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Longboard Accessories for 2022 | You Should Buy

In the case of longboard journeys, it is essential for a rider to know the tips and tricks of longboard and to have an idea or knowledge about best longboard accessories.

A longboard is a game where you always have to keep your balance, so there is a chance of an accident if you move a little.

So whether you ride a longboard as a hobby or for any work you need, keep these accessories on your shopping list initially.

Longboard Helmet

One of the essential accessories of longboarding is the helmet. Whether you are an expert in longboarding or a beginner, you must use this accessory.

Everyone wants to ride a longboard carefully; even then, there are many dangers while riding. So it is essential to use a helmet while riding because any carelessness can lead to severe injuries.

Helmets will protect your head if you fall while riding. The inside of this has foam that absorbs all the shocks and saves the rider. So when you buy it, you also have to look at its weight, so that it does not become too heavy for your head.

The importance of helmets is immense for those who are Freddie Riders and Downhill Riders. 

International Downhill Federation has a policy on helmets, there they said:

  • The helmet must be in one piece, and it will be solid
  • Must be certified from any credible sources such as CE, ATSM, SNELL, CPSC
  • Of course, there will be EPS foam

So the first thing to do after buying a longboard is to buy a helmet, simple.

Longboard Slide Gloves

The selection of gloves for longboarding also has to be done very carefully. Because you have to use your hands when sliding in longboarding, if you don’t have suitable gloves on your hands, you may face a big accident. 

Usually, all types of gloves are made of such fabric so that the hands do not sweat. These are generally made of light material with breathable fabric so that it is convenient to wear, although they are very durable. 

However, gloves are also made of leather, which is easy to grip and gives a lot of protection to the rider. So it is seen that riders prefer such gloves more than anything else. 

Simultaneously, just as gloves help you balance while sliding, you also need to learn to use gloves well, as mastering them makes it much easier to perform any tricks.

Longboard Knee Pad, Elbow Pad

In all games playing on hard surfaces, it is essential to wear knee pads and elbow pads for a riders’ safety. And for those who are Freddie Rider and Downhill Rider, wearing this knee pad and the elbow pad is a must. 

Because longboard usually plays on a hard surface, and there is a possibility of getting hurt if you fall from a longboard. So if the rider wears these safety protectors, then he is less likely to get hurt. Knee pads usually have a hard shell that provides excellent protection to the rider. And the elbow pads contain flex material that can withstand shock.

Longboard Accessories Lights

Lights on the longboard are a must-have for getting around at night. Since the longboard is a moving object, driving it at night without lights can cause an accident. And just as it will show you the way, it will also make it easier for other vehicles to identify you. 

These are set in such a way that the beauty of the longboard remains the same as before. These are also easy to install and setup. So you have to put this longboard light on the list of longboard accessories if you want to run longboard at night.

Longboard Shoes

You also have to be careful when buying longboard shoes, because it will help you control the board and comfort you while standing on the longboard.

Many people take it very lightly while making a selection. Still, it is a handy product because if you don’t feel comfortable after wearing it, you will not enjoy your longboard riding.

So when you buy it, you have to look at a lot of things, its style, what kind of material it is made of, what type of protection it can give, How durable it is, you have to look at everything.

Longboard Backpack

Another thing that is very important with the longboard is a backpack. You can’t carry everything in your pocket while running longboard, so this is one of your essential accessories. You can also take small things on it, but you can also take many useful things, even clothes.

At the time of purchase, you need to check its durability, and how flexible it is.

So if you want to travel far or carry something while going to the office, you can easily make a backpack your companion.

Skate Tools

Another important thing is the skate tool. It is a must-buy tool for those who ride a longboard. Anytime you have to tighten the nut bolt of your longboard, if you don’t have it on hand at that time, you can understand its importance.

There are also other items you can put on your buying list, including a spine protector and a leather suit. Leather suits are used to avoid much pain even if you fall from a longboard. These are important to wear for those who are advanced level riders or like to ride at speed.

Final Words

You must have read the whole article and got some idea about all the accessories. If you know all these details of longboarding accessories well, Longboard Journey will be smooth and enjoyable for you at the same time.

It is essential to know about its various parts also, such as longboard wheels, longboard trucks, longboard bushings, etc. So you can say, the same thing applies to these accessories.

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