Is Skateboarding Good Exercise

Is Skateboarding Good Exercise? Good For Losing Weight?

People mostly consider skateboarding as an adventure activity, not as an exercise. But do you know this is a complete workout that can be greatly effective to your health?

Skateboarding is basically a very good cardio session for people who are looking for an ideal exercise plan. The intensity required for this outdoor game involves a lot of effort.

Besides being an intense cardio exercise, it also helps in delivering muscular strength.

Here you might ask is skateboarding good exercise? Or how does it affect on weight loss process?

To answer all these questions, we have come up with this article. The follow-up discussion fully concentrates on all the fine points of skateboarding as a good exercise.

Benefits of Skateboarding

How good skateboarding is as an exercise? There are countless benefits of skateboarding when it comes to health. The most important of all is that you can lose a considerable amount of calories just by pushing the board in a single direction.

Let’s focus on the other health advantages of skateboarding.

Full Body Workout

Skateboarding is a complete workout session for the fitness of your full body. You can ask why so? Then you tell us why not?

While skateboarding, balancing your feet is the most important thing because they are the most used organs while kicking on the board. 

But you also need your arms to balance your full body. Or else, you will end up falling down. Besides, you never know when you need to twist your body based on your movements.

The most interesting fact is skateboarding allows you to do all these at a time. So, all the parts of your body are active when you are on the board. This assures complete fitness for your full body. 

Considerable Calorie Burn

No need to try advanced styles and stances. Even if you are a beginner, basic skateboarding on flat terrain will let you burn 8 to 12 calories within a minute. How great, isn’t it?

Although it depends on other variables as well. For instance, height and weight of the skateboarder, board size and type, terrain type, intensity level, duration, riding style, etc.

While riding on flat terrain and rough terrain, you will lose different amounts of calories.

Also, it depends on the riding tricks too. A basic skateboarder and an advanced one will vary in burning calories as their moves are different.

However, you can lose from 150-500 calories per hour depending on the aforementioned factors.

Eliminates Health Issues

Not only skateboarding maintains your fitness by accelerating weight loss but also it reduces so many health issues.

Skateboarding on a regular basis can eliminate problems like high blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart diseases, etc.

Yet another advantage of skating includes it reduces the triglyceride level in the body. As a result, issues like coronary heart problems are solved to a significant extent by hitting on your board on the trail.

Relieves Stress

In this competitive world, mental health is deteriorating day by day. So, it is equally important to take care of your mental health as much as of physical. 

Like any other physical activity, skateboarding is also a stress reliever. It gives you the freedom to enjoy time in your own way. Converting your mind from confusing issues, it can keep you stress-free. Moreover, it also helps to clear your mental anxieties.

After a tedious session of skating, you can build up a clearer perspective on your life to see things in a different light. All your stresses, confusions, and depressions will vanish in no time. 

So, skateboarding is considered an ideal exercise that takes care of both physical and mental health. 


One of the most amazing amenities that skating offers you to be more adaptable and flexible. 

While skating, all your organs have to be equally sensitive to face any unexpected situation. Also, you learn to keep balance while moving all of them simultaneously. 

No other physical exercise gives you the advantage of moving all your body parts at the same time.

Besides, skateboarding has so many styles to offer. All of them need different levels of physical dedication towards different directions at a time. 

Furthermore, the unknown and uneven terrain teaches you to be mode adaptive in any adverse situation. So, skateboarding offers a lot more elasticity than any other workout.

Skill Development

Wondering how? Well, it does include the development of so many new skills by making you gradually stronger.

Both physical endurance and mental patience grow significantly in skateboarding. It takes a long time to learn how to ride on a skateboard. Even longer time is needed to learn all the stunts and tricks.

So, you learn how to exercise longer.  Also, you learn how to wait for the outcomes as well.

Achieving mastery over a particular movement takes a lot of practice and dedication. The more you practice, the better you get. This process makes you more capable and categorical. Both accuracy and coordination are powered by regular skating. 

Physical injuries are common in skateboarding. But you learn to avoid falling by concentrating more. Even if you fall, you will learn to avoid severe injuries over time.

This is the most compelling skill you learn as an ardent skateboarder. 

Muscles Building

Yes, you read it right. Although it is not specifically intended to build muscular strength, you will see significant growth in muscle building. 

Skateboarding affects the abdominal muscles, oblique’s, back part muscles, and of course, the lower legs. 

To maintain balance, the abs and core muscles perform intensely in skateboarding. At first, it might seem difficult. But after a few sessions, the core muscles will be stronger and grow really faster. 

So, you can consider skateboarding as impactful as any other muscle-building activity. 

Along with delivering the health interests you get from skating, we would like to answer some popular questions regarding it. Have a look below to satisfy your queries. 

Is Skateboarding Good For Losing Weight?

Yes, it is. As it burns calories too fast, you can include skateboarding in your daily exercise schedule. Apart from accelerating your weight loss process, it also resolves so many health issues. 

Is Skateboarding A Good Workout?

As discussed earlier, skateboarding can be more congenial to your health. It is a fun activity, no doubt. But a handful of skating sessions will be a game-changer in your exercise routine. 

Beyond weight loss, you can also tone your body up and get the desired shape you want. It builds muscles to make you stronger as well. 

Is Skateboarding Good For Abs?

Absolutely yes. No other exercise will compel your abdominal muscles to be intensely connected to the upper body part. In this way, great abdominal strength is ensured to build key muscles for abs. 

What Muscles Does Skateboarding Work?

As skateboarding demands the highest level of stabilization, it works muscles all over your body. That includes core, hamstrings, calves, gluteus maximus, quads, buttocks, and lower legs. All these muscles come together into a rapid skating trick that provides successful joint movements of the body.  

Closing Notes

Being invented as a pastime activity, skateboarding has evolved a lot throughout the years. Nowadays it is one of the most favorite fun games for adventure enthusiasts. 

But it offers a lot more health benefits than you expect. Weight loss, fitness, maintaining proper shape and size, stress relief, muscular strength, etc. are some of them. 

As skateboarding is a good form of exercise with so many conveniences, you will be more than happy to incorporate it into your daily workout routine. Being a fitness freak, you will just love this complete workout activity to improve your health.

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