Best Longboard for Commuting

Best Longboard For Commuting in 2022 [With Buying Guide]

Are you in a problem to choose a complete commuting longboard? Here I am coming to provide an exact idea in this aspect. An outstanding commuter longboard can fulfill your dream for day-to-day use.

A longboard is an environmentally friendly transportation system that is more convenient than others. It brings a dynamic revolution in your life and makes life faster.

Longboards have not any harm or pollution for the environment. It assists your speed of daily work remarkably quickly. You need not worry about shocking traffic systems if you once become a fan of longboards. But be sure about the surface of the road and capacity of the longboard.

Determine first if you want to go by street or sidewalk. Use the right helmet and gloves for safety concerns. If you are a beginner, practice more before going on a long run outing. Make a backup plan for rainy weather.

You can go to the office, school, or travel by a longboard. But all are not formulated as commuter style longboards and cannot be used for the same purpose. Think about three important things before purchasing a longboard that is push ability, secure storage, maneuverability. Need to check deck size, Truck, wheel, and bearing, to select your desired longboard.

You have to do a trial run to ensure your running skill of longboard. Learn about the best longboard for commuting before utilizing it. 

Characteristics of a Good Commuter Longboard

Finding a good longboard is not so hard at all. A wrong selection can not give you enough facilities that you want to gain. Evaluate the following facts when you are going to choose a commuting longboard:

  • The length, shape, types, structure of the deck.
  • Smoothness, maneuverability, and turning off the deck.
  • The pattern of Wheels if it is round or straight.
  • The mounting process (drop through and top mount are suitable for commuting).
  • Carrying weight capacity, if it is heavy or lightweight.
  • The bearing condition.
  • The prominence of brand and cost management.

Best Longboard for Communting in 2020

Learn product reviews of 10 best longboard for commuting which help you to find out
your suitable one:


1.            Loaded boards Tan Tian Longboard

 Product Features

Loaded boards established in 2000. They bring a vigorous growth and work to make a community in the longboard and snowboard industry. The Loaded Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard is a user-friendly and responsive ride. It is designed with a versatile variation of advanced trick riding.

Portable size and lightweight makes this longboard easy. In a small package, they organized an adjustable deck, drop-through mounts, and functional kicks. It is constructed with vertically laminated bamboo.

Three flex ratings are available depending on the rider’s weight and style. Heavier riders need lower flex, and lighter riders have to use higher flex. Tan Tien is formulated for urban commuting, freestyle, freeride, pumping, carving.

The Truck provides 180mm, 50° matte black longboard. This lightweight longboard is designed by Orangatang 70mm wheels with a firm grip, slides, and loaded with Jehu V2 bearings.


  • Total Length is 39″, Width 8.75″ and Wheelbase 27″.
  • Flex ranges deliver Flex 1(170-270 +lbs), Flex 2 (130-210+lbs), Flex 3(80-170+lbs).
  • The packaged weight 4.08 kilograms and Item package dimensions are 45.8×12.5×5.75 inches.
  • The material type of wood and color is Orangatang stimulus 70m/80a wheels.

 2.         Portable Mini Longboard

Product Features

BoardUp is a Worldwide brand that offers foldable to half in size longboards. This longboard is convenient to carry. A self-lock system facilitates it. Buckling this longboard is not so tricky.

The aluminum kick pad activates the central hinge and makes it to fold in half, and folding dimensions is 16.5 “× 8.5 “× 4”. Finger pinch is not needed anyway. When you fold it, logo-engraved handles stand up, and the longboard becomes ready for holding. For all considerations of design, it is protected.

This longboard can carry 220lbs load. This longboard’s deck is made by 33″ Canadian maple wood, which never folds in riding time. When the kick pad is pushed to the ground, the locking mechanism starts working. It is a delicate board for the cruiser, making your journey faster than others.

The wheels are 65-75mm and comfortable to boot. The folding procedure is merely steady. For installing trucks, there is another set of 4 wheels.


  • Items display weight 8.5 pounds and a package weight 4.29 kilograms.
  • Package dimensions L× W× H are 18.43× 10.33× 5.35 inches, and item dimensions are 33× 9× 4 inches.
  • The Colour of this longboard is natural Canadian wood grain.
  • The size of the longboard is 30″ and Part number BDUP012017.
  • It launched first on April 10, 2017.

3.            Playshion Drop Through Longboard Cruiser

Products Features

Playshion longboard skateboard is a multifunctional board that is 39×9.1 inches drop through the longboard. It can be used for sliding, cruising, carving, skating, freestyle, and freeride.

The deck of this longboard is made with 8ply hardwood maple material, which is reliable but flexible. From the flex observation perspective, it can get 7 out of 10. To handle the sliding, it has a 7-inch reserve kingpin aluminum for longboards trucks.

Due to drop through mounting technology, it has 4inches adjacent to the ground. So foot brake and pushing becomes easy. It is a regular longboard for beginners.

For making a smooth ride, the SHR 78A wheels are hard enough to steer correctly. It is a lightweight longboard and portable, only 7pounds in weight. This board can carry 250 lbs load. The deck is designed as a flat and symmetrical format with a concave for keeping feet secure in the middle. The Truck and kingpin though, are adjustable.

Remind that, looser Truck for adequate turns and tighter Truck for high-speed power. The height of a rider is not an issue for this longboard. Just unpack the item, and you can fly with it. Be cautious if you are a newbie in this segment.

Always keep helmets as security. The favorite part of this longboard is 70×51mm PU Wheels with ABEC-9 bearings. Because of these wide wheels, riders can easily control the longboard on any type of road.

The Bearing steel made this longboard quieter and harder than any other commuting longboard. Less friction happens for nylon ball cages. For all these factors, it is the best commuter longboard for beginners.


  • The package Weight is 3.11Kilograms.
  • Item package dimensions are 40×10.25×4.25 inches.
  • The Colour of the board is mango.
  • Material is aluminum and hardwood maple.
  • The manufacturer’s name is Function.

 4.            White Wave Bamboo Longboard


Product Features

White Wave brings an ultimate solution for the commuter longboard. It is a long-lasting board, and top and bottom are designed with excellent multiple layers of bamboo and Canadian maple.

The size of this board is 41×9.5 inches. High rebound urethane wheels (70×50mm), 180mm full aluminum tracks, and Abec 9 Helion 2 bearing, all are positioned generously in this longboard. The Wheels are a little bit hard for cruising most places but perfect for smooth concrete or skatepark. It is a reliable, well finished and nicely curved commuting style longboard.

Long-lasting heat transferred graphics and clear grip tape included with it. All these high-quality products are organized for making riders highly satisfied. This shocker can turn or pick up quickly whenever you want because it has kicked on both ends.

For good shape and excellent quality, this board is perfect for all ages and sizes of people.


  • The packaged weight is 4.42 Kilograms.
  • Item package dimensions are 39.3× 10.4× 5.2 inches.
  • The color of the longboard Shocker and materials are Aluminum and Maple.
  • The manufacturer part number is Longboard Variations 1.


5. Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard

Product Features

Loaded Boards launched in 2000. This year, they started to build up industry at board sports with a progressive longboard, skateboard, and snowboards. Dervish Sama is an intuitive carving and pumping board. It is appropriate for both beginners and experienced riders.

The first-time skater those who started looking just around town and the skilled snowboard or freestyle skater motivated this board.

The deck follows drop-through mounting positions, so it becomes lower to the ground, making the board more comfortable. It plays a great role in commuting, carving, freestyle, and freerides because of lightweight and standing strategy.

Dervish Sama is designed with vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass, which furnishes dynamic flex for pumping and carving. Versatile variations are available with three flex ratings responsive to riders’ style and weight. Higher flex for lightweight riders and lower flex recommend for heavier or forceful riders.

The performance of this longboard develops it as the best commuter longboard for urban commuting or any kind of rides. Nose and tail both are responsive at curve oriented longboarding.

It has Paris trucks 180mm, 50° matte black longboard trucks provide a polished ride for commuting. The wheel is Orangatang 75mm, 80a heat consuming optimal roll speed, and Jehu V2 bearings.


  • The length is 42.8″ and the width 9″.
  • Package weight is 1.51 kilograms, and package dimensions are 38.9×9.9×4.8 inches.
  • The item weight is 3.31 pounds, and the materials are wood.
  • Manufacturer name Loaded boards and Mfr part number DSP8BMIH03.
  • Flex sizes are 75-150 lbs/35-68 kg.

6. VOLADOR Freeride Longboard (42-inch Complete Cruiser)

Product Features

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser is an outstanding creation of longboard engineering. It is designed with eight plies hard maple clenched into a camber concave deck.

For physical exercise, this board helps a lot. The excellent shape deducts wheel bite always and controls all extreme turns, and your heart may rest. You can get incredible maneuverability with this board. High-quality materials are used as carbon steel bolts and aluminum alloy trucks, which can adjust 50 to 45 degrees, chrome steel bearings.

With this involved part, we can explore the potentiality of this longboard. The target of this board is to bring life to your ride and make your trip enjoyable.

Longboard riding is a perfect exercise where you can enjoy nature and ride time together, especially in the downhill ride. There are no adverse effects on health; moreover, longboarding is an eco-friendly commuting system.

A perfect board can make more pleasure. It uses durable wood, advanced glue and collects offcuts for recycling. This board never compromise with product quality and artwork. For a different taste of people, we deliver so many designs.

We have products for kids, boys, girls, and undergraduate riders. We made a technically proven board that never becomes faded. It is a stable and comfortable cruiser that has a 45° truck, durable 70×51mm 78A PU. Wheels, 7-inch kingpin, ABEC-9 Preston bearings, and spacious 9-inch shock-absorbent deck.

This longboard is a speed racer providing high-quality bearings, wheels, and responsiveness to all kinds of rides. VOLADOR gives 24/7 care service to solve all difficulties of clients.


  • Package weight is 3.43 kilograms, and package dimensions are 42×9×4.3 inches.
  • The item weight 6 pounds, and item dimensions are 42×9×4 inches.
  • The brand name is VOLADOR, and the manufacturer’s name is Hong Henry Distribution.
  • Item color solar.
  • Materials are rock maple deck, soft PU. Wheels, Aluminum trucks, and ABEC-9 bearings.
  • Suitable for intermediate level riders.

7. MINORITY Downhill 40-inch Maple Longboard

Product Features

MINORITY Downhill Maple longboard is an excellent invention of the longboard industry. They create boards for kids, boys, girls, and any levels of riders. For a comfortable ride, this brand assigns so many rebellious techs. It is the best commuter longboard for downhill rides.

The Painted longboard is a challenge for manufacturers. Different designers of different taste given their ideas, and riders choose among them.

It is a stable cruiser, including the spacious 9-inch wide shock-absorbent deck, 34-inch wheelbase, and trucks can adjust up to 45 to 50 degrees. Energy becomes efficient with three power paddle, ABEC-9 bearing, 70mm PU wheels. It is a 100% maple wood deck and an imported product. It is a 40-inch longboard, which is low gravity construction and suitable for any speed level riders.

For a stable downhill platform, 8-ply hard rock maple, 37-inch wheelbase, 10-inch wide deck, durable 70*51mm 78 PU. Wheels perform an outstanding contribution.


  • Package weight is 3.52 kilograms, and Item package dimensions are 40.3×9.75×4.5 inches.
  • Item weight is 7.5 pounds, and Item dimensions are 40×10×4 inches.
  • The country of origin is the United States.
  • The color is alps, and the material is maple wood, aluminum alloy, PU.
  • The manufacturer’s name is HongHenry Distribution and the Mfr part number LONGBOARD

8. Quest Rorshack (34-inch) Bamboo Longboard

Product Features

Quest cruiser longboard is an excellent board of 34-inch. Within lots of foreign companies, ‘Made in Mars’ is a branded name that never needs to be reconsidered. Lots of companies make boards for an action style lifestyle and commuting, but all are not fit for every rider.

Mars is a traditional brand that works with so many excellent designers and makes the best commuting longboard in the world of Surf, Skateboard, and Snowboard. They include new art, new technology, and dreamt up to build up the top quality product in this sector.

It is a multi-ply maple wood longboard with painted bamboo deck, long-lasting 65mm PU. Wheels and 6-inch aluminum trucks, ABEC 7 bearings, and kicktail. In this compact size longboard, you may get lots of performance with portability.

In the longboard World, it is the ‘crossover.’ Those who want a unique splatter can choose this one at a glance.


  • Package weight is 3.74 kilograms, and Package dimensions are 35.3*10.1*7.5 inches.
  • Item weight is 3.18 kilograms, and Item dimensions are 34*9*4.5 inches.
  • The brand name is Quest.
  • The Colour is multi.
  • The material is plastic and 34-inch in size.
  • The manufacturer’s name is Made on Mars, and the Mfr part number is QT-NRS34C.

9. VOLADOR Maple Longboard (40-inch)

Product Features

VOLADOR invented this 40-inch commuter longboard for beginners searching for a comfortable and joyful tool for commuting. It is an eight-ply hard maple deck with excellent physical performance. It has unbounded strength to catch most riders’ demands.

Engineers test deck shape without any wheel bite, so don’t overthink for extreme turns. This board delivers extraordinary maneuverability, powerful paddling, and acceleration.

All materials of this product offer high-quality aluminum alloy trucks, chrome steel bearings, carbon steel bolts, and high rebound PU Wheels.

A longboard is an excellent spot for enjoying nature and doing exercise without any pressure. You can feel the soft breeze on the downhill ride. It is an eco-friendly transportation system that does not have any negative aspects.

In this longboard, we get a 7-inch reverse kingpin, and trucks can adjust up to 45 to 50 degrees, durable 70mm 80A PU. Wheels, ABEC-7 precision bearings. The geometric graphic design makes your board special from crowds.


  • Package weight is 3.11 kilograms, and package dimensions are 40*9.61*4.09 inches.
  • Item weight is 6.79 pounds, and item dimensions are 40*9*3 inches.
  • Brand name VOLADOR and Model is a 40-inch basic longboard cruiser.
  • The color of the board is Autumn.
  • Materials are rock maple deck, soft PU. Wheels, aluminum trucks, and ABEC 9 bearings.
  • The manufacturer’s name is HongHenry Distribution, and the Mfr part number is BIL-LB400.
  • Suits for intermediate level riders.

10. Atom drops Through (41-inch) Longboard

Product Features

Atom Longboards has been a Colorado-based company since 2005. It is a green woody and extra-low longboard. It can assure maximum stability and the best board for downhill carving.

In this board, we can get a unique perimeter shape that delivers 9.6 inches of coverage in every turn, which deducts wheel bite. It has a full maple covered deck with reverse kingpin and 245-millimeter axles trucks. This board is pretty flexible but not flimsy. It can carry 200 lbs weight.

The manufacturer gave a one year warranty for this longboard. For a smooth ride, it is the best choice for beginners.


  • Package weight is 3.56 kilograms, and Item dimensions are 41*10.55*3.75 inches.
  • Item dimensions are 41.73*4.72*10.63 inches.
  • The country of origin is Botswana.
  • Brand name Atom Longboards.
  • The color of the board is multi, and the material is maple.
  • The manufacturer’s name is Atom, and the Mfr part number is 91047.
  • The style is green woody, and the size is 41 inches.
  • The model year was 2014.

Best Commuter Longboard Buying guide

Nowadays, it is widespread that many longboard riders use their board for daily commuting. Some of them use a board for traveling long or short distances, so many use it as transport for going to work or the market.

The most important thing is to discover the right longboard. It is better to go for a long-lasting board for daily commuting. Spend a few moments here to find out your desired commuting longboard:

Deck features: Deck shape is most important to a rider. More extensive decks are more stable than the shorter ones. Camber, flat, Concave are available deck shapes. Drop down the deck for freeriding and drop-through deck for downhill—top mount board for dancing or board walking. Cruise is also a popular longboard type which is usually used by riders.

Materials: Maple, Bamboo, oak, and plastic are frequently used as primary materials for preparing a longboard. But there are variations of layers, up to 11layers.

Trucks: Truck type is another significant issue to know about longboards. The maneuverability of the board depends on the kind of trucks. Ride a cruising board; you need an ideal longboard that can respond from the tail.

Wheelbase: Round and straight shape wheels are acceptable for longboards. Straight shape is more reliable and perfect for beginners. The size of wheels advised for professionals is 54-59mm and 60mm for beginners. Check the wheel, whether it is soft or hard. The longer wheelbase is ideal for commuter longboards.

Bearing: Longboard bearing implies the spinning of the wheels when your longboard shiftings. The better bearing will deliver satisfactory service. Usually, stainless steel bearings are capable of commuting longboards.

Stability: Stability means keeping balance in the riding period. Having better security of longboards seems ideal for beginners. It may be helpful to secure your experience of riding.

Pushability: Pushability indicates the foot pushing effort. A good longboard gives you the true essence of feeling in the riding time. You have to consume more energy if the push ability of a longboard is not exact.

Portability: It is another undeniable feature of longboards. When you want to wander inside the city, sometimes you may have to carry your board back on it. If your board does not have this facility, it comes to be a burden for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are longboards suitable for commuting?

Answer: Yes. It is useful when you are an experienced level rider. But it is risky on highways in the midst of lots of traffic.

Q: What kind of wood should I use for a longboard?

Answer: Longboard made from plywood two to eleven layers. Bamboo, maple, oak, plastic, koa, birch are also used for making longboards.

 Q:  Which type of longboard is most comfortable to ride?

Answer: It depends on the rider’s age, fitness level, riders weight, riding style, riding environment, and what type of longboard he wants to ride. After all, practicing longboard riding daily makes your board easy for you. In downhill runs, longboarding is easier to manage than a skateboard.

Q: Are longboards better for beginners?

Answer: For a beginner, long and wide boards are suitable. The board must be low lying for the center of gravity. Drop through the durable deck, smooth bearings, flat standing platform, long-wheelbase is essential for a beginner longboard.

Q: What is better: a longboard or a cruiser?

Answer: A cruiser is a lightweight board for wandering around the city or short distance, and longboard has the way to go faster than a cruiser, and it is used for long-distance traveling. Typically the size of a longboard is more significant than a cruiser; that is the main difference between these two boards.

Q: How do you stop yourself on a longboard?

Answer: There are various easy to hard techniques to stop on a longboard.


  • First, a natural process is Jump from the board and keep it running.
  • Second, to prevent your board goes through rough surfaces like grass, which may slow down your board, stop.
  • Third, back foot braking is another process to end your board.
  • Fourth, the carving helps prevent the board from when the foot brake becomes risky
  • Fifth, slide stop which is recommended to experienced riders. Overall, practice more can create efficiency to stop the board from any injury

Q: Is longboarding harder than skateboarding?

Answer: Because of board design and speed, skateboarding is easy to learn. But longboarding requires more patience to learn.

Q: Can I call longboarding an exercise?

Answer: Yes. It is an outstanding exercise for cardio, fat burning, practice to keep balance and flexibility to the overall body muscles.

Q: Are longboards safe for all?

Answer: Not at all. It has so many options to become injured. It puts pressure on the heart and muscles, so old age people have to be more careful about longboarding.

Final Words


Commuting by longboard is a fantastic experience for people of all ages. It helps to stay healthy and keep your mind fresh because of the soft breeze in the riding time. 

A longboard is the most eco-friendly transportation method, which is favored by most of the countries. If you maintain the practice regularly, you may obtain your desired speed. The best commuter longboard depends on riders’ choice of selection, fitness, age, taste, environmental effect.

People love longboards because it minimizes the cost of traveling and quicker than walking. The right size board can improve your skill and give you enormous joy. So, choose your suitable commuter longboard from the above portrayal and enjoy riding time.


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