Can You Get A DUI On A Skateboard

Can You Get A DUI On A Skateboard? Find Out Now

Either it’s a chilly winter or hot summer; every passionate skateboarder would like to enjoy the natural view while roaming on his favorite board.

However, it obviously won’t be convenient if you are charged while being out to enjoy Skateboarding. You can’t just be drunk and ride all the way you want just for a bit of entertainment. Every state has several laws to keep us within boundaries.

Now you might be wondering, “Can you get a DUI on a skateboard?” 

In this article, we will discuss all the situations that can lead to license seizure or DUI charge and their consequences.

Every skateboarder should maintain the skateboarding laws to be free of legal trouble and to be safe. Skateboarding under the influence can lead to severe injuries & tragedies.

Do you think you can balance the skateboard when you can’t even keep your vertebral column straight after getting drunk?

What Is DUI?

DUI refers to ‘Driving under the influence,’ which is a law to penalize whoever drinks and drives. If an individual has a higher blood alcohol concentration, he may lose his stability & consciousness eventually.

Also, his braking reflexes will be delayed, which can lead to serious accidents. If cops find a drunk driver, they will temporarily send him behind bars and even charge fines up to $10000. 

Legal Limit Of Blood Alcohol Concentration

If cops notice some erratic driving, they can administer a minor test called the “Breathalyzer test.”

As per law, a person with a minimum 0.08% blood alcohol concentration seems impaired or unstable. Thus, driving in this state is dangerous & illegal.

Consequences Of Being Charged With DUI

If cops charge a driver with DUI, his driving license will be confiscated and will make him pay fines. The severity of punishment will differ as per damage & state laws. The DUI charge is mainly applicable for motor vehicles. 

Such laws exist for the best of citizens as motorized vehicles can take lives if operated unconsciously. Every driver should keep in mind that neither he owns the road nor is he the only rider out there. So, reckless driving can kill other drivers and innocent drivers.

Can You Get A DUI On A Skateboard?

After the discussion on the DUI charge, you might be wondering, “Is the DUI charge applicable on skateboards?”

Before answering this query, we need to define vehicles as per vehicle code.

  • Vehicles are movable transportation that propels on the highway.
  • Humanly powered devices propelled on stationary tracks or sidewalks are not vehicles. Instead, we consider them pedestrians as per traffic rules.

According to the vehicle code, we don’t consider Skateboarding as a vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean you will begin skateboarding under the influence. 

What Will Happen If You Detain Skateboarding After Being Drunk?

Only a couple of drinks can increase blood alcohol concentration (BAC) by more than 0.08%. Alcohol metabolism rate may differ from person to person.

As per research, an individual of 140 lbs will have 0.09% BAC only after drinking two glasses of alcoholic drinks. 

After being drunk, an individual eventually loses his balance, control, and stability. So, suppose you try skateboarding in that state. In that case, you will cause severe accidents and endanger your life and injure other citizens. 

As per several specific clauses of the Vehicle Code, a Police Officer has the right to charge an individual with a misdemeanor if he is skateboarding after being drunk or under the influence of drugs. Such misdemeanor charges may lead to jail time. 

As per the laws of some States, you might be able to escape by paying fines up to $250. On the contrary, some states have strict laws where authorities enforce similar jail time to the criminals who skateboard under the influence and drive vehicles after being drunk.

In this context, they categorized skateboarding under the influence as public drunkenness or reckless driving. Each State of the US has its own rules and guidelines. As each individual & their consequences are different, their punishment may vary as well. 

Thus, state laws might charge DUI on skateboarders according to consequences. For instance, In Oregon, a skateboarder was charged with DUI because of hitting a moving van.

So, it’s best to know about your state’s DUI/DWI laws first to enjoy a safer ride.

Skateboarding Rules & Regulations

In order to maintain proper safety, each state has several skateboarding rules & regulations.

  • Skateboarders have to wear proper protective gears (helmet, knee pads) whenever he is out to ride onboard. A drunken rider may grab his skateboard, but he will forget about gears in that state. Cops have the authority to issue a charge against skateboarders who are not maintaining proper safety gear.
  • Skateboarding in a restricted area is illegal. So if cops find a drunken skateboarder in such an area, they will issue a penalty against him for violating state laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is A Skateboard Viewed As A Road Vehicle?

Answer: As per vehicle code, a skateboard is not termed as a vehicle as it is propelled by human power instead of a motor. As skateboards move in their stationary tracks instead of highways, we would rather count them as pedestrians. 

Q) Is It Illegal To Ride A Skateboard Drunk?

Answer: In a residential area, skateboarding under the influence is illegal as it’s a dangerous activity. The drunk driver will eventually be arrested for violating laws.

Q) Can You Get A DUI On An Electric Skateboard?

Answer: As you are utilizing electricity instead of human power to operate skateboards, DUI charges will be applicable to electric skateboarders.

As per the laws of California, a cop has the right to issue DUI charges if an individual is found with an electric skateboard while intoxicated.

Final Words

“Can you get a DUI on a skateboard?” is a common query when you dig deeper into the skateboarding laws of your state to enjoy a safer ride.

In this article, we have held a detailed discussion on DUI and its consequences. Skateboarding is fun, but you should maintain your boundaries to be safe.

Skateboarding laws & regulations don’t mean to confiscate your freedom. Instead, enhancing road safety is their ultimate goal.

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