Skateboard Nose Vs Tail

Skateboard Nose Vs Tail | Does It Matter?

Skateboarding is quite fun, and people of all ages love to enjoy it with their buddies. When you are riding on it for the very first time, differentiating between the nose and tail might feel tricky as they look alike.

Of course, marking the nose and tail is essential as it looks off skating forward with the rear side.

In order to make the first ride a bit easier, we have thoroughly described “Skateboard Nose Vs Tail” here.

Skateboard Nose Vs Tail Differentiate Before You Ride And Enjoy The Utmost Safety!

When you ride perfectly on the board, your performance will not only be safe but also the moves & stunts will be stunning.

So, hurry up, get to know the significant difference between nose & tail, and get ready for the first ride!

Skateboard Nose And Tail Difference

Before starting your first skateboard ride, you should have a proper idea of the skateboard anatomy. In traditional and old-school skateboards, you will notice a broad and flat part called nose or kicktail.

On the other hand, the tail shows vertical angulations with less broadness.

However, these differences are too tiny to notice. So, what are the main distinctive features to differentiate between the nose and tail of the skateboard?

  • Some skateboards are more curved on one edge, which is regarded as the nose.
  • The more extended and broader side of the deck is the nose.
  • Most producers engrave the brand’s name from the front panel to the tail, acting as a distinctive feature to look out for.

So, if your skateboard shows a discrepant shape, you must differentiate between nose and tail.

That’s because – can you usually skate backward?

It kind of sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Check the table below for a crystal clear view of “Skateboard Nose Vs Tail”:



The nose shows a greater curvature.

Tails show a Lesser curvature.

The nose is mostly longer and broader in size.

The tail is shorter and narrower in size.

It presents a bigger edge.

It presents a Comparatively more minor edge.

Do All Skateboards Have A Nose And Tail?

Most traditional boards show a broad nose and a narrow tail. Likewise, skateboard & shortboard manufacturers have come with panels that have identical noses and tails in this modern age.

In this case, you can skate on the board safely in either orientation without facing any issues or accidents. Thus, all skateboards don’t have a nose and tail.

Choosing a traditional board or an identical shortboard is totally up to personal preferences and favoritism.

Is The Nose Or Tail Higher On A Skateboard?

If you are riding on a traditional skateboard, the front panel will seem higher or longer than the rear tail.

The longer front side is regarded as the nose of the deck. Most skaters like to ride on a deck with a massive nose in front of them. 

How Do You Tell Which Side Is The Nose And Tail On Your Skateboard?

As a first-timer, differentiating between the nose and tail is tough as their differences are minimal. In order to identify the nose and tail, at first, you have to look on the deck from the side.

Once you inspect correctly, you will notice that the nose shows a more significant curve and a more extended, broader edge along with a mellow rocker.

Conversely, the trail is steeper, shorter, and narrower.

Nose And Tail… Does It Matter Which Way You Ride A Skateboard?

From the beginning of the Popsicle deck, a broad nose was the part that faces the front.

Traditional decks offer a big nose to make stunts, tricks, and ollies easier.

If your skateboard’s nose is not much prominent, you might face issues while performing nose slides.

However, many skaters around us can skate pretty well in either orientation. So, there is no exact rule to keep the nose in the front.

Even then, I would prefer riding with a broad nose on the front panel to make more secured tricks & stunts.

Best Skateboard Nose And Tail Guards

For many skaters, skateboarding is a significant investment. Who doesn’t want their favorite board to last long?

To extend your skateboard’s lifespan and protect it from injury, we have reviewed the best skateboard nose and tail guards here.

So, don’t delay anymore and jump into this section right away!

1. MAXPRO Nose Guard And Tail Guard:

If a rider loses control while performing tricks, the MAXPRO deck guard will protect the skateboard from serious injuries.

Its high-quality rubber will guard your deck, nose, and tail against scratches.

The polyethylene rubber is around 11.8 inches long and holds the edges as well as the deck firmly.

The shock absorber skateboard guard offers many advantages like – Water resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, etc.

This deck guard has gained a high demand because of its excellent protection and customization facility.

Even beginners can install it easily on the decks and edges of their board. It will definitely fit on different types of longboards and skateboards.

Also, you can even use this guard as a covering of sharp metal edges to protect loved ones from getting hurt.

If you are looking for a quality guard for the skateboard, you must check out this to ensure the highest performance at the best price.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Great protection 


  • Stretchable with prolonged usage.

2. SENSIVO Nose Guard And Tail Guard:

In 2013, SENSIVO started its journey to design longboards and skateboards and gained vast fame. They have brought a SENSIVO Skateboard guard from that lineup, which is a high-quality, durable guard to protect the deck from water and injuries.

The producers have made SENSIVO guard with a combination of premium metal and ethylene propylene diene monomer.

This anti-aging guard will protect the deck’s tail and nose with its superior thickness of 6 mm to 12mm.

Also, it tends to prevent all types of damages, including nicks, chips, or scratches.

As this protector is long (12 inches) & wide (1 inch), it can fit with every deck and provide better support than any other brand in the market.

You can use the SENSIVO protector without any additional tools. Just place the rubber on the edges to set it up properly, and that’s it!

You can even use this guard on other sharp (glass) or dull (car doors) edges.

The anti-aging technology, collusion resistance, water resistance has made it the unique one available in the market.


  • High-quality rubber.
  • Highly durable.


  • Average design.

Final Words

Skateboarding is undoubtedly an adventurous trip to pass a day while enjoying the natural beauty with your friends.

As a starter, it’s pretty natural to be confused about “How to ride on the board?”, “Which side should I face while moving forward?”

That’s why we have discussed skateboard nose and tail difference here to make you aware of the general anatomy of skateboards. Trust me; I know that taking the first step on skating might sound a little scary.

Once you hang on to its basics, you will love skateboarding more than any other outdoor trip.

So, are you excited about your first ride?

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