Best Snowboard For Buttering

Best Snowboard For Buttering in 2022 | Experience A Smooth Ride!

Winter is knocking on the door, or maybe the cool breeze has started already. So, are you ready to do a fabulous butter spin by your snowboard and surprise your buddies?

Or perhaps you are a beginner and want to learn buttering snowboard for the first time!

Either way, when you will spin in the snow like a pro, you will not only astonish everyone, but also you will go a step ahead towards freestyle snowboarding.

But in order to perform flatland, spin, and several ground tricks in front of everyone, you obviously need the best snowboard for buttering with maximum flexibility. 

You are probably searching for a snowboard for better buttering, and thousands of brands have puzzled you already!

In fact, I believe that’s why you have come across this article, right?

Well, No worries as we are here for you indeed! Yep, you guessed right, we have enlisted the best snowboards for you which will be durable, flexible, and enjoy the most smooth buttering experience you were yearning for!

We have also added a complete buyer guide along with the list, so you will have a better understanding of what you prefer. Now, go ahead and check the entire article thoroughly to know which snowboard you need!

What Is Buttering In Snowboarding?

If you are a beginner in snowboarding, you must be wondering about ‘Buttering.’

Or maybe you are thinking, ‘Why is it called Buttering?’

We can simply say, buttering is a ground trick that involves ground- pressing and numerous spins. And the way you will jump and land on the snow needs to be very effortless and smooth ‘just like you butter your bread.’

After you get a perfect snowboard, buttering will be a piece of cake once you grasp the principles!

At first, you have to pressurize the nose of the board while maintaining your riding posture. Then let the other side of the board rise and flex for some mini seconds. Once you get these basics, you will learn multiple spins eventually.

Best Snowboard For Buttering: Grab Your Item Now!

1. Ultrafear Snowboard:

Here comes the most renowned snowboard in the market, which has got the highest screen time in media. It has created hype in market places, indeed! If you search for a long-term durable board, this snowboard can be the best item for you.

This Ultra fear snowboard has an accurate twin profile, softness, and flexibility. It has sidewall Kevlar armor, which will protect the 360° steel edges of your board. So, you don’t have to be concerned about sharpening them regularly. If the edges get blunt, you will be unable to experience the best performance you prefer. But this armor has absolutely sorted your problem.

The company has also manufactured this snowboard with highly-dense polyethylene quantum base, fiberglass, and bean resin, which will surely increase your mobility and provide a dynamic play at once! It is relatively light. In fact, it is lighter than rubber boards. Furthermore, the Ash pop dual blasters give the control, support, and durability you are looking for.

2. Snowboard Salomon The Villain: 

The renowned brand, Salomon manufacture The 2nd item we have listed for you. The “Louif Paradise” has designed this snowboard with their superior care so do “The Villains.” So, in winter 2020, this snowboard is gaining immense popularity and meeting people’s expectations. 

This Salomon Snowboard has unique camber near the feet for better response and exclusive parking. Also, it’s only 10 lb, and multiple sizes are available on Amazon. You can order according to your requirements. However, shortboards are more suitable for buttering. If buttering is your style, then I would advise you to choose the short one.

Another exciting feature is the additional carbon stringers. They will speed up your movements, and you will be able to perform an Ollie more efficiently than ever before because the carbon stringers will help you to radiate all the force to the tail of the snowboard.

Also, the premium rocker in the tip will enhance your buttering’s smoothness by overpowering the presses. Flat, camber, and rocking features are added together in one board. Other than buttering, you can also perform freestyle plays, jumps, ollies, parks, etc. Thus, it can undoubtedly be the Best Snowboard For Buttering you want for this winter!

3. Metal Fantasy Snowboard:

Metal fantasy is an excellent snowboard for women, which is regarded worldwide because of its fantastic performance. If you are passionate about snowboard, you must check this one. The metal fantasy is not only a park board, but it also plays amazingly on rails, slopes, or powder.

And the reverse camper frame will enable you to ride on different terrains. Again, this metal fantasy board is highly flexible and soft, so Buttering with it will be comfy for you once you get its basics.

Brand, Capita has manufactured it with a dual-core base for superior durability and consistency. There are no irregularities, so that the board will be highly flexible too. It has 360° significant steel edges, which will help you cut through the snow and make your move. Unique fiberglass and newly formulated magic resin strengthen its base. So, you can enjoy the ride for an extended time without further worries.

Moreover, the company has provided flat kick technology on the tip, so you can easily make your board jump/rise smoothly just by a little kick or press while Buttering. And the four-layered deep silkscreen and lighter board materials offer the most smooth glide along with scrap resistance.

4. Bataleon Fun Kink Snowboard:

Fun kink has a 99% twin border line manufactured by Bataleon. It is regarded as one of the most fun boards available in the market. The company designed it on triple base techniques to ensure superb control.

The base is laminated with high-quality Biaxial fiberglass for superior strength and protection. It is kind of a hybrid board that offers freedom of rocker and stability of camber at once. You can quickly learn pressing and buttering by its hard rocker because it will play well even in deep slush, powder, mountain, or park.

The graphics design on the board surface is quite simple and cool. If you are up for mellow concave, simple, flexible snowboard, this one is for you!

Either you are a beginner or a pro, this snowboard will pacify your demand indeed. It is also featured as a light core base, which is very lightweight (7 pounds). So buttering with it will also be pleasing for you.

5. Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard:

‘Defenders of awesome’ snowboard have been on the top list for the last seven years and have gained an enormous reputation in the snowboard market. The brand, Capita, has manufactured it with dual Ashpop core for superior control and longevity.

The next-generation hybrid camber board is produced with biaxial fiberglass and bean resin. It will ensure a smooth and robust performance for you. The Kevlar covering protects the walls and steel edges so that they don’t get blunt quickly by long term usage. The quantum drive base makes the deck ultra-light and suitable for buttering.

You are getting camber, reverse camber, and rocker profile in one place at once! So, you can expect to get a high response, predictability, along with a smooth Buttering experience. Though it is classified as a park board, it is highly suitable for mountains, rails, powder, and other terrains.

Also, the board is neither too stiff nor too soft. In fact, you will get the perfect flex you need while doing a spin. Thus, it is an ultimate deck for pro or beginners to perform freestyles and take their snowboarding to a new level.

Features To Look For Before Choosing The Best Snowboard For Buttering!

So many brands! Multiple features! Which one to choose? Oh gosh, so confusing!

These are going on in your head. Maybe you have already chosen one in your mind, but you are not really sure! If yes, then we will assist you in clearing up your mind a little bit.

If you are searching for the best snowboard for buttering to take your snowboarding to a new level, then there are some features you must check out before you choose!


It would be best if you chose a board that offers ultra-lightweight along with a durable base. If you select a drive quantum-based deck, it will be perfect too. Because when you press the tail, the snowboard will fly higher while making your buttering smooth, efficient, and effortless.


Short lengthened boards are comparatively lightweight and offer more fun than others. If you want a snowboard for buttering, I would prefer short ones because they are more responsive, performs better press, and will fly in the air for a long time.

Flexible & Soft: 

For buttering, you need a board that is not too sturdy yet durable. The softness will delay your input, and the board will be on the air for a long. Choose a board with a soft center along with a hard nose and tip. So, your presses will be more responsive, flat land and spinning will be more convenient.

Snowboard Profile: 

It is totally up to your preference. You can perform awesome buttering by using a camber, reverse camber, or hybrid profile. Many professionals prefer hybrid boards over camber as they offer reverse camber’s predictability, rockers flexibility, and camber’s stability together.

Final Words

Every year winter comes with new aspirations for snowboard riders. Buttering is the first step of snowboarding, which paves the way to freestyle riding.

As a beginner or pro, choosing the best snowboard among tons of boards is indeed a painful task. An outstanding board will guarantee the best spin and safety. These recommended boards are regarded all over the world for their best features.

And I am sure they will assist your press and will lead you to perform the best spin and buttering.

In this article, we have reviewed the best snowboard for buttering with perfect softness and superior flexibility. You can invest your money in these snowboards without worries because they will undoubtedly provide the best press you prefer for buttering. You don’t need to rely on your jump entirely. Spin confidently with the reflective force of the board and let the magic happen!

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