How to stop on a Longboard

How To Stop a Longboard [With Longboard Safety Tips]

Want to run with a longboard? With running speed, you have to practice stopping methods for safety. Entirely, foot brake, weightlifting to the front leg, and slide change are the dominant way for how to stop on a longboard.


For a beginner, a suitable size longboard and reliable shoes are required to start practicing. Keep a balance with gravity to boost up your skating skill. Admittedly, it is nothing but a practical ability to stop the Longboard at your desired moment. If you do not know this technique, you should not go fast. 


How to stop on a Longboard


Longboard skating is so exciting and thrilling. But to know how to end is a crucial matter for all riders. Look forward to realizing a few methods simple to hard steps for identifying the fact:


1. Foot braking


Foot brake can be used only at low speeds. It is a single aspect of a plain surface. Take preparation before foot braking on a longboard. Proper and soft-soled shoes recommended for this. Thin soled shoes may cause harm in ankles and ruin your shoes.


The intermission of sliding shoes may stop the Longboard. It should be the first step to the beginner how to stop a Longboard. Foot braking is a beneficial skill for downhill racing, in the steep and trip over town.


When you are going at walking speed, foot brake is preferably used. But be careful at a running speed of 25-30mph. In running situations, foot braking may cause injury.


2. Weight shifting to front leg


Lifting weight is another secure method to slow down and gradually stop a longboard. Shift 60 to 70% of your weight to your front foot, either it will be the left or right leg. The front foot can be more stable than the back one. Drag your back foot in the time of slow down.


But be sure about your footwear; otherwise, it may be damaged. Increase your weight on time to back foot, measure your distance and pressure of weight at a time. Depending on your demand, you can stop your Longboard quickly.


You have to think about the surface of skating. The concrete street is durable and helps to prevent when you desire.


3. Shutdown slide


Sliding is the most exciting and incredible procedure for a rider. How to slide stop on a longboard is nothing but practice more. It may demolish your gear and shoes. If there are any other vehicles or crowds, you may encounter an injury.


Some riders never need a slide stop, and they do not upgrade speed more than 20mph. Sometimes in a downhill speed going up higher than 25-30mph; in those circumstances, sliding is the absolute way to protect your board. Riders have to control their speed before passing in a corner angle. Otherwise, it may stop sliding, which is called the Shutdown slide.


4. Power sliding


There are so many slides involved here like, stand up slides, hillside slides, hands down the slide with gloved hands, toeside slides. The most simple slide is the Colemon slide, which is challenging to learn. Set up the slide as carving with roads. This carving is a vital portion of power sliding. You have to adjust with this carving to stop your board on time. It ultimately depends on how long you stay on the Longboard.


The toeside carve is also a fundamental part of Powerslide. In this Powerslide, you have to be careful about traffic coming from both sides. 


Pendulum slides are involved with a gloved hand. It is an advanced technique relating to lower ground. During a powerslide, Crouch down and curve your side with putting weight on the front leg. Reduce your speed to kick out of the back foot and swivel your hips as before. Within the pendulum slide can carve 360-degree, keeping balance in the air with hands and transferring weight to the back foot.


5. Hold weight to heels


After setting up carving, you have to practice holding your weight upon heels. If you own the majority of body weight in the back heel, you may take control of your board. It looks like you expect to go backward, but there is more equilibrium with the ground. It seems hard to go front when you hold weight in the back toe, but you can prevent high speed in this way.


Starting with the Perpendicular slide, you have to use the front foot as your pivot. Make a balance with your hip and shoulder in your direction. Fixed your approximate speed to turn on time. If you are going high speed, set it to 180 degrees.


Accomplish a complete stop; you have to slow your pace gradually. It is the fundamental process to stop on a longboard at high speed. Otherwise, you may fall injured. Prevent falling back; you have to hold weight in a 180-degree position.


To slow down the speed and take a foot brake on time depends on your performance.


6. Stop by hopping


At walking speed, you can step off easily and kick off your board. When you are at a running speed above 20mph, you have to slow down your board before stopping. How to longboard be stopped is dependent on your gear. Never try to step off in the running position. It is a risky process as it rolls with the speed of the board.


Running on the rough surface may create friction, which makes your Longboard slow than stop. So choose a lawn with small grass for riding. But in the thick grass, you may fall.


Longboard Safety Tips


  • Use a helmet to avoid critical brain injury. Skilled riders also need helmets.
  • Slide gloves are an essential accessories and knee/elbow pads are optional but helpful for riders. 
  • Need skate friendly shoes which can be used as foot brakes.
  • Choose a lawn for practicing, slip in the grass is better than concrete.
  • Control your speed on the hill track and be careful about all traffic.


Final Thought


Longboard riding is an excellent exercise for our body. It is more exciting than skating because of speed. Before accelerating more pace, you have to learn how to stop on a longboard.


Riding a longboard is all about pushing the board and keeping balance with gravity. It requires lots of practice to settle down riders’ speed and method of stopping. 

Always be careful about your health issues in the riding place. No one would be happy to discover himself in the wheelchair only because of unconsciousness. So, practice more and enjoy longboard riding.

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