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Where To Longboard | Pick The Best Place!

Once the rider is ready, with the perfect board to enjoy the ultimate ride, he must be concerned about “Where to Longboard?” In this case, he needs a space where he can move freely without going through many obstacles. Here, the overall view of the land and population will also affect his performance. 

As a longboard lover, your living area/neighborhood is an essential factor that will help to determine the best spot. At some point, this decision is totally up to personal preferences.

However, we have come in the scenario to take you a little ahead so that you can make the right choice. This article has discussed some factors that you must consider before choosing a space for longboarding.

Let’s jump into the main item to pick the best spot for the best ride!

Where to Longboard? Consider 5 Factors To Reach The Right Decision!

Choosing the best spot mainly depends on a person’s own choices. As you have opened this page, maybe you are a little puzzled and searching through Google to find the best skating options.

Please hurry up and read our exclusive tips to find the best spaces for longboarding!

Look Around Your Area & Neighborhood: 

To choose the best place for riding, first, consider the area you live. If there are many mountains, you are lucky as mountains are the best spots for longboarding. In this case, you can search around your location to find the best spaces for skating.

Once you explore correctly, you will undoubtedly encounter some places to ride around your area. If you live in the United States, it can be an excellent chance to meet with fellow skaters. Also, there are tons of riding spots from where you can choose as per your tastes.

Examine The Land Area:

Examining the land is one of the primary points to check when you are confused about the place for longboarding. If there are not many hills in your neighborhood, then the spots are obviously limited. However, you might be able to find the best places among what you have! Either you are a starter or a professional, skating around the campus might be a fun thing indeed. You can ride in that area for regular practice. 

If a rider is into cruising and lives near New York, there is nothing to worry about! That’s because – New York has many hills that are perfect for cruising.

Likewise, most of the mountains of New York are pretty flat and just ok for cruising. At least, they are better than cities that have low options for cruising and downhill skaters.

Moreover, in New York, there are many areas where people arrange skating competitions weekly; you can check them out to hone your skills!


The population of the particular area matters too in the case of longboarding. It certainly won’t be safe if people come in front of the deck when you are enjoying the speed. Of course, we don’t want you to face such circumstances as your safety matters the most! In this case, search up when the area is most populated and try to avoid the street during those periods. Riders who love to face challenges can ride on streets with some limited population.

For further exciting and speedy rides, you can try the Mountain roads with hairpin turns. However, beware to check if skating in those areas is legal and safe. If there are mountains in your area, going on a downhill ride would undoubtedly be a worthy choice.  

However, don’t forget about our cities and college campuses. They can be the best spots for both starters and professionals to face challenges and make sharp turns. 


A fantastic scenery will completely refresh you when you are cruising or performing tricks, or just enjoying a smooth ride. The views can play an excellent role in boosting up your mood. A skating trip with a perfect view can make it one of the most valuable pieces in your memory.

A downhill ride in green mountains would undoubtedly impress a skater. In the same way, an outdoor trip around the lake will absolutely refresh a tired rider after a hot, hectic day. As we have stated before, choosing the best spot varies from person to person. So, take up your phone and search up for the site nearby that is most appealing for you.

Search about Popular Sites: 

Longboarding is one of the most popular sports in the USA. However, it is getting popular in other countries as well. If you are searching for the best skating spots worldwide, the Internet can be your best friend to assist you in this situation. You can check popular sites on the Internet. These sites have listed around 14k longboarding spots worldwide. While roaming into these famous places, you might get to know fellow skaters who have the same passion as you. You can even plan your vacations in those superb spots.

For example, you can try longboarding in Los Angeles as their streets are the riders’ first choice. Actually, LA is the spot from where the longboard originated at first. Besides, San Francisco, Montana, and Wyoming are famous breath-taking spots that will amaze you. Outside the USA, you can try longboarding in Norway, Morocco, or Lysebotn.

Final Words

Longboarding is an exciting sport, and when it combines with a place with a perfect landscape and view, the journey becomes more incredible. However, it’s not easy to find the best spot. Also, roaming to the same space might become dull with time.

Moreover, if you can’t get the hang of a lovely place, you will lose half of the fun. Of course, we don’t want that! So, in this article, we have broadly answered your question- “Where to Longboard?”

Go through our article carefully to find the best spot for you and your mates. Once you find the best place, take up your longboard and ride on!

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