22 Vs 27 Penny Board

22 Vs 27 Penny Board | Which One Will Be Best For You?

You might have come across young individuals with Plastic or maple penny boards on the street. The popularity of penny boards is increasing rapidly all over the United States. Nowadays, penny skateboards are mostly available only in 22 & 27 inches. 

“22 Vs 27 Penny board: Which one will be best for me?”, “What are their basic differences between 22 inch Vs 27 inch penny board?”

I bet these queries have already popped up in your mind and made you crazy. The five-inch length difference is not that big. There is obviously much more to the story.

Calm down as we have satisfying answers for all of your queries. After reading our content, you will know which penny board suits your style. So, let’s not dilly dally and hop into the main segment now!

What Are The Basic Differences Between 22 Vs 27 Penny Board?

Before moving on to the differences, I would like you to focus on some physical similarities. 

  • Firstly, both 22 and 27 inches penny boards feature non-slip, flexible, and sturdy decks. 
  • The trucks are made of high-quality, durable aluminum.
  • Both penny skateboards are equipped with 59mm 83A wheels and ABEC7 bearings.

Now check one of the best penny boards in the market:

Though 22 and 27 inch pinch boards are similar in several aspects, they have huge differences in physical specifications & strengths. 

The physical differences are too obvious. Other than the differences in length, they are also different in weight & width. A rider can spontaneously realize them once he holds the board.


The 27-inch penny board is wider than the 22 inch one. The 27 inches board features a 6.5 inches wide deck along with 4 inches wide trucks. Thus, this board is more stable and comfortable to ride.

On the contrary, the 22 inches penny board comes with a 5 inches wide deck. Its aluminum trucks are pretty wide, measuring around 3 inches.


The original 22-inch penny board weighs around 1.93 kg. As it is lightweight, you can easily carry it wherever you go. It can easily support riders of 220 pounds.

The 27 inches board or nickel board is not as light as the 22-inches one. It features a 2 kg weight with a weighing capacity of up to 220 lbs.

Now, let’s concentrate on some other factors that determine the overall strength of the board.

Storage & Portability:

As the 22-inches penny board is relatively light, it is easy to roam with it. Its overall size, weight & shape is perfect for carrying in the bag or under the arms. As the board is quite small, it can easily fit inside the lockers or school desk.

Now you may think the 27 inches nickel board might be hard to carry. Yes, it is longer, wider, and heavier than the 22-inches penny board. But trust me; you won’t face any inconvenience while porting it anywhere. Store it inside the school desk, locker, or workstation.

However, I don’t think you can store it inside the backpack.


The 27-inches penny board is longer and wider. So, it is relatively more expensive than 22-inches boards. Well, isn’t it natural?

Let’s find the most popular 22 inch Penny Board:

As the 27-inches board requires more materials, the overall manufacturing cost is going to increase. Thus, the price will increase as well.

Now take a look at the most popular 27 inch Penny Board of the market:

Ease Of Commuting:

Every Rider loves to roam around their city to take a breath of relief. Many individuals choose a 22-inches penny to roam in short distances. As it is quite small, you can comfortably enjoy sharp turns.

If you are going shopping in the neighborhood, just pick the penny board and enjoy the ride. I would prefer the 22-inches board over bikes as I don’t have to worry about parking.

If you are planning to cover a long distance, the 27-inches nickel board will be an ideal choice. As it has a broad deck, the overall ride will be super comfortable. 

High-Speed Rides:

As the 22-inches board is not so wide, maintaining a stable pace on it is already a challenge. It will be much more difficult if you are a rider with large feet. So, adding a high-speed will basically make the condition worse.

On the contrary, the 27-inches penny board is quite stable due to its broad deck. So, you can ride on it at high speed with confidence. 

Tricks & Stunts:

Penny boards are not basically the board to perform stunning tricks and stunts. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tricks on it. You can easily enjoy manual, Ollie, and hippie jumps. The 27-inches penny board is awesome for performing tricks as they are relatively large.

On the other hand, it’s too hard to perform tricks on a 22-inches board. 

Smooth Rides & Stability:

The 27-inches penny board will be suitable to enjoy a steady ride in the hilly area. You can definitely enjoy a faster ride on the 22-inches board, but the ride will be unstable.

So, you will feel more shaken on the 22-inches board than the 27-inches nickel board when you come across the obstacles.

Check the differences between Penny Board 22 Vs 27 at a glance:


22 Inches Penny Board

27 Inches Nickel Board


The 22-inches penny board is less wide than the nickel board, around 5 inches.

The nickel board is relatively wider, around 6.5 inches.



It is heavier than the 22-inches penny board but quite handy.


Low stability

Highly stable


It is Not so suitable for performing tricks.

Perfect penny board to perform tricks.


The 22-inches board is suitable for short-distance cruising.

It is a perfect board for covering long distances.



Comparatively expensive


22 Vs 27 Inch Penny Board: Which One Should I Choose?

The basic difference between 22 & 27-inches boards is their stability. Being 5-inches more lengthy, the nickel board ensures a steady & stable ride. That’s why I would recommend the 27 inches Penny Board.

Well, it’s not like the 22-inches board is not worth purchasing. It is fun commuting the city riding on the 22-inches penny board.

However, I would choose the 27″ Nickel Board if I have to pick among these two. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is A 22 Or 27 Penny Board Better?

Answer: Both 22 & 27 inches penny boards are perfect for cruising. The 22-inches penny boards are lightweight and easy to store. You can roam around your neighborhood comfortably on the 22-inches board.

However, in my opinion, a 27-inches board is the better option as it is longer and wider. Thus, the board will be convenient to control while being portable and handy.

Q: Is A 22 Penny Board Good For Beginners?

Answer: After going through all their differences, you might be wondering, “22 Vs 27 Inch Penny board: Which penny board will be suitable for beginners?” 

I would suggest purchasing the 27-inches nickel board if you are a first-timer. As it has more length and width, its learning curves are relatively easy & convenient.

So, you can expect fast progress. If you have already grabbed the basics of snowboarding, you can easily perform sharp turns on the 22-inches board. It would be hard for beginners to control this one.

Q: Is A 27 Inch Penny Board Too Big?

Answer: I don’t think the 27-inches penny board is too big. Instead, it has the perfect length, width, and weight you would need to enjoy an amazing ride. All riders, including the ones with big feet, can maintain proper balance on this board. If you want to cover long distances with a penny board, a 27-inches penny board will be an ideal choice for you.

Final Words

As you have read our article till now, I bet you have grown an interest in Plastic or maple penny boards. In this article, we have held a detailed discussion on ’22 Vs 27 Penny board’.

I personally would prefer 27-inches nickel boards as they are longer, stable, and easy to control. If you have eyes specifically on the 22-inches penny board, go for it. Trust me; its overall quality is worthy as well.

Now choose the penny board that suits you the most and enjoy the ride!

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