Best Fuel Line For Snowmobile

Best Fuel Line For Snowmobile | Top Recommendations!

Once the chilly wind of winter commences, every sportsman gets ready with their snowmobiles. Are you prepared to ride on your favorite snowmobile with your buddies?

Did you have fuel line issues and looking for the best fuel line for snowmobile this winter?

Either you own a bike, truck, or snowmobile, purchasing a high-quality fuel line is mandatory. Replacing it is quite a hassle, and you wouldn’t like to go through it every year.

We understand your frustration, and that’s why we have come with a detailed review on the best fuel line along with a premium buying guide. Our recommended fuel line brands are reputed worldwide due to their quality materials & extended support.

So, let’s not waste your precious time anymore and hop into the premium review section now!

Best Snowmobile Fuel Line Comparison Table


Here we have listed 5 products that we found the most workable to your snowmobile:


Let’s find out more about each of them:

Best Fuel Line For Snowmobile In 2021: Which One Should You Choose?


For the utmost convenience of all the snowmobile riders, we have come up with our honest reviews on the best snowmobile fuel line in 2021. So are you excited to check them out?

Stens Fuel Line:


Stens is a famous brand that has been proudly manufacturing power equipment for professional landscapers for more than 45 years. From that line-up, Stens came up with a new translucent blue fuel line which is highly suitable for 100% ethanol.

Externally the hose measures around ¼-inches, where internally, it is around ⅜-inches. Its high-performance materials are specially manufactured to prevent swelling & hardening. Thus, users can expect support for an extended period. 

The company packed each in a 25-inches box with superior care & effort. Its overall packaging design & dispensable holes on top tend to ensure utmost user convenience.


  • Highly functional
  • Nice packaging


  • Hardening of the hose over time

Why Will You Choose It?

It’s a heavy-duty fuel line especially suitable for snowmobiles. Because of its superior
performance & user-friendly packaging, Stens Fuel Line has become the first
choice of many customers.

Outlaw Racing Fuel Line:

Outlaw Racing products began its journey in 2001 to make life a bit convenient for snowmobile enthusiasts. After their decades of experience, they recently came with an effective fuel line to keep the fuel system functional. 

The Outlaw Racing Fuel Line is built up of weather-resistant Polyurethane. The internal diameter is around ¼-inches. Its superior construction & durability will definitely prevent leakage. As it comes with a transparent design, users can naturally predict the condition of the fuel inside the hose. Thus, it is undoubtedly a fuel line every motor rider can rely on. 

Either you need a fuel line for your fuel system or some small engines this one will surely support. Due to its high compatibility & versatility, all the users of motorbikes, snowmobiles, snowblowers, generators, and tractors can take a breath of relief. 


  • Sturdy & high-quality hose
  • Nice transparent design
  • Perfect fittings


  • Low compatibility with ethanol blend

Why Will You Choose It?

Among all fuel lines out there, you may choose outlaw fuel lines for better construction, flexibility & superior transparency.

Keenso Fuel Line:

The brand, Keenso is a high-quality fuel line of rubber that offers superior durability. Its rubber can easily withstand corrosion, gas, aberrations, and different weathers, including heat & low temperatures. Are you worried about oil stains and leakage? Then keenso colorful gas fuel line is a perfect candidate for you.

Due to its smooth lining & low hydraulic loss, users won’t encounter issues like fluid resistance. The pipe measures 4.5mm internally and ¼-inches externally. Overall, this is an excellent package, especially for snowmobiles and bikes, including Suzuki, Honda & Yamaha.

This low-cost fuel line is highly flexible & sturdy but not compatible with more than 10% ethanol. It would be the best replacement for fuel lines of small engines like blowers, chainsaws, trimmers, and many more.


  • High-quality materials
  • Nice appearance


  • Stiffness after several uses

Why Will You Choose It?

It’s an excellent item especially suitable for the fuel line system of bikes. The Best thing about Keenso is – they are 100% trustworthy & have included a six months warranty.

Raider Fuel Line:

In this modern decade, ‘Raider’ is the name that will come up every time you look for a long-lasting fuel line. Their fuel lines are made of 100% Polyurethane and available in multiple diameters, including ⅛”, 3/16″, ¼” & 5/16″. 

The overall construction of Raider Polyurethane Fuel Line is capable of bearing low temperatures around sub-zero temperatures. Moreover, the band packed their premium hoses in five sections for an easy upgrade of the engine. 

Uncoiling and releasing its memory is relatively easy as well. Unpack the hose and warm it up for two minutes in a small microwave bowl. Later on, cooling it down will surely uncoil the pipe. Remember to dry the hose entirely before connecting to the engine.


  • Functional fuel line
  • Nice blue transparency


  • Too curly
  • Stiff hose

Why Will You Choose It?

It’s an inexpensive yet functional Polyurethane gas line that offers superior longevity & support. Trust me; it would be nice investing in the Raider to fix up all of your leaking fuel lines.

Tygon Fuel Line:

Tygon is a world-leading brand in the plastic sector with responsibilities of 45 production sites. Their Fuel tube is one of the best fuel lines available in 2021. Its unique F-4040-A formula shows superior capability in transferring different types of fuel, including gasoline, kerosene, coolants, and many more. Such a design will prevent deformation, swelling & hardening of the hose caused by hydrocarbon fluids. 

Tygon is a flexible fuel line that can function in both hot & cold temperatures ranging from -35°F to 165°F. Its inner diameter & outer diameter is respectively is around ⅛” & ¼” with a capacity of handling 50 PSI pressure.

Due to its chemical & crimp resistance, along with superior pressure handling capacities, we considered Tygon plastic tubing as the best fuel line for snowmobiles.

The brand offers transparent, opaque & translucent designs & multiple color options for the customers’ ultimate convenience. Moreover, it can be used even in the laboratory other than automotive to handle blood, fluid, food, beverage, thermal insulation, peristaltic pumps, and many more


  • Flexible construction
  • Pretty affordable
  • Better longevity


  • Semi hardening due to ethanol exposure

Why Will You Choose It?

Tygon is a premium fuel line especially suitable for snowmobiles. Its reduced UV & ozone exposure and pressure handling are extremely praise-worthy.

If you ask me to recommend one fuel line for any automotive, Tygon Fuel Line will surely be the first choice!

What To Look For Before Purchasing The Best Fuel Line For Snowmobile? 

Choosing a quality fuel line for snowmobiles among thousands of options must be a hassle.

That’s why we have highlighted six essential criteria for your convenience. Don’t forget to check this section if you wish your investment to be a fruitful one.

So, are you ready? 


Materials are one of the essential factors to consider before making a purchase. Suppose you want your fuel line hose to support for a prolonged period.

In that case, it is a must to invest in a fuel line that’s pretty durable to prevent leakage or hardening. 

Premium fuel lines also feature weather resistance, aberrations resistance, high/low-temperature resistance, and many more. Beware and purchase the one that suits your requirements the most.


Length, inner and outer diameters are the basic measurements a user must go through before making a decision. Once you check out its basic features, you will come across the available sizes of the hose. 

In terms of pipes & fuel lines, inner diameter measurement has more significance than the external measurements.

Nowadays, ⅛, 3/16, ¼ & 5/16 inches pipes (ID) are the most popular ones. Decide the diameter that suits your fuel line carefully.


Next, a user must ensure compatibility before making a purchase. All fuel lines are not manufactured of the same materials. Some pipes can’t bear 10% ethanol or gasoline blends, where others can easily withstand 100% ethanol.

So, fuel Type compatibility is a must factor to check out.


The fuel line you are going to purchase should be versatile enough to support all types of small engines, including snowmobiles & bikes.

Make sure that at least it is going to serve your purpose with convenience. 


It would be best to go for transparent designs for a better idea of the condition of the fuel inside the fuel line system.

The best fuel line for snowmobiles offers better transparency, multiple color options, and premium looks at once.


Lastly, everything comes down to price, as always. You can go for a single piece, set, or a whole kit. Generally, the fuel lines cost around $10 to $40. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size is a snowmobile fuel line?

Answer: In this context, it would be best to invest in a hose with an inner diameter of ¼-inches. Other common available sizes are ½”, 5/16″, ⅜”, 3/16″, etc.

Q: What is the best material for fuel lines?

Answer: The choice of the best material for the fuel line is solely dependent on your requirements & purposes. However, polytetrafluoroethylene fuel lines seem to be the best ones out there. They are Teflon-made lines that show high resistance to deformative effects of fuel.

Final Verdict

The winter is at the door, and more & more sports enthusiasts are getting ready with their snowmobiles. Thus, it’s high time to fix up all the snowmobile fuel line systems with the best quality hoses.

As you have been with us till now, I believe you need a replacement of the fuel line as well.

In this article, we have reviewed the best fuel line for snowmobile along with a complete buying guide. I’m really hopeful that our content was a helpful one.

So, have you found the most suitable fuel line for your snowmobile?

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