Skateboarding Vs BMX

Skateboarding Vs BMX | Let’s Find Out The Differences

Learning new sports is always a joy. And in the case of these two sports: Skateboarding vs BMX, both have more or less popularity. Sufficient skill and patience are required to master both. Those who are beginners are often confused as to which of the following would be appropriate. This article is primarily for them.

In this article, I will discuss the technical differences between these two sports and the surrounding issues.

People have been arguing for a long time about which of the two sports is the best. In fact, there is no single answer. The two sports have different advantages and disadvantages.

This writing may seem a bit biased. I want to put BMX ahead of the two. Personally, I like biking. Although I have participated in both sports, I would like to say that biking will give you incredible skills and you will be able to show great tricks.

Skateboarding Vs BMX: Let’s Find Out The Differences


BMX bikes are not your usual mountain or cruiser bikes. They are quite different from others because they have comparatively stronger and well-built frames. Usually, they may have single gear or none at all and obviously, they have no suspension.

Skateboards are customizable but not as much as BMX. While you only can customize the grip tape, the deck, trucks, etc, BMX is all yours to have overall customization. Though buying new parts may seem confusing for the inexperienced.


When it comes to maintenance, yes, I have to admit that skateboard requires not as much as BMX does. Skateboard parts are comparatively cheap and you can do it whenever you want.

On the other hand, BMX gets flat tires, loose bearings and more often you need to lube chain to get enhanced performance. 

Riding Experience:

Both sports are fun when you acquire fair quality skills. You can do the same with BMX whatever you can on the skateboard. But BMX is way more extreme and lets you have the freedom you crave, and obviously, you will get the racing experience. 

Learning Curve:

At first, skateboarding may seem hard to learn. Yes, actually it is hard. Balancing, standing on the board, learning pushing or foot brakes, everything needs effort and time. Most importantly, it’s not impossible to get while practicing any move in the air.

On the other hand, riding a BMX is easier for most of the beginner, whether kids or adults. Though actually, BMX is not like other bikes, it is everything about tricks. 

Riding Locations:

You can ride your bikes anywhere you want. On the street, potholed pavement, terrain with beat up or dirt paths. 

On the other hand, skateboarding requires easy roads or pavements. When you deal with the rough pavement, this is for sure you may find it impossible to do tricks. You can go riding in a forest with your BMX, with a skateboard you can’t do so.

There are limitations to the two sports when it comes to space. Those who skateboards will generally find more benefits in the city. For those who want to go somewhere far away, BMX is basically for them.

Risk & Safety:

Though both of them have more or less risk issues, BMX is way more dangerous. There are several reasons for being so. Bailing is harder on bikes than on skateboards. Moreover, bikes have bigger and sturdy material that may hurt you when you crash.

However, skateboarding is considered safer than the other one. While skateboarding requires plain ground, BMX riders perform freestyle stunts and big jumps even on uneasy roads.


  • Bikes (including BMX) are quicker and easier to get around.
  • Bikes are safer for traveling along bumpy terrain or dirt tracks
  • Skateboards can be a nightmarish move in the city.
  • Skateboards are more mobile than BMX, can be carried anywhere.
  • Taking a BMX away can require bike racks or an SUV.
  • You can skate on the pavements, bikes are not permitted.

Why do I prefer BMX most?

When it comes to freedom, the skateboard is far away from the goal line. You can pick your bike and roam around the neighborhood, at the park, even in the fields, and obviously on the streets.

BMX let us do tricks and else at a large scale. The places in which we can’t go with a skateboard, with a BMX we can easily reach out there.

The opportunities with a skateboard are limited. An unsuitable ground is definitely an enemy for a skateboard rider. You always need to find out a suitable street ground.

Based on regular practice you can easily learn skateboard riding. But you will need perseverance, skills, effort to master the art of BMX tricks and aesthetics. After paying an uncertain amount of time you may achieve the basic tricks and when you become a pro, the feeling is satisfying.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to prove that skateboarding requires nothing. Both of the sports have complex tricks techniques. But one has to admit that BMX is more exciting for its incredible stunt capacity. 

Final Words

Yes, there are areas in which skateboards are superior to BMX. Skateboards are lighter, can be carried easily, and even can be stored without losing much space. But if we consider the greater advancement of BMX, that little loss won’t be a problem.

Moreover, there are professional skateboard riders who make living riding skateboarding. But in society, because of certain incidents, skateboarding is not much well accepted.

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