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Best Longboard Backpack in 2022 [With Buying Guide]

My friend Jack is always in a mood of ‘ready-set-go’ for a longboard trip. He has a longboard backpack, which gives him the facility to get ready in a short time. In this backpack, he gets lightweight, strong shoulder straps and durable features. It is comfy even if he is carrying it for a long time.

There is plenty of room for tech devices or necessary day-to-day stuff. Not only for taking a longboard, he uses this backpack for school and work also.

So, a longboard backpack is an easy hack for carrying your longboard with a well-padded bag that has shoulder straps to keep close to the bottom of the deck against your back.

You can use this backpack for other trips to avoid more baggage. Select the best longboard backpack in 2020 from the description and buying guide given below here.

Product Reviews:

Here you will get the product review of ten best longboard backpack in 2020:

1.    Dakine Mission

2.    GoRide Electric Longboard Backpack

3.    Backpack for Carrying the Longboard

4.    Fuel Pro Backpack

5.    Eastsport Multipurpose Backpack

6.    Longboard Backpack – Ronyes

7.    Chaos Ready Backpack

8.    YS Sport Portable Longboard Bag

9.    Hubro Designs Backpack (Slim Fit)

10.    RVCA Curb Backpack

Best Longboard Backpack in 2020

1.  Dakine Mission:

Product Description:

This backpack recommends for longboarding. It is a black color product that comes from China. In this backpack, you can enjoy so many benefits. It can suit 15-inch laptops with padded laptop sleeves.

Including this is a vertical board carrying straps, fleece sunglass pockets, fleece-lined padded iPad sleeve, and ergonomic shoulder belts with breathable air mesh, adjustable sternum strap, dual-zippered side pockets, organizer pockets, and storable waist belt. It is a unisex product whose weight is 0.89 kilograms.

This product’s material is polyester, and the dimensions of the products are 20× 9× 14 inches. There are two big pockets; one for a laptop and notebook, another for smaller items like food, chargers, and books.

You can use this backpack for a week-long trip with this super light, spacious, and comfy bag. It is a mission backpack style and 25L size item of the Dakine brand launched in 2017. The size of this backpack is very suitable for work and play.

2.  GoRide Electric Longboard Backpack

Product Description:

GoRide Electric longboard backpack is the best bag as a commuter backpack. It recommends for longboarding, skateboarding, and regularly used skateboarding for school or work. It is a perfect product for the cruiser, students of all ages, and IT and business professionals.

You can get a hidden compartment up to 17″ laptops in this unique and sharp aesthetics backpack. There are double bottle holders in that bag, which is essential for hiking and travel. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps, hip belt for weight distribution.

There is a thoughtful design for comfortable padded straps, breathable mesh, backpack handle, and optimal weight support.

GoRide backpack is a stylish bag to carry your longboard and skateboard. You can carry up to 41″ long and 10″ complete longboard and regular skateboard with this backpack.

For an Electric board, you can carry 40″ long and 10″ wide boards. The dimensions of this backpack are 20 “× 12 “× 6”. It has plenty of space to become an ideal commuter backpack.

There are additional straps for longer boards that keep the top of the board secure and prevent it from leaning forward. It has truck straps and longboard straps, which indicates how high the board sits on the backpack.

 3. Backpack for Carrying the Longboard

Product Description:

A perfect backpack for carrying longboard, cruiser, skateboard up to 25cm width. It has two strips at the bottom and top for attaching your longboard securely. There is one large and one smaller pocket to carry essential items. It comes with two adjustable straps and padded shoulder straps. It is a shoulder bag at all.

This lightweight backpack is designed to take all the necessary things. It recommends for a trip around the city. The material of this product is nylon, and it is an imported product from Spain. Item weight is 0.35 kilograms, and the dimensions of this product (L× W× H) is 31.89× 1.18× 8.27 inches.it is a grey colored unisex product manufactured by Monark Supply. The bag can carry all size boards.

You can keep your wallet, keys, and all other accessories in the extra pockets. The design of this backpack is unique and formulated with high-quality materials.

 4. Fuel Pro Backpack:

Product description:

If you are a longboard lover, then a pro skater bag will always be your companion. You can go anywhere with your longboard or skateboards. It is designed with two front-facing straps to secure your boards, and you find extra storage pockets for carrying laptops with zipper closure.

The main zip of this bag is spacious to hold 15″ laptops with padded tech sleeves. It is constructed with durable and water-resistant polyester materials.

There are adjustable front dual straps that can carry longboards, skateboards, and any vertical boards. It has easy glide zippers and front lash-tabs for key attachments. It comes with padded shoulder straps, a long-lasting bottom panel, and a comfortable top handle. In this bag, we get two side zip pockets for hydration or comfort.

The patch panel is interchangeable, and measurement is 1.5 by 2.5 inches. The dimensions of this backpack are 18 by 11.5 by 7 inches. So, start planning your trip with these Fuel products.

 5. Eastsport Multipurpose Backpack


Product description:


Eastsport brings a multipurpose backpack with which you can go to school, park, or any short tour. It is an ultra-durable backpack designed with double skater straps to secure your belongings.

Here you will get zipper closure, and the material is durable polyester to ensure extra security for your precious items. It comes with oversized main zip compartments, multiple front zip pockets, and interior tech pockets that can carry 15″ laptops. For holding longboards, it has velcro straps, and lumbar support padded back. It has side mesh hydration pockets with elastic, easy glide ziplock with plastic pullers and top fleece-lined small zip pockets.

Here also we get a comfortable, rubberized top handle. The dimensions of the products are 18″ by 12″ by 7″. It is a great backpack to hold all your belongings for an adventure. Many pockets inside this backpack help you keep your tab, keys, cellphone, medical tools, and helmet in different compartments.

Spacious and sturdy features with thick straps and waterproof facilities make it excellent for users.

6. Longboard Backpack – Ronyes

Product features:

RONYES is a committed brand for satisfactory products and excellent service. They designed this 17.3-inch backpack with a unique design for carrying Longboard, Skateboard, Basketball for travel or school. It is made with polyester material and a buckle closure system.

The dimensions of this backpack (L× H× W) are 13 ×20 ×6 inch. This bag’s capacity is 30L, and it has a waterproof coating that prevents the water from passing through.

There are adjustable board straps for carrying a vertical board, longboard or skateboard, and a hidden net attached with the bag to hold a basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, soccer, and helmet. It gives you an external USB with a built-in charging cable facility. Many pockets were organized inside the bag: one double zipper front pockets with one* top hidden zipper pockets, 2* separated departments, and 4* pen slots.

Then, one main pocket with 1* padded thick iPad pocket and 1* padded laptop pocket with a cotton top cover. Additional bottom pocket with a net to contain basketball.

For keeping valuable items, there is one back pocket and two-sided zipper pockets for small items. The s-shaped shoulder straps with padded breathable air mesh help you to alleviate weight in great comfort.

7. Chaos Ready Backpack

Product description:

Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack is a premium quality product to build outdoor gear. The materials are 100% waterproof and floating; it is submersible and pops up on the water’s surface if accidentally fallen. It can roll down the tri-fold system and clip together.

This backpack can hold 22 liters and stands just under 21 inches when packed. It is made from heavy-duty 500 PVC TARPAULIN with allowing foldable lightweight and waterproof facility. The size is convenient for flying. It comes with a grey color, which is easy to find out. There are two high-quality mesh pockets on the side of this dry bag to ensure hydration from water bottles.

You can use them at the store or handy; however, you want to access them easily. The front pocket is not 100% waterproof, but it has a velcro lock to ensure overall security and quick access for essential items like a camera or passport. It has padded shoulder straps, so you need not worry about sore shoulders.

We used a high-frequency welded system in the manufacturing time, making it a harsh, dry bag for a successful adventure. With this bag, you can accomplish many experiences like Kayaking, Rafting, Beach bag, Fishing, Snowboarding, Longboarding, and Surfing.

8. YS Sport Portable Longboard Bag

Product description:

YS Sport brings a 100% brand new portable Longboard carry bag, which is only 0.41 kilograms. It is made with durable nylon fabric material. The size of this bag is 47× 11× 6 inches.

This bag is designed with one shoulder adjustable straps. An ideal bag to carry a longboard and skateboard within 46 inches. It has protective features for cashing and carrying boards.

The dimensions of these lighter and compact bags are (L× W ×H) 7.1× 4.8× 2.4 inches. It is black, and the part number is 43237-2. You can get some space after setting your longboard inside the bag. It is an excellent backpack at a reasonable cost.

You can keep the helmet and pads with your skateboard or longboard. For an adventurer of hills, this bag is beneficial to alleviate tension during long hauls. It is a pretty comfy and fantastic product to make your longboard journey satisfied with a lot of joy.

9. Hubro Designs Backpack (Slim Fit)

Product description:

The BrdBag Boosted Board backpack is a fitted travel bag designed for v1, v2, v3 Longboard Boosted Boards, added with Boosted Stealth and Boosted plus with dimensions up to 41 inches.

It can fit up to 105mm wheels but is not fitted for Boosted Mini S or Mini X. You can carry this bag in three ways; these are: sternum strap, shoulder straps with D-Rings and clips, and padded webbing carry handles. In this bag, you get two exterior pockets and one interior pocket to organize and store important things.

For easy maneuvering, it has grab handles. Interior straps prevent shifting in the carrying time, and all sides padded with closed-cell foam lining to protect your Boosted Board or electric skateboard. It comes with durable double stitch, heavy-duty YKK zippers with paracord pullers, and waterproof exterior 600D.

There is a dedicated pocket for backpack straps if it is not in use. It is a versatile bag with carrying handles and detachable shoulder straps.

10. RVCA Curb Backpack

Product description:

RVCA is a close-knit community to inspire our generation and provide something of substance. In this bag, materials are 95% Polyester and 5% Polyvinyl Chloride. It is an imported product with a 15.5″ shoulder drop.

You can hand wash this backpack though it has a polyester lining. It comes with 600D fabrication, internal laptop sleeve, three zippered compartments, a padded rear mesh panel, a sternum strap, a rubber logo, and an abrasion-resistant bottom panel. It is a black color bag.

You can go on any tour with this fantastic backpack. It has a 27-liter capacity. This backpack satisfies your need for going on adventures and has plenty of pockets to organize your essential things.

Things to Consider Before Buying Longboard Backpack

If you want to buy a longboard backpack, you need to concern yourself with some essential matters. Otherwise, you will not get a suitable backpack for your longboard journey. Go through the following fundamental elements to make it easier.


For the best longboard backpack it needs high-quality materials. Durable material can create a product that is not damaged within a while. Though a longboard is a large product so it should be wise to select heavy-duty materials. Otherwise, it may fall apart in the journey time.


In a longboard backpack, ergonomic design is most probably a dynamic issue with adjusting perfectly with you. If the bag is not stylish or out of fashion, very soon, it loses the appeal. A backpack design should make it usable for multipurpose, such as going to school or work besides longboarding. If it is looking decent with great functionality, you may get the maximum advantages from this backpack.


A good backpack should be comfortable in all weather and condition. With extra padding in the shoulder straps, the bag is very much pleased to carry out anywhere. Look at the capacity of weight to ensure your comfort on a trip.


The cost of a backpack is also a fundamental topic. If the price is too high, customers can not afford it. When the price becomes very low, it might give the suspicion of cheap materials. So, a manufacturer needs to follow the pricing strategy for the betterment of consumers.


The best longboard backpack should have plenty of compartments to carry essential everyday items in different pockets with a longboard. For a trip, a traveler must bring water bottles, laptops, smartphones, headphones, skate shoes, helmets, and varieties of use items. If the bag is waterproof, then you have no tension on a rainy day trip.  

Why do you need a Longboard Backpack?

A longboard backpack is very much crucial for going on a trip. It serves your comfort with a cool way of living. If you select a perfect bag with lots of pockets for daily needs, it may give you satisfaction for the trip.

In an undisciplined way, you can not find any emergency items like medical tools or passports. It is a stylish way to enhance your personality with a bigger board like a longboard. If you do not have a longboard backpack, you have to carry the board by hand, which is almost an unusual task.

Using a backpack is more useful for the body than any other luggage. It may not create pressure on the body. Moreover, a longboard backpack has thick padded straps that distribute weight hip to the shoulder.

In the walking moment, your hand is free and maintains the balance of the body. It does not impose excess weight on one side of the body.

A backpack is a secure way to carry various items. You can add a lock to ensure extra security when in a populated area. Multitasking pockets help you to keep all the things separately. Waterproof features give extra safety on rainy days.

You can stay precious items safely in your backpack at journey time. Overall, those who like traveling by longboard, they must need a longboard backpack. It will be your complete solution for keeping your toothbrush to the helmet, shoes to longboards.  

How to Carry a Longboard on a Backpack

The longboard backpack is the easiest option to carry a longboard. You will get the strap with a velcro or zipper system to attach the backpack on your back.

Keeping a longboard in a backpack gives you relief from the hazard of carrying a longboard by hand. Unfortunately, if you have fallen on the riding time, the backpack gives you support not getting hurt on the backside.

It is straightforward to use a backpack.

Just open the clip or buckle for the longboard and fit it with your longboard. Then take it on your shoulder.

A backpack procedure may be different in some backpack, but it can secure your favorite boards and valuable items.

Some backpack has space for a longboard inside the zipper. Another has a system to attach the longboard outside of the bag. Most of the backpack has multifunctional compartments to provide facilities for several items.

The backpack is an easy hack to protect your longboard from dust and breakage when not used on the outing. Sometimes we can not ride the board in the downhill or country road; you can use a longboard backpack.

Choose a durable longboard backpack that can carry the weight of your board. A washable backpack is preferable to travelers. Not only for travel, but you can also use the backpack at school or work where you want to go with a longboard.

The one-sided bag looks stylish but feels heavy on that side. Select a padded shoulder strap backpack if you expect comfort and convenience.

Final Words

Riding longboards is a great sport as well as exercise for all ages. But carrying the longboard became very challenging because of its bulky weight. There is a vast amount of longboard backpack available to solve your problem in a while.

Those backpacks are stylish and sturdy, come with great functional, durable material, waterproof exterior, and padded straps. Do not rush for popularity; choose the backpack, which will adjust with your longboard and additional demands.

Check all the features that you want of the backpack before buying. Now you are ready to go anywhere with your longboard, skateboard, or electric boards.

Enjoy your time with lots of enthusiasm, and get rid of tension for carrying a longboard.

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