Ripstik Vs Skateboard

Ripstik Vs Skateboard | Which One You Need

Skateboarding is one of the most adventurous and thrilling sports for sports enthusiasts. It’s an incredible way to show gaming expertise, improve riding skills, and spend some crazy and adventurous moments.

Apart from this, you can get a chance to take part in the Tokyo-based Summer Olympic building strong skills in skateboarding.

But you must have a quality board first to start your journey. Ripstik and skateboard are two familiar brands in the skateboarding industry.

They can help skateboarders improve their efficiency in stirring, curving, etc.

Anyways, there are massive differences between these two that can influence your board selection.

So, let’s have a look at the differences between ripstik vs skateboard to easily select the most appropriate one for you. 

Ripstik Vs Skateboard | Which One You Need

Both of them have unique features, designs, and riding experiences. Let’s explore them through the succeeding discussion on what is the difference between a ripstik and a skateboard.

1.    Evaluation of Shapes

There is a major difference between ripstik and skateboard in terms of shape. If you look at the evaluation of ripstik, you’ll notice a structural commonality in its models and generations.

They have two different boards connected by a pivoting middle along the center.

On the other hand, a skateboard consists of a single piece of board that features a round front and back along with elevated lips.

Anyways, in recent generations, skateboards have integrated massive changes to the structure of decks. There are street boards, bowl boards, cruisers, etc. to give the users flexibility of choice.

Again, a ripstik has only two wheels located in the middle of its two pieces. But skateboards have four wheels along with two bearings each. As a result, they give an exceptional riding experience to the users.

2.  Materials of Deck

Both of the boards have decks that work as a platform for the skateboarders to stand during the rides.

But the materials of the deck are not alike for the two. Most of the skateboards feature wooden decks.

Others contain composite, aluminum, nylon, Plexiglas, fiberglass, or foam decks trimmed with screen painting.

Completely opposing that, the manufacturer of ripstik boards uses high-tech polymer materials to build their decks.

Besides, their removable property makes it easier for the users to detach them when necessary.

3.  The Process of Pushing or Propulsion

 Another area where ripstik differs from skateboards is the process of pushing or propulsion. If you use a skateboard, you must push off the earth using one of your feet to move forward.

On the contrary, a ripstik can release you from that toil with the help of its unique design.

With a ripstik, you will only switch your pressure on the back heel and front toes, then again back toes and front heel in order to move forward.

Thus, a ripstik creates self-propulsion which is unavailable in skateboards.

4.  Hitting the Learning Curve

With skateboards, a rider can hit the learning curve faster than that of ripstik. Their comfortable design helps the riders with this.

Since they have wider decks, riders get a steady platform to stand comfortably and do the curving smoothly. 

Elseways, ripstik has much more sophistication in its design.

So, you have to spend plenty of time getting used to its motion type so that you can run the board at a controlled speed.

Besides, it may take superb patience to crack any riding tricks or techniques on a ripstik board.

So, you should go for a skateboard other than a ripstik, if you want to hit the learning curve faster. 

5.  Grinding Tricks

Grinding tricks create a large contrast between ripstik boards and skateboards.

While performing grinding tricks, a skateboarder needs to slide the lower part of the board along a flat surface besides rolling on wheels.

In that case, skateboards with a nose and tail make the job much easier for riders.

Besides, the trucks between the front wheels or back wheels ease the practice of more tricks.

But, in ripstik boards, you won’t get any of these specifications. Rather their center rod design will hike your sufferings during the rides.

6.  Mastering the Jumping Tricks

It’s possible to learn jumping tricks on both boards. But on ripstik boards, you have to give more time and effort to crack any tricks. It happens due to the complex structure of these boards.

On the other hand, skateboards have a simplistic design that helps novice skateboarders master jumping skills.

So, if you want to easily master the tricks and techniques of skateboarding, getting a skateboard is the most applicable option for you.

However, you can later switch to ripstik whenever you want.

What’s Better? Ripstik Or Skateboard?

In terms of performance, skateboards are vastly superior to ripstiks. With a ripstik, you may experience lots of limitations during the rides.

For instance,

  • You can’t move the feet from the board
  •  Can’t run so fast with it
  •  May have less control over the board (if beginner)

Besides, it’s not so comfortable for transportation purposes as well as being used in the skate park.

Elseways, skateboards are pretty good for both beginners and non-beginners. You can enjoy perfect control over the skateboard even on uneven terrain. 

Also, you can use it as a medium for your day-to-day movement. Excepting this, there is a lucrative chance to learn grinding, jumping, and a lot more other tricks on a skateboard.

Is Ripstiking Harder Than Skateboarding?

There is almost no way to tell which one is harder. It’s totally up to someone’s own adoption.

For some riders, ripstiking is much easier than skateboarding whereas some others take skateboarding as an easy approach.

Due to the unusual shape of ripstik boards, you may face some difficulties during the starting period.

But these problems will vanish if you dedicate at least 30 minutes every day to building skills in ripstiking. This tip is applicable for skateboarding as well. 

Is A Ripstik A Skateboard? 

A ripstik is not a type of skateboard. Rather, it’s a combination of a skateboard and a snowboard.

With a ripstik, you can act snowboard-like carving even on the in-front road of your house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does RipStik help you lose weight?

Answer: A ripstik doesn’t only make your riding moments enjoyable but also works as an incredible way to reduce weight.

Because, in ripstiking, you have to engage your thighs, hips, lower legs, feet, and parts to keep the board moving.

This is how you can build up your muscles and reduce unwanted weight by burning an average number of calories. 

Q. How fast can a RipStik be?

Answer: One of the recent additions of the famous brand Razor, the Ripstik Electric, can speed up the riders up to 10 mph (16 km/h). There are a lithium battery and an in-wheel hub motor that create electric power to reach this speed level.

Final Verdict

Going over the argument on ripstik vs skateboard, you have accumulated a basic to a medium understanding of their nature besides their contrasting features.

Further, you have known some interesting facts about these boards.

Now, it’s your turn to decide which one may go with your requirements and skateboarding style.

If you want unique features with luxurious comfort, go with a ripstik board. If not, then skateboards are here to give you an outstanding curving experience with their exceptional patterns.

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