Skateboard Helmet Vs Bike Helmet

Skateboard Helmet Vs Bike Helmet | How Are They Different?

My cousin Aris just started to explore Skateboarding along with me. He is only nine years old, owner of a beautiful bike with a standard helmet. Now he wants to use this helmet for Skateboarding.

A bike helmet can not cover the full head, which is indispensable at Skateboarding. Because of better ventilation, the Bike helmet is comfortable to wear but not suitable for Skateboarding usually.

So many young men fall into brain injury in the time of riding Skateboard and Bike. Do you know why? Because crazy young men intend to avoid helmets. Sometimes they use the same helmet for all rides.

For ensuring health care, you must wear a proper helmet not differing skateboard helmet vs bike helmet but with durable shells and certified by legal authority. 

Skateboard Helmet Vs Bike Helmet : What’s the Differences

The fundamental differences are not so far within these two helmets, but sometimes little oblivious tasks may cause a lifetime suffering. Look here to know about the facts:

Shape and Design:

Skateboarding helmets are round and smooth in shape and cover the Head Head’s back. This helmet is designed differently than Bike helmets. Because there are many up and down in Skateboarding, which may lead to injury on the head. For these circumstances, skate helmets cover more than other helmets.


Skateboard helmets are made of the hard outer shell, whereas the bike helmets are made of thin plastic shells. Using different types of foam as inner material is also a fundamental difference in helmets. Energy management depends on the inside foam of helmets. Significantly famous helmets have Expanded Polypropylene(EPP) and Expanded Polystyrene(EPS). Typically, the EPS is a type of crushable foam that is used for bike helmets. EPP is a rubbery substance that is often utilized for skateboard helmets.

Safety Standards:

Various types of sports have various helmets safety standards. Government allocates some norms, and the manufacturer also provides some rules to be followed. Most of the helmets have stickers inside, which denote the safety standards. Head coverage is also the main difference in the issues of safety. Aggressive BMX helmets and downhill mountain bike helmets deliver a full-face range. Risky riding and serious jumping like Skateboarding requires a great helmet.


So many bikers like skate helmets only because of their distinctive look. Besides this, some skateboarders seek bike helmets for their ventilation style. Young people want versatile design while they are on a bike or skateboard. Comparatively, a skate helmet looks more smart and youthful.


Vents of helmets keep your head cool. Usually, road bike helmets allow more vents than others. It has more holes, which indicate fewer materials, but it tends to be expensive. Although this helmet has less material, it becomes safe and lightweight. In the aerodynamic position, road bikers create wind drag by fewer vents. Skate helmets formulate with fewer vents and a smooth round shape. BMX bike helmets follow this style.


Road bike helmets do not have visors, but mountain bike helmets have this feature. Generally, road bikers wear sunglasses to avoid sunlight and make shields for eyes. Mountain bikers often ride in the shade and use light lenses. So they can allow sun rays when they want. Road cyclists ride in an aerodynamic position, so the visor makes the way of seeing.

Single/Multiple Impacts:

The Skateboard helmet appeals to multiple effects while a bike helmet requires a simple impact. Multiple impacts help you to strive for a more risky trip without any tension of health hazards. Though multiple impacts sound fantastic, it can easily spot damage with an exterior shell. Sometimes within the protective foam, it is hard to predict the damage. Nowadays, manufacturers develop the support of multiple impacts, but still, it’s a guessing game. In this perspective, a single impact helmet is a nice one. It has more hardened foam, which can not restore a severe impact. For softer impacts, it is easy to replace. Inspect your helmets after fall if there is a crack or smashed foam, then ditch it.


Most people are ignorant of durability; helmets have a limited number of blows or just a simple boom. Skateboard helmets follow this feature and absorb energy for small crashes. Likely, Bike helmets can endure single impacts. Skate helmets can tolerate various strikes, whereas bike helmets deal with an available rampage than have to be eliminated. Durable features depend on materials and proper care. Best materials provide you long-lasted products, so you need to check the materials list before purchasing. 

Are Biking Helmets Safe for Skateboarding?

If you want to use the same helmets for both rides, you have to take an authorized helmet for ensuring safety.

CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission):

CPSC sets the standards of Bike helmets in the USA. A significant single impact is needed for bike helmets. This impact can save you in the time of a collision with other vehicles or a fall on the pavement at speed.

American Society for Testing and Materials, F1492:

Skate helmets have to maintain ASTM F1492 standard, which denotes it contains softer foam for safety. These thicker shells helmets formulated to withstand multiple low impacts but not for high impacts hits. ASTM standard advised you should not use single certified helmets if you are on a bike.


If you want to utilize one helmet for Skateboarding, longboarding, rolling skating, in-line skating, and biking, so how can you depend on single high impacts? You should select a dual-certified Skate helmet which is authorized by CPSC and ASTM F1492.

More excellent protection helps you enjoy much enthusiasm without any risk, even if it is replaced often. Search the specification of helmets online or manufacturing guide or on the sticker inside. Prefer your safety as a priority and select a better helmet; otherwise, you have to regret a deformed skull. 

Final words

Undoubtedly, there is no single person in this world who would like to squish his Head if falling from any ride. The discussion above may help you make your decision entirely about a skateboard helmet vs bike helmet. When going down, choose a helmet, make sure this one is certified.

Remember that your brain is more valuable than money. Until your head and brain are intact, you may have got the logic and never run for the unfair alternative. At all, an authorized helmet can save you from severe damage, whether you are on a bike or skateboard.

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