Why Are Penny Boards So Expensive

Why Are Penny Boards So Expensive?

Why are penny boards so expensive? What Makes Penny Boards So Expensive? – has these questions ever knocked your head?

Don’t worry; you are not the only one. In fact, this is a pretty common complaint about this stylish board among the riders.

Being curious, I myself dug deep into this topic. And guess what- I finally understood what specialties make them expensive from an ordinary skateboard or longboard. It’s their unique construction quality that requires a lot of effort. That’s why they are highly durable too. 

Want to know more in this regard? Stay tuned till the end as this is going to be all about penny board details.

Let’s find out together what makes them so lavish yet loveable. 

What Are Penny Boards Used For?

First, let’s inquire into the purpose of penny boards. I mean, they came in the market long after skateboards. So, why were they made when there were already similar kinds of boards? 

Well, skateboards are outstanding for skating, no doubt. But don’t you know how heavy they are! And being made of wood, which is natural.

So, people were looking for a board that would be much lighter. Portability was the issue, I guess. That was the time when Penny Australia made their first move to introduce penny boards in the market.

The construction material of a penny board is plastic which is environment-friendly. Over time, it will be decomposed completely. 

But what will it be good for? To be specific, penny boards do wonder in crowded places. They are small in size and weigh less. So, you can commute in a crowded place comfortably as you can carry them everywhere.

Penny boards are especially used to quickly cover short distant roads. They satisfyingly serve the intention of being engineered. And that purpose is quick commuting. 

Why Are Penny Boards So Popular?

As explained earlier, the penny board is the latest trend among skaters. But what is the reason behind their immense popularity?

Honesty, penny boards are most well-received by frequent travelers. Those who travel a lot can carry it anywhere. The small-sized board will easily fit into their backpack. On top of that, the lightweight arrangement makes it more suitable for traditional skating tricks. 

What you will love the most is the customization convenience. You can get all the parts of a penny board separately and then assemble them easily. Though customized boards cost a little more. But who cares when it satisfies you with performance, right?

One of the popular penny boards is Penny Australia (22 Inch)

Although there are wooden boards available too, plastic penny boards are the most sought-after among the skaters. As a form of the skateboard, penny boards are much more durable. Even if you run over a car, you need not buy a new one as the board is not easily breakable.

Be it a beginner or an advanced rider, a penny board is quite fun to ride. Its lightweight features, smooth riding experience, and reliable architecture have made it so popular over the years.

How Penny Boards Are Made?

Let’s talk about the formation of a penny board. The whole setup is divided into four parts:

  • Deck
  • Wheel
  • Bearings
  • Truck

No wonder, the arrangement of a premium quality penny board takes a lot of time and effort.

Below, I am explaining the structure of the four parts. This discussion will make you understand why are penny boards so expensive.


Unlike skateboards or longboards, a penny board is prepared with a plastic deck. That too is not a regular plastic but an eco-friendly one. After deep research, the manufacturers select a high-quality plastic that is sturdy enough to carry the rider.

However, this high-end plastic deck makes the price difference. 


Talking of the wheels which make the boards run smoother and faster, they too are different from regular wheels. Penny boards are built with larger wheels. That’s why they can sustain for so long. I found that penny board wheels are high-performing wheels to make them strong and stable.

Being made of high-tech PU, they can withstand rough roads much better. They also help to handle twists and turns. So, some more bucks from the rider’s end are justified, isn’t it?


Have you ever thought about why a small penny board costs so much – more than a hundred dollars? The butter-smooth bearings are your answer, I guess.

Most of the penny boards come with high-quality ABEC bearings- the reason for rolling on the road smoother than ever. Even any adverse terrain cannot affect the speed. You will love them once you start cruising. 


Like all other parts, this is no exception as well. A high-quality penny board is assembled with a premium-grade truck. Of course, it adds some more bucks to the overall cost.

Because of the 3″ wide truck, penny boards can turn quickly in a wavy road. What I love the most is that the truck is intended to maintain balance even on the serpentine surface. The special axle angle makes it possible to do so.

Why Are Penny Boards So Expensive And What Makes Them So?

After going through the making mechanism of a penny board and studying the materials, I hope it is already clear to you. All the accessories are consciously designed with high-level materials.

Basically, the harmless plastic makes it a bit expensive that is fully favorable to the environment. But for those extra costs, they also offer some added advantages.

Despite being costly, long-term durability, portability, high-speed compatibility, high-performance construction, etc. make them desirable for beginners to pro. 

One of the best penny boards in the market is Penny Australia (27 Inch Stringer Board)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Penny Boards Overpriced?

Answer: Truth be told, yes. They are overpriced in the sense that they are planned to serve only one purpose- rapid commutation. Also, they are small in size. Resultantly, not suitable for tricks. But studying all the materials and construction, the extra expense is valid.

But that doesn’t mean that penny boards aren’t available at low prices. Check this CAL 7 Penny Board (22 Inches). It is one of the best penny boards at a low price (Around $30).

Q: How Much Do Penny Boards Cost?

Answer: They are notably high-priced. A standard penny board will cost you more than a hundred dollars. Usually, $100-$140.

But you will get a good quality skateboard for only $50. So, compared to a regular skateboard, a penny board costs almost double.

Q: Are Penny Boards Worth It?

Answer: The answer could be both yes and no – depending on your purpose. If you are someone who needs to carry it to the office or school, you should go for it.

But if you want it for practicing tricks, I think it would be a wrong choice. Having small room for maintaining balance, you will end up having injuries.

So, the overprice is only worth the stability at high speed.

Q: How Much Should You Spend On A Penny Board?

Answer: Again, it depends on your purpose; though the price depends on the size too. The three different sizes- 22″, 27″, and 36″ differ in the price range.

From my experience, I would recommend spending around $100 or more to buy a quality penny board. Avoiding cheap boards will be better in the long run.

Final Words

In conclusion, I would like to say that penny boards are not bad just because they are pricey. The premium materials make it expensive. Not only are the materials highly valuable but also carefully organized. 

Considering the few more bucks in the price tag, many people don’t even try it. But for fast and facile commuting, you can rely on this tiny yet high-tech board. They are suitable for cruising as well.

I hope this article has cleared your confusion about why are penny boards so expensive? Now it’s your turn to decide whether it will serve your purpose or not. 

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