Penny Board Vs Banana Board

Penny Board Vs Banana Board | Which Is Right For You?

What is better as a cruiser board? Penny board or Banana board? If you are torn apart between these two resembling small cruisers, this discussion is going to be your lifesaver. 

Both are wonderful in their own way with excellent customer reports. But why do people compare them? How are they different despite being so close? Which will be a great deal for someone who has just stepped into the cruising universe?

To get all these questions answered, keep on reading till the end. Hopefully, you will successfully decide the right pick for you between Penny Board Vs Banana Board.

Things To Know About A Penny Board

First, let’s talk about the year-old penny boards.

Being a form of traditional skateboards, penny boards are plastic-made boards particularly designed for cruising around. They are more popular than ever for hobbyists who love cruising.

Durable plastic is used in manufacturing a penny board that makes it lightweight. On top of that, they are way too flexible. So, learning penny-board riding is much easier nowadays.

Maybe that’s why penny boards are so favorable among the young riders as a fashion accessory more than a riding board.

Note that penny boards are 22″ long. And it’s wide enough to let you handle every small bump. As designed for cruising in mind, you can practice carving as well. 

It is said that a penny board is a skateboard only made by Penny Company. Though they differ in shape, durability, speeds, and stances. Also, their materials and sizes differ too.

Seeing plastic boards as the primary material, don’t get upset. The company claims that it’s their “secret formula” that makes the plastic sturdy enough.

However, their claim seems to come true. No complaints of breaking the board easily have been filed by the customers. 

Be it the bearing, truck, or wheel, a penny board is reliable in all the sectors for a smooth riding experience. 

Things To Know About A Banana Board

Some call it a clone, some call it copy. Is it? Not exactly, though there are a lot of similarities. 

Being quite resembling, a banana board is a bit longer than a penny board. Not that much though. It’s 23″ long. The same durable plastic attributes it a similar level of flexibility and sturdiness.

But why is it a tough competitor to the penny board? The answer lies in the grip. As the surface is roofed with 3D circles, it offers a much more stable grip than a penny board. You will be spontaneously riding it, having much better traction.

They come with robust Stok’em wheels. Having larger lips, the wheels are smooth enough for a decent ride. The large lip will absorb sudden shock better than any contemporary cruising board or plastic cruisers.

Penny Board Vs Banana Board: What’s The Difference?

Now it’s time to declare the verdict. As already mentioned, both are pretty similar cruising boards. Both are countable when it comes to cruising and carving.

But some small differences make them two different forms of the skateboard:


Being equipped with ABEC 7 bearings, a penny board provides better performance than a banana board which comes with ABEC 3 bearings. Although you can replace it anytime. 

Wheel Size And Customize Option

The standard wheel size for a 22″ penny board is 59 mm. Again you can replace it with up to 70 mm wheels, even 75 mm in some cases.

So, you see penny board is pretty much customizable. Even you can customize the color, truck, deck, and bearing of your preferences and make colorful wheels for your board.

A banana board, in this regard, is on the downside. They come in set colors and are not customizable.

Though both the boards are available in varieties of color schemes.

Front Kicks/Rear Kicks Capability

Banana boards are capable of front kicks which is an amazing add-on. The penny boards are tailored for rear kicks only.

With that being said, it is undeniable that you can do some extra carves and tricks with a banana board. Besides, they are well-made offering more flex. 

Truck Size

Talking about the truck size, the penny board wins the race once again having a 3″ truck. The banana board has a 2″ truck.

Although this slight gap doesn’t affect their performance to a considerable extent.

However, penny boards are preferable for their firm wheels and bearings along with smoother threshing on the truck.

On the other hand, front kick and firmer grip are the specialties of a banana skateboard.

But for a skateboard, both perform more or less the same as a commuter or cruiser. So, it depends more on your personal choice than the quality and functionalities of these two amazing boards for the cruisers.

If you are already riding on one, we suggest sticking to it as a new one wouldn’t provide a much different experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Penny Boards Good For Beginners?

Answer: Of course, it is. To learn skateboarding, riding on a penny board could be the first step. But remember that it will teach some basics of skateboarding only. No advanced tricks and stances could be learned using a penny board.

So, as an entry-level rider, you can count on this regular cruiser to develop your balance, carves, and turns. 

Q: Why Do Some People Dislike Penny Boards?

Answer: As they are narrower than a skateboard and made of plastic, the skateboarding enthusiasts or larger riders don’t think of penny boards as proper skateboards. Some people find it too small to do advanced tricks.

Q: Are Banana Boards Better Than Penny Boards? 

Answer: To some extent. Though banana boards are considered the shadow of penny boards, they are the toughest competition for any small cruiser due to their well-built structure and grip.

Closing Notes

By the end of this comparison, we would like to recommend both boards for regular cruising. Sliding some minor distinctions, both work fine. But to be honest, penny boards are a bit smoother when it comes to resisting bumps and shocks.

However, what do you prefer between banana board Vs penny board? Share with us by commenting below.

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