Why Are Snowboards So Expensive

Why Are Snowboards So Expensive?

Being a beginner, you might have noticed that snowboarding is kind of expensive outdoor sports. When an individual plans to snowboarding, he has to invest not only in snowboards but also boots, and other accessories and obviously snowboards are more expensive than other sports equipment.

But why are snowboards so expensive? Many passionate individuals spend huge amounts just on their snowboards. You might question yourself, ‘Are snowboards worthy?’

In this article, we have answered all of your queries regarding snowboards & their price. So, stay tuned with us and grabs an idea of how much should you spend on your first snowboard.

What Are Snowboards Used For? 

Snowboards are a piece of basic equipment that is used for sliding on snowy fields. Actually, snowboarding originated from skiing and surfing. A snowboard is simply a skateboard without ant wheels. By balancing & maintaining speed, a rider can go downhill snowboarding.

Once you grab the basics of snowboarding, a snowboarder can flip, slide, spin & perform amazing tricks on the air. Perfect balance on the snowy field excites riders with an excellent feeling of adrenaline rush through veins.

Before going to the main discussion, take a look at one of the best snowboard in 2021:

Snowboard Materials And Why Are Snowboards So Expensive

When someone mentions snowboards, ‘a hardwood core with multi-layered fiberglass’ pops up in mind. The core of the snowboard determines its overall characteristics, performance & stability. Its body is usually laminated with bamboo, aspen, birch, beech, etc.

Let’s check out the snowboard materials in detail:

Wood Core:

Wood is also a superb option to assist in shape retention, vibration reduction. You can expect less resonance on the wooden snowboard than the plastic ones. Vertically and horizontally designed obeche and birch are highly flexible.  


Fiberglass is a standard material to construct snowboards. The combination of fiberglass & plastic ensures proper sturdiness & stiffness. Easily bendable fiberglass offers high portability and lies on the top. Moreover, fiberglass is quite affordable as well.


Steel inserts offer better bindings for a precise control on the snowboard. Its design may vary from brand to brand.


High molecular weight polyethylene forms a sturdy base which is quickly repairable. You can wax it for a smooth sliding & gliding performance. Its overall surface offers low friction for an easy and fast ride on the snow.


Metals are most used around the edges except nose and tail. Some boards also offer overall metal edges for proper digging into the snow.


Glass layers are bounded by epoxy resin and form the main construction of the board.

Rubber Foil:

VDS or rubber foil performs greatly in dampening vibrations. It is basically a bonding agent. As steel can’t bind to fiberglass, rubber foil creates a power bond on the edges.

Some other materials may construct the snowboard to obtain desired features. These materials include:


Kevlar is an excellent material with high dampening capabilities, sturdiness, and portability. 


Carbon snowboards are super sturdy, lightweight, and perform incredibly under compression. However, carbon boards are too much experience.


These snowboards are lightweight & sturdy. However, they offer low damping & quite pricey. 

Now, let’s consider the price. Even if you have a low budget, you have to be ready with at least $400 for a good snowboard with soft bindings.

So, Why Is Snowboard Expensive?

In order to answer that query, you first have to consider the production cost. This cost includes raw materials, marketing, packaging, labor, and distribution cost. As we know, high-quality materials are not so cheap.

So, I would say snowboards are cheap due to their modern technology, durability, stability & longevity.

Moreover, both shops and manufacturers have to make some profit.

Suppose a snowboard production cost is around $80 (20% of the cost). The company will make a $120 profit by selling it for $200. Now, the manufacturer will suggest a retail price to the shop around $400. Well, it is just an estimation that will obviously vary depending on the brands.

As snowboards are super expensive, many riders prefer to rent a snowboard instead of purchasing one.

How Much Does A Decent Snowboard Cost?

A kid snowboard will cost around $60. An individual has to pay from $200 to $1000 to purchase a professional snowboard. A new standard board with bindings will cost at least $400.

Such boards perform excellently during sliding, flips, or performing tricks. Woman snowboards will cost up to $500. If you are a beginner, go for cheap snowboards costing around $250 to $300.

Take a look at the Rossignol Circuit snowboard, it is one of the best snowboard for a beginner in decent price:

How Much Should I Spend On A Snowboard?

When an individual plans to skateboard, he needs to consider the cost of accessories other than the snowboard. Many people invest up to $900 only on their board. Did your buddy invest $900 on a snowboard and flex around about it?

Let him be. Trust me; it’s really not worth it. 

In the modern snowboarding market, you can easily purchase high-quality boards for under $400. If it’s a beginner, then go for cheaper options.

So, if you are asking to me, “How much should you spend on your first snowboard?” – A board of $400 or less would be a nice choice.

So, what is the point of investing $900 when $400 snowboards are pretty efficient & durable?

Are Snowboards Overpriced Or How Expensive Should A Snowboard Be?

No, I don’t think snowboards are overpriced. Due to premium materials, sponsorship, and other costs, the overall price may primarily increase.

However, expensive snowboards offer better durability and unique features. In the skateboarding market, you get what you pay. Though, ‘brand name’ may play a huge role in determining the price.

Is Buying A Snowboard Worth It?

An expensive snowboard offers better durability and stability due to its high-quality materials. Thus, you can expect it to support you longer than other cheap ones. A high-quality board will facilitate tricks on ice & powder. A good investment will also ensure better bindings which means better control.

However, a beginner may not be able to differentiate the differences.

So, “Is it worth buying your own snowboard?”

Let’s check the advantages & disadvantages of purchasing a snowboard and decide.


  • High-quality premium Snowboards come with better longevity. Thus, purchasing a snowboard will be more affordable than renting in the long run.
  • If you purchase a snowboard, you can choose the most suitable one as per size & riding style.
  • Purchasing frees you from the hassle of going to a rental shop every time you go snowboarding.
  • As you possess the same board, you will achieve excellent control over it. It also facilitates consistent learning.


  • The initial purchasing cost Is much more than the rental cost.
  • A buyer has to do proper research before making a purchase.

Why Are Some Snowboards More Expensive?

Some snowboards are expensive because they offer better quality & durability. High-class boards are more capable of performing tricks in ice and powder. Tight boot bindings provide excellent control over the board. Of course everyone likes comfortable boots. You must pay more for composition, soft and responsive bindings. 

Are Expensive Snowboards Worth It?

Numerous brands in the market offer snowboards that range from $800 to $1000. I don’t really prefer purchasing a super expensive one costing $900 or $1000. Even if you are a professional snowboarder, a $400 or $500 board will satisfy your needs.

But I must say, spending that much on your board is totally worth it. It’s not like you have to purchase snowboards frequently. Once you purchase a suitable snowboard, it will support you for years. Just be sure to go with a premium one that totally matches your style.

Trust me; you won’t really regret it.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Snowboard?

Overall manufacturing prices differ from brand to brand. If you just count the materials, it may cost around $120 to make a $400 snowboard.

Just counting the material cost is not accurate. The manufacturers have to invest in sponsorships, marketing, taxes, machinery, and many more. All these factors play a role in determining the overall price of the snowboard.

How Much Is A Burton Snowboard Worth And Why Are Burton Snowboards So Expensive?

Burton is one of the most renowned brands in the skateboarding industry. Burton snowboard price usually ranges from $300 to $1500.

Either it is the graphics design, materials, or cutting-edge technology, Burton’s quality is incomparable. Due to its awesome design & innovative technology, Burton snowboards are this much expensive.

Why Are Jones Snowboards So Expensive? 

‘Jones snowboards’ are a famous manufacturer of snowboards & accessories which started its journey with Jerry Jones.

Jones flagship skateboards are premium quality ones with high flexibility. They are one of the most advanced options which offer high stability & dampening.

Why Are Snowboard Bindings So Expensive?

Snowboard bindings are relatively costly as the materials are premium in quality. They are quite sturdy, lightweight, responsive, and stable as well.

The main composition of binding is their plate. Premium quality bindings show an aluminum base plate, where cheap bindings come with a plastic base plate. Sometimes bindings cost more due to the ‘brand names.’ 

Why Are Snowboard Goggles So Expensive?

Every snowboarder needs goggles to slide on the snowy hill. It is an essential shield that protects our eyes from injuries. However, due to their upgraded technology, designs, and materials, snowboard goggles are quite expensive. As you are going for the latest technology, be ready to pay some extra bucks.

Obviously, costly goggles show more durability & comfort. Some buyers think they are actually paying for the ‘brand name.’ 

Why Are Snowboard Jackets So Expensive?

Snowboard jackets are designed to keep you warm and dry during freezing winter. Due to their upgraded technology & materials, snowboarding jackets are quite expensive.

Do you want a modern snowboarding jacket that features thigh vents, stash pockets, and Bluetooth connectivity? Then be ready to pay a higher price.

Cheap jackets may feel wet & cold in the middle of the snow. I bet you won’t like that feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Does A Snowboarding Trip Cost?

Answer: The snowboard trip cost largely depends on the spot. Generally, it will cost around $35 to $150. For example, in order to snowboard on Lake Tahoe, a rider has to pay at least $140. Going to small resorts will lower the cost to a large extent.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Rent Snowboarding Equipment?

Answer: Purchasing your own gear will cost you at least $600 to $1400. On the contrary, the total renting cost will be around $40 to $80 for each day. This whole package consists of boots, binding, snowboards, helmets, and other safety gear.

Final Words

When you come to know the price of snowboards, you might have wondered, why are snowboards so expensive? As you have read this article, I believe you got a clear concept of this query.

When you invest in a high-quality snowboard, you actually invest in its technology, durability, and stability. If purchasing seems too expensive for you, you can go for the rental options. However, I prefer purchasing a snowboard as it will support me for an extended period.

So, get your snowboards, accessories and begin your snowboarding trip!

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