one of us has different body frames. If you are a tall and healthy guy, your bones will weigh more than average ones. In that case, if you try to ride on with a small board, it will be dangerous indeed. Not only that, you might not be able to perform stunts or tricks swiftly.

But will you miss all these fun rides just because of your body frame and weight? No, it’s not justified at all! That’s why we have brought the best skateboard for big guys!

The companies have produced these skateboards to support your weight all day long. The bamboo, maple, or fiberglass deck will flex quickly to provide you the best stunts on snow. If you ride on a lightweight skateboard, you might hear weird sounds during tricks. Even you might fall or break the skateboard.

In order to avoid these unwanted situations, it would be best to go for these sturdy skateboards. So, don’t worry anymore; grab the perfect board for you and rock on with your buddies!

Best Skateboard For Big Guys: The Prime Recommendations For you !!

1.    IMITOR Skateboard:

IMITOR skateboard is the first board that we recommend for heavy usage or big guys. The company produced it with high-duty maple wood. It is suitable for both boys, girls, young and adult. Either you are a beginner or a pro; this skateboard will help you perform every stunt and trick. You can learn skating quickly by using this board. All of its graphics design will impress you and will give off a cool vibe.

Also, it has highly durable steel bearing along with PU wheels, which will fit in both smooth and rough grounds. They manufactured this high-speed ball-bearing professionally. Two high-speed silencers are attached with each wheel. So your riding will be smooth, quiet, and relaxing.

The brand IMITOR has provided ample deck, which is very sturdy and almost 8 inches wide. Its magnesium alloy trucks will offer more support and strength to the shaft. Thus, the shaft will be robust and won’t break easily. The eight layered decks can bear more than 320 lbs. So overweight, big, or tall guys can ride on it without worries. Also, its mild concave double-deck and premium wheels will ensure better control over the skateboard.

Moreover, they have added a water-proof grip tape, which is very adhesive. It also has excellent friction and anti-slip technology. So, you will have a tight grip and a safer experience while performing tricks. 

2.    Idea Skateboard:

The Idea Skateboards are among the best ones which will avail you to ride and roam around comfortably. As a beginner, it will be a good start for you. You can perform basic stunts and tricks swiftly while riding. This skateboard is a little wider (almost 8 inches) than regular ones.

So, you can be well balanced while performing those amazing stunts.

Mainly the Canadian maple has made up this strong base. This seven-layered, high-density base will provide you a stable performance. Its Polyurethane wheels are very supportive and robust. The 7-inch ball bearing is attached with the PU wheels to ensure the speed you need.

The idea skateboard can bear skaters up to 300 lbs. So, teenagers and adults can enjoy an incredible ride on Idea skateboards. You can place your feet comfortably on the board cause of the concave design.

Also, its shaft has an adhesive diamond Emery tape with Anti-slip technology. So, It will provide you the perfect grip for a safer ride. Again, the board is very lightweight (almost 5.07 lbs), yet it can fully support big guys and adults. 

3.    THMEX Pro Skateboards:

Do you want a sturdy skateboard to learn new tricks as a beginner? Or maybe as a professional, you need a deck that will hold you firmly while performing basic stunts. If these are your requirements, THMEX Skateboard can be the best skateboard for big guys.

Its eight layered double lick deck will avail you to perform tricks efficiently. The kick tails and nose will help you take turns, slides down the hills, or just move freely on the road. They attached an anti-skid Diamond Emery paper on the deck so that you can enjoy a tight grip on your board. Also, this grip tape is water-proof, so you can ride on it without any worry during rainy days.

The company has provided 52mm PU wheels with ABEC -9 stainless bearing. This ball bearing will give you the speed you need while riding or skating on roads. The wheels have a unique anti-shock feature, which will help you ride on all rough and smooth terrains.

As they designed the design, especially for big guys, it can weigh more than 220 lbs. So, you don’t have to miss all the fun just because of your weight. Just grab this heavy-duty skateboard and rock on it.

4.    GEELIFE Skateboards:

GEELIFE has arrived in the market with its attractive design and durability. Being a pro or a beginner, you can rely on this board while performing tricks. Whenever you try some unique stunts, you need superior flexibility.

This skateboard will provide the flex you prefer. Its deck has an exceptional cold extending technology. This technology can increases elasticity along with toughness.

Also, the brand has produced it with all the authentic materials. Its seven-layered maple wood base can bear till 440lbs. So, even if you are overweight, there is no risk of shaft bending while riding on this skateboard.

The GEELIFE Skateboard has durable PU wheels for a smooth experience over any surface. Its soft Polyurethane bushing will ensure excellent curving performance in the snow. Also, its chromium bearing makes these wheels highly swivel and offers a better speed. After prolonged usage, if you feel friction noises in bearing, then don’t worry! Just grease the wheels a little, and its mobility will be the same as new.

Also, the back of the board comes with multiple colors such as –nebula, stardust, blue, etc. All these designs and features make our skateboard unique from regular ones. You can show off these amazing colors to your mates and make them jealous!

5.    ToyerBee Skateboards:

ToyerBee has come up with a robust skateboard you might want for yourself or loved ones. As it is highly durable, it can carry both young and adults of large frames. Nine layered maple wood ensures the toughness needed for superior weighing capacity (up to 220 pounds).

The mellow concave design gives you proper stability to ride. Also, The double kick design on the nose and tails will help you learn multiple stunts and tricks. If you are a beginner, this might be the skateboard you really need!

The company has added 95A polyethylene wheels with ABEC -7 ball bearing, which tends to make your skating easier and effortless. The anti-shock wheels are solid and can cope with multiple conditions like slope, snow, or hills. The alloy trucks are durable as well, and they mean to reduce vibrations while riding on board.

On the back of the board, it has incredible graphics, which will undoubtedly impress you. They designed it with high-quality 3-layer paint so that it won’t get destroyed by heavy usage.

Additionally, the brand has provided some extra parts and tools so that you can repair them on your own.

6.    Hikole Skateboard:

Hikole team has been working on the production of skateboard for more than 20 years. They produce every part using all high-tech materials. While maintaining that quality at an affordable price, Hikole has come up with this skateboard recently.

Hikole pro skateboard can be the best start for beginners. You can learn professional and basic stunts through it. Its double kick design and perfect concave base offer you proper stability. 9-ply Canadian maple deck is 100% durable and can bear more than 100kg.

So, overweight riders can enjoy the ride to the fullest without the worries of bending the board. The board is also quite wide (almost 8 inches), which will provide you the preferred balance.

It’s 55mm wheels are solid and supportive, which comes with an ABEC-7 ball bearing. This bearing will improve your turning skills while skating on roads. Also, the PU wheels are designed in a way that they can cope up with multiple conditions outdoors.

For example –it can perform exceptionally well on rocky paths of roads or hills. The black grip tape over the board is a high-quality tape. It is very adhesive and provides you the perfect grip while riding. If you are a beginner and want to learn some fantastic stunts at an affordable price, you must check out this item!

7.    SCIENTOY Skateboard:

Lastly, we recommend you another fantastic skateboard which is suitable for both pros and beginners. The brand SCIENTOY has manufactured it with highly durable maple wood. It has a unique nine-layer design deck for superior weighing capacity. Thus, it can easily carry around 200 lbs. Even if you are a big guy, the wooden deck will support and move you all around.

On the back of the skateboard, it has attractive graphics printed on it. They used thermal designs instead of stickers. So the design has not only high longevity but also looks realistic. It won’t wear out during long term usage.

The company has provided 95 A Polyurethane robust wheels, which will let you ride all around in hills and roads. You can enjoy smooth turnings because of highly durable alloy trucks and ABEC-7 bearings.

It also has adhesive grip tape, which will offer the grip you need for a safer ride.

Moreover, the company added a repair kit with the box, so you can quickly fix it without wasting your money on a mechanic.

What to Look For In Best Skateboard for Big Guys?

“Oh gosh! So many brands! I am so confused!”

As you have come across this article, I assume this is the situation you are through now. Whenever you search for the best skateboards for big guys, thousands of brands come in the recommendation. You can’t go through each one of them and decide.

Also, how can you be sure that they are the best! You just can’t believe whatever they say. You need someone to guide you on this path. That’s why we have pop up in the scenery. Here we will discuss the basics you need in a skateboard for big guys.

Basically, big guys have heavy body frames, so regular skateboards can’t bear them and easily breakdown. Durability is the prime thing you need to look for. There are many other factors, as well.

Let’s check the main factors before purchasing the skateboard you need!

Weighing Capacity:

Weight-bearing capacity is the first point you need to consider before you buy a skateboard for big guys. As big guys have large body frames, you need a heavy-duty board for them. Check if the board can bear more than 220 lbs. The skateboards which can support 250 lbs to 300 lbs are high-quality ones. Please don’t purchase a deck that can barely support 200 lbs or less because It will be a total waste of your money.

Check The Width:

It would help if you were careful about the skateboard’s width before choosing one for yourself. As you have a wide-body frame, you need at least 8 inches wide center to correctly place your feet. This space will offer you the stability you need while riding or racing down the slopes. Also, numerous boards are available in the market, which are almost 9 to 10 inches broad. All of these wide boards will offer you superior stability.

 Shaft Materials: 

 Big guys need a skateboard with robust bodies. Just a regular one won’t work fine for them. In this case, you can purchase a board of fiberglass, maple, or bamboo. These materials can support your body for more extended periods.

Wood layers are an essential factor too. Extra wood layers mean additional support to bear your body frame. Choose a board that offers at least 7 or 8 layers.


In order to ride comfortably on a skateboard and to perform stunts, you need highly durable wheels. The wheels must have the ability to bear you during the whole ride. If they can’t serve this purpose, your money will be in vain. Also, the wheel’s size is an essential factor you need to consider. For big guys, you need almost 70mm wheels. Extensive and flexible wheels will provide you a firm grip on the ground.

Final Words

Every year winter comes with vibes of skating and snowboarding. You might have a body frame or a little more weight than others. You might have ridden on regular skateboards, but they are not able to hold you properly. But that doesn’t mean you will miss all the fun rides cause of that.

Besides, your safety is a super important thing. Of course, you don’t want to face an accident because of riding on a regular board.

Considering all these factors, we have brought the ultimate guide on the best skateboards for big guys. We have made a list of the seven best items which you can purchase. The brands specially designed them with robust materials. So holding on, you will be a piece of cake for them.

Moreover, you don’t need to use a thousand dollars over these boards. All of them are very affordable and positively rated. You won’t be disappointed if you invest in them. Now, it is up to your decision. Go through the product details quickly and decide which one will be perfect for you!

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