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Best Snowmobile Carbides In 2022 | Check The Top Recommendations!

The longer, the better – is this actually the case about snowmobile carbides? Well, our research doesn’t say so. Rather too long carbides will dig deeper than it’s expected leading towards accidents. 

So, how to choose the best snowmobile carbides? What criteria should be followed to settle up for this conclusive factor to set up your snowmobile’s traction?

To answer these questions, we would recommend 4″ carbide as an ideal option to handle a 121″ sled for a moderate track. However, it might feel tiresome to look for the right carbide out of so many options.

Here comes this review of our four top picks of snowmobile carbides helpful. Among the four products, Woodys Dooly Carbide (DA6-9975) is our most favorite all around carbide for its versatile performance.

However, let’s get to know what our top picks have in store to please you with their performances.

What Are Carbides On A Snowmobile? 

Many people mistake snowmobile wear bars as carbides. But that is not the actual case though. Unlike wear bars, snowmobile carbides aren’t made of steel. In fact, they are the wear bars made of carbides that pierce through the snow to run the sled smoothly.

Carbides are the most crucial components when it comes to turning or cornering the ski. They are the sharp edges connected to the bottom of the sledge. Nevertheless, carbides of a snowmobile handle the steering control. They are the contact patch to run your snowmobile towards the pointed direction.

Below, we are going to discuss some top-graded snowmobile carbides that are leading the industry right now!

Complete Buying Guide For Best Snowmobile Carbides

Apart from the review section, a complete buying guide on the best snowmobile carbides will be your best friend to let you guide throughout the process.

Considering the following facts, you can easily make a wise decision to buy the best one for your snowmobile.

Let’s dig deeper!


Carbide length plays a vital role in deciding the steering control as it decides the total contact surface area. Usually, longer surfaces offer a better steering experience than shorter areas.

So, carbides with long sharp blades are suggested by experts.


Not all carbides are made for all types of skis. So, make sure to check for compatibility, especially when you are spending on aftermarket products.

Although custom-made carbides are the best to go for as they are renovated according to your ski’s adaptability. 

Degree of Cut:

First, you need to ask yourself what matters the most for you- longevity or response?

A 60-degree cut is good for a better bite but lacks longevity. On the other hand, a 90-degree cut is ideal for a longer lifespan but doesn’t offer the same bite as a 60-degree cut does.

However, if better traction with fast steering response is your priority, we suggest the 60-degree cut.

Riding Style:

To choose the right carbide runner, the riding styles of the rider are equally important. If you opt for an aggressive ride and if your weight crosses 200 pounds, a minimum of 8″ carbide is mandatory, longer would be better though!

On the bottom line, the harder you ride, the longer carbide will serve you the best.

Follow The Recommendations:

Following the professional recommendations on purchasing the best-fitted carbide will be wiser. There are several lengths for several needs.

For example, flat-landers can ride on short or long tracks, be it with/without studs. But that’s not the case for mountain riders. They can choose 4″ to 6″ snowmobile carbides.  

What Are Snowmobile Carbides Made Of?

Carbides are the sharp surfaces that are mounted at the bottom of the wear bars. Their function is to bite into the snow-packed surface just like the ice skate blades.

However, they are made of extra durable material- very high-graded steel. The metal matrix composite used for manufacturing snowmobile carbides is different from regular steel and welding.

As a result, they are extra strong to fight the ground while snowmobiling. 

How Long Do Carbides Last On A Snowmobile? 

Like any other manufacturing material, carbides too, dont last forever. After a certain period, you need to replace them. But you can add some more months to their lifespan by taking special care of them.

Usually, a set of carbides last for 2000 to 4000 miles, a maximum of 5000 miles. But if proper care is taken, it lasts up to 8000 miles for periodical users.

However, if you ride on a regular basis, change the carbide set after crossing 1000 miles. The time is even shorter when you ride in bad snow conditions. 

When To Replace Snowmobile Carbides? 

To be exact, when they wear out and lose their sharpness. Because once the sharpness is gone, they will affect the steering control.

So, inspect the carbide runners on a regular basis. Even the slightest sign of drift, dart, or crack can lead you to replace them. In most cases, re-sharpening is the alternative solution though!

But if it doesn’t work and you find any major issue like missing parts, misplaced mounting bolts, or huge damage- replacing the set is the best ever solution.

How To Replace Snowmobile Carbides?

Replacing snowmobile carbides is no rocket science. So, don’t freak out. A simple socket set is all you need to complete the whole procedure.

  • First, find out the four bolts on top of the old set.
  • Unmount them using the socket to replace the old carbides with the new ones.
  • Finally, tighten the new bolts and that’s all!

How To Sharpen Snowmobile Carbides? 

Apart from changing the carbides frequently, you can resharpen them by using a simple trick.

There are sharpeners available in the market in the form of diamond-fitted grinders. Being fixed to a cordless drill, it can do wonders by sharpening the edges of the blunt carbides.

Though, you cannot resharpen the totally rounded ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Is The Degree Of Cut Of The Carbides Important?  

Answer: The degree of cut of the carbides is important to decide the durability as it directly impacts the longevity. The more the degree is, the longer it will last.

Q: What Size Carbides Do I Need?

Answer: According to your riding style, riding track, and studs count, it depends. If you ride in powder, go for the 4″ size.

As a mid-level rider riding on a track with 96-144 studs, give the 6″ runners a shot. However, 8″ snowmobile carbides are recommended by experts for more than q44 studs on the track.

Final Words

To conclude, we would like you to seal the deal with any of the above mentioned carbides based on your preferences. Regardless of your pick, your snowmobiling won’t get affected, whether you are a beginner or pro. And once you get used to this great snowmobile accessory, you will learn how cost-effective it is!

However, as a budget-friendly pick, you can try Round Carbide (RM8906). It is also the most aggressive one on the list. For a rapid response of the steering and less driver fatigue, Polaris Carbide (Part 2879026) will fill the bill.

Nevertheless, there is no alternative to carbides for tighter turns. So all the best in your journey to find out the best snowmobile carbides.

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