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Best Snowboard Stomp Pads in 2022 [With Buying Guide]

Snowboarding is an exciting game, no doubt. But without proper accessories, it can lead you towards severe injuries. 

Here comes the necessity of a snowboard stomp pad. 

A stomp pad is an essential must for having a hassle-free snowboarding experience when your back foot is not tied with the board. It is a popular argument going on for years whether you must buy stomp pads or not. Be it a beginner or a pro snowboarder; it is always better to be prepared for any situation. 

That is why we would recommend having at least a stomp pad for every snowboard.

If you have read this far, don’t stop scrolling till the end. Some of the best snowboard stomp pads are waiting for you to explore. Also, you will learn more about its use and how to choose the right one. 

Let’s get started. 

Best Snowboard Stomp Pads in 2020

1.   Stage Scraper:

Stage Scraper Stomp Pad is a transparent stomp pad, not covering the graphics of your board. After placing it on the snowboard, it is clear enough to see the ridge and spikes through it.

This is a lightweight one that weighs 1.76 ounces. The package dimensions of this product are 8.07×4.57×0.31 inches. This is one of the best selling products in the sports and outdoors department. The product was first launched in the year 2014.

Two of its most remarkable features are 3D adhesive and raised ridge. The first one keeps it stuck to its place. So, there is no chance of misplacement. 

Because of the ridge in the middle, you will get traction to a considerable extent. It also scrapes the snow from your boot sole pretty well. The size is also adequate enough to fit the board properly. It also ensures a sufficient grid. Your feet will get along with it really well. 


So, the Stage Scraper Stomp Pad could be your best selection if you want a smooth lifting experience with only one foot strapped. 

 2.   Toejamr Stomp Pad (Wolf Paw)

Toejamr is one of the most iconic brands in manufacturing snowboard gears. Their Wolf Paw stomp pad is an excellent stomp pad in terms of duration, traction, and customization. 

This is a very lightweight product that weighs only 0.63 ounces. The dimensions are 8×5×0.25 inches. It is made of high-density laminated EVA foam. While snowboarding, you can avoid any sudden fall by customizing your board with this great stomp pad.

In spite of being the lightest pad ever, it will not get into your performance in any way. The closed-cell foam is really flexible without absorbing water. It will provide pretty good traction with its adequate surface space. Besides, it does not have any prevalent studs. So, it is next to the flat. 

It is available in several designs to get along with your snowboard. Also, a three years replacement warranty makes it a popular choice. Also it comes with an adhesive that is pressure sensitive. Because of this, you will get both additional protection and traction.

The process of installation is quite easy. Just apply the pad on a clean, dry, and wax-free board at room temperature and then pressurize the pad with the hands to set it properly.

However, this stomp pad has a cool and professional outlook with the engraved 3D designs.

 3.   OneballJay (Flying Cat):

The OneballJay Flying Cat Snowboard Stomp Pad is made of clear rubber, providing an excellent grip.

It is extremely popular because of its cute cat look. It sticks to your board well, giving you a snug and comfortable fitting. You can use it with any kind of board – be it sleeky or rough. 

You can use it in any adverse weather like extremely cold or icy conditions. The hard plastic provides enough traction to avoid slipping off the board. 

It is a bit heavier than the previous two stomp pads. It weights 2.56 ounces. The package dimensions are 7.99×6.89×0.31 inches. According to the customer reviews, this snowboard stomp pad’s size is perfect to fit on an all-mountain board.

The installation process is easy enough. First, you need to remove dirt from the board surface with Oneball base cleaner or any other solvent. You should let the surface dry at least 10 minutes after cleaning it. 

Then mark the area you want to put on the pad. Peel off the packaging. Then place the pad on your marked area. Do not move the pad frequently. Otherwise, the adhesive will get damaged. 

Finally, let the stomp pad rest on the board overnight before using it.  

 4.   Dakine Modular Mat

There is no way you will not include the Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad among the best snowboard stomp pads review. It is available in 3 configurable pieces. It is sticky enough to adhere to your board with peel and stick adhesive formula. 

Having the dimensions of 7×6×1 inches, the product weighs 1.6 ounces. 

This is one of the best selling products of sports and outdoors by the popular brand Dakine. The stomp pad comes with a snow scraper bar that works great to remove the snow away. The product features molded Urethane that is quite strong. 

Get it for your board once and surf the snow fearlessly for several seasons because this stomp pad is surprisingly durable. You can pick it for any kind of board. Another interesting fact about the product is that it is available in vivid colors. 

This is compatible with different foot sizes. Also, it gives you enough traction needed. If your board requires, you can place the three different items individually to make the gripping area wider. 

What a utility, isn’t it?

Although it costs you a little more, the features and functionalities are totally worth the cost. 

 5.   Grayne Studded Scraper

The next item of our discussion is Grayne New Metal Studded Scraper Stomp Pad. Do you know the most fantastic feature of it? It never wears out. 

Yes, it’s true. The superior adhesives make it perform even in extreme snowboarding conditions. 

The aluminum studs will make it outlast even your snowboard. See, how durable it is!

This product also includes a scraper right at the center. It effectively cleans the caked snow from the boot. It covers an area of 7×4×0.1 inches. The weight of this snowboard stomp pad is 1.59 ounces. 

This is not just a mere traction gear. This is an absolute must for the snowboarders of rear entry bindings. 

Most of the users love its size as it provides snug-fitting. It sticks pretty firmly to the board as well. If you want a slip-free grip for exiting lifts, it really works great. 

You will also love its clear appearance. However, it is not literally crystal clear. But there are no issues if your board is a dark one. The adhesive backer is also good. Just apply it on a clean and dry board.

This will let you be stable enough while snowboarding. Besides, it will provide sufficient control, as well.

 6.   Dakine Spike

It is another fabulous stomp pad by the famous manufacturer Dakine. It will cost you half than the other Dakine mats. But it will get your job done with perfection. 

Dakine Spike Stomp Pad is an excellent choice in terms of flexibility as it doesn’t clash with the gloves. It offers you the next level customization facility. Though it comes in a single piece, you can cut it into five different parts and set them on your board separately. 

Consequently, it is compatible with the biggest size of boards and boots as well. 

The configured customization also lets you get the grip at your required area. The area covered by the combined product has a measurement of 4.7×4.7 inches. 

There are five rows of molded spikes. The spikes are plastic made. They clear the excess ice from the bottom of your boot and provide required grips. 

Also it comes in different colors- clear, white, black, and charcoal. As it follows the peel and sticks formula, you should heat both the board and the pad for a better duration. 

 7.   Burton Large Scraper Mat

As the name suggests, it is a snowboard stomp pad that covers an extra-large surface. 

It is initially tailored for snowboarding. But you can use it for all kinds of surfing. Burton Large Scraper Mat is built with an innovative design. It keeps your foot safe and secured in any situation by ensuring no slipping riding. 

So, it is a perfect choice by the novices without much knowledge about foot position. It is pretty larger than the previous stomp pads. It has a measurement of 5.9×1.2×8.6 inches. As a consequence, it provides more surface to get the boot settled.

There is a round shape right in the middle of it. Even if you fail to place your foot horizontally, you can get outstanding pull because of that space. It features sixteen gripping orbs altogether that work efficiently to keep your boot adhered to the mat. 

There is also a traction line to provide extra grip. It is one of the favorites by the instructors for its excellent track record. 

 8.     Veroman Stomp Pad

Although we placed it last on our top snowboard stomp pads list, it is one of the current best stomp pads in the market.

This is a unique snowboard stomp pad made of acrylic. It will work better when the board surface is not condensed. However, it is quite easy to stick and peel off. 

Regardless of its size, it will provide you enough pull while getting on and off the lift. It is an ideal sorting for those looking for a stomp pad to last quite a few seasons. 

Besides, it is easy to use because of the fast and facile installation process. Just follow the instructions properly, and it will get set. Don’t forget to notice the adhesive layer on the mating surface.

This pad sticks to the snowboard very tightly. So no worries of slipping or flipping. 

What Is a Snowboard Stomp Pad and What Is It Used for

To explain it simply, a snowboard stomp pad is a pad made of rubber, metal, foam, etc. that is adherent to your board.

Not every time your both feet are strapped with the snowboard. It is the place where you keep your back feet when it is untied with the board. 

When you get on or off, your back foot is put on it instead of the board surface. 

The boot soles adhere to the pads pretty well. Besides, some unique features of stomp pads add extra grip and traction. So, it becomes easier to make some sharp and safe turns while snowboarding on a slippery surface.

While snowboarding in the ski resorts, a stomp pad is the safest option to place your rear foot to avoid any slip off. Also, it provides more stability to maneuver the board. 

What to Look for in Best Snowboard Stomp Pads

While looking for the best snowboard stomp pads, you should consider the criteria below:


Stomp pads are basically used to add more traction and grip. So, if it does not do the job effectively, it will be useless. 


Don’t waste your sweat-earned money on some fragile products. Snowboard stomp pads with 3M adhesives are the most durable ones. Also, you should go for high-quality materials. 

Installation Process:

Along with the adhesive quality, the application process is also important. 

We recommend pads with their own peel and stick adhesives. Also, look for detailed instructions on how to install it properly. 


It is also a matter of concern. It solely depends on you whether to choose large or small stomp pads. Large pads provide a wider surface, while small ones don’t cover the graphics. 

Determine what you are comfortable with and choose accordingly.


Lightweight stomp pads are the best to easily control the grip, making sharp turns and maintaining lifts. 


We always look for products at an affordable price range. But it is also important to judge whether the features are worth the price or not. 

Please don’t fall for the fact that it is cheap or pricey. As long as the price justifies the functionalities, you should go for it. 

Final Verdict

Snowboard stomp pads are the most significant gears for providing massive grip and stability in ski lifting. We hope you understand that choosing the best snowboard stomp pad is not rocket science. It is quite easy with the proper guideline. 

After careful consideration of all the features, these eight stomp pads seem to be the winners for snowboarding. 

We recommend you to pick one from the list if you want to get the ultimate service.

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