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Essential Longboarding Tips For Beginners | You Should Follow

Every beginning of human life is like a child. After learning to walk, you have to learn to run. No one becomes a professional in the beginning, so don’t hesitate about it. The same goes for longboarding.

In the beginning, longboarding is a bit of a hassle, but it can easily overcome later. If you follow a few tips, it is possible to become a professional in longboarding. 


Longboarding Tips for Beginners


Here I will discuss some practical tips for you; if you follow these longboarding tips, you will become an expert in longboarding even after being new.


1. Ride a longboard before buy


Try to ride a longboard of any of your friends in the beginning because then you will understand how it feels to get on a longboard and how to drive it, and then you can buy a longboard for your own.


2. Choose the right longboard


First of all, I will say that you have to select the right longboard that is most suitable. Because every person’s weight, age, style is completely different from others. I could have chosen a longboard for you, but it may not be ideal for you because every person is unique. So you have to figure out which is best for you because you will ride in it.


3. Buy safety equipment


A new rider must wear a helmet at the beginning of longboarding. He also needs gloves, longboard shoes and some other accessories for his safety.  It is very dangerous to start longboarding without these because you will not be able to balance properly, and you may fall into the ground and get pain.


4. Find your stance


Every human being has a riding stance, so you have to find your longboard stance.  And it’s important to know this because it will depend on which part of your leg you use to decide which way to turn the longboard.


If you ride with your left foot in front, you are regular, and if you ride with your right foot in front, you are a Goofy. Some methods help you better understand which one you are.


5. Fix the balance in static condition


You have to learn to keep balance in longboard initially, but it is very difficult in the early stage. For that, you first have to practice longboarding in a static condition. There are many ways you can do this, such as in the grass or on a thick carpet, so that frictions protect the longboard from rolling. 


There’s one more thing So that you don’t get hurt even if you fall.


6. Do Turning Stance


What do you do next?


You have to do the turning stance after that. The wheel of your longboard will not turn because it is on something hard like grass or thick carpet, but the deck of the longboard will go in the direction you take your body.


Do rolling with your ankles to lean the deck at each end.  One more tip just shifts your body and lean the longboard deck back and forth. 


7. Need to learn about push stance


Another skill you need to know to become an expert in the longboard is how to push and brake because, at this time, you have to keep the balance with one foot, which is very difficult for a beginner.


When on a longboard, rotate the front foot so that the toes are towards the nose, simultaneously bringing your shoulders forward. Now lift your back foot and balance with your front foot. At the moment, take your body weight on the front legs and also bend the front knee.


Now start bringing your legs back to their previous position, simultaneously bring your shoulders and front legs back to the previous position.


I know it is very difficult to practice as a new, but it is necessary for longboarding.


8. Practice for rolling


At this stage, you have to practice rolling. Find a little space where you can practice rolling. The push stance that you practiced a while ago will have to come and do it to move your longboard forward.  Even after this slight push, you will see that you can maintain your balance. 


Keep practicing slowly like this; after a few times, it will be much easier to do this.


9. Practice to brake


One of the most important works of longboarding is practicing brake. A lot depends on it; it can save you from many serious injuries. Foot braking is one of the most common ways to brake successfully; you have to be an expert in it in the beginning. It’s a lot closer to the push stance. The difference is that in this case, the back foot has to be rubbed lightly on the ground so that the speed of the longboard slows down.


However, this technique is applicable only when your longboard speed is low, but it is difficult to do when your speed is very high. For this, you have to be an expert in standing on one leg as well as practice squatting in the time of rolling.


10. Practice to ride on a little higher place or a slight slope


At this stage, you have to practice riding on a slightly higher or on a slight slope. But keep this in mind, you need to use protection at this time. You must wear a helmet so that you do not get hit in the head even if you fall. Also, wear slide gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, so you don’t get hurt.


It is important to keep in mind that you should never go to a high mountain before becoming an expert for your safety.


11. Need to practice turning


Now start the turning practice, but you have to do this while rolling the longboard. First, go to the plains road to do this, then slowly down the rough road. Then practice in a little slope, remember not to go too steep at the beginning. You will do this in the same way as you did in the beginning when you practiced turning stance.


12. Practice to slow down


You then have to practice how to slow down the longboard. There are some ways to do this; the most common is to drag the ground with your back legs.


There are also some other ways:


  • Carving
  • Air braking.

You can learn any of these very well.


13. Practice to fall


Are you surprised to hear? I know you can think about what kind of tips it is !! But believe me; you have to practice this too. No one wants to fall from a longboard and get hurt, but it is true that falling from the longboard, in the beginning, is not uncommon.


You have to practice falling beforehand and practice some technique so that even if you fall from a longboard, you can apply these techniques at that time and save yourself from serious injury. Normally when a human starts to fall, he raises his hand to prevent his fall. But if he does it during the longboard, he will get seriously injured. So there are some things to follow if you fall during longboard time.


Save your head with your arms, so you don’t get hurt in head. Try to land on the forearm while getting on the ground. Try to roll over with your shoulders.


14. Practice to Slide


After that, you can practice slides, one of the essentials for those who love to show longboarding tricks.


But remember that you have to wear gloves during slide practice. Otherwise, you can get injured at any time. When you do this initially, always try to do it at low speed and then slowly try to do it at high speed.


15. Follow some common rules


Remember you are doing longboarding when you do it in the street a lot will come in front of you. From cars, bikes to people, even dogs, cats can fall in front of you.


So when you practice, always be a little careful so that no one gets injured. Also, follow the traffic rules; moreover, always try not to change your lane. If you can do this, you will enjoy yourself a lot by longboarding yourself.


16. Get a partner to practice


Find a partner who will help you to ride the longboard in the beginning. The partner will push you a little to run the longboard and help you to maintain balance. 


Besides, you also need motivation, right? 


17. Be patient


You have to be patient; you will not become an expert in longboard very quickly; gradually, after many days of practice, you will become an expert in it, so it will not work if you lose patience in the beginning.


You have to practice it continuously, and then you will become an expert in it. So, KEEP PRACTICING.


18. Learn basic things


You need to learn a little idea about some basic things, such as wheels, bearings, grip, and deck. Besides, which longboard is better for which type of ride? What type of ride do you want? You have to learn some ideas about all of these.


Final Words


Any sports need to play in such a way that you can master it. And for this, you need some practical tips which are above. Longboarding is a popular sport nowadays, also a hobby for many. So no matter which way you do longboarding, it is important to follow some essential longboarding tips.


So what’s the delay?


Follow the tips and show your skills in longboarding, don’t forget to enjoy your ride.socan

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