Volador Longboard Review

Volador Longboard Review | Should You Buy?

Longboard riding is gaining popularity day by day as it is bigger, longer, and more comfortable in size than a skateboard.  Which longboard will the buyer buy when he goes to buy a longboard?

Volador Longboard is occupying the market with the solution to all kinds of problems of all the beginners. Volador is unique in that it is cheap in price and has the best quality components compared to other longboards on the market.

Here I have tried to review as honestly as possible the three most popular longboards in Volador:

  • VOLADOR Freeride Longboard – Complete Cruiser (42inch)
  • VOLADOR Maple Longboard – Basic Cruiser (40inch)
  • VOLADOR Maple Dancing Longboard (46-Inch)

Let’s see what is there.

Volador Longboard Review

1) VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard


This longboard is 42 inches long, which is supposed the perfect length to maintain balance. The 7.3-pound longboard may come off relatively heavy, but this weight is needed to have an incredible hold and control.

This longboard, capable of carrying about 250 lbs, is made of 8-ply hard rock maple. So if you are a little bit heavy, don’t worry, you don’t have to go to the gym to have a joyful ride.

Having an asymmetrical concave deck, it is shock absorbent, highly flexible, and able to adapt to anybody posture. Combined with 70*51 mm PU wheels and ABEC-9 bearings, the longboard can run very smoothly, maintaining super flexibility and looseness during the ride.

This board has super rebound PU bushing to maintain proper maneuverability and turning.

In fact, the deck of a longboard ensures user comfort and performance. The deck of this longboard is slightly curved and being a concave deck; it can easily break through the air, preventing air pressures.

The greater the distance between the deck and the ground, the harder it is to control the longboard. The Volador’s longboard has a drop-through truck, which greatly reduces the distance between the deck and the truck, leaving control of the longboard at your feet, literally.

Trucks close to 180 millimeters are considered to be the standard trucks of a longboard. Volador’s longboard track is about 178 mm Which helps to run smoothly on the downhill steep.

If we talk about wheels, then why is the wheel of Volador better? Generally, if the wheel is 70 mm or more and the hardness is at least 78a, then that wheel is called a standard wheel. The
wheel of the Volador is 70*51 mm and its hardness is 78a.

The question that may come to your mind is what exactly this 78a is? It actually refers to how hard the wheel is. The harder the wheel, the better it can run on the ground, the higher this number, the more durable the wheel.

ABEC9 bearings have been used in Volador. However, ceramic bearings are more durable
than this.


  • 42inch deck provides super flexibility and has a great shock-absorbing capability.
  • Made with 8-ply maple hard rock, totally environment friendly and committed to
    bringing more fun.
  • 7-inch reverse kingpin aluminum trucks, adjustable around 45 to 50 degrees.
  • Durable 70*51mm wheels, ABEC-9 precision bearing, which makes your ride smooth.

VOLADOR Maple Longboard – Basic Cruiser


Maple wood is famous for its durability. VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard – Basic Cruiser is made with unique cold-pressed 8 ply Hardrock maple.

Its remarkable old school design sets it apart from other longboards. Its well-engineered deck shape will also protect you from any wheel bite. Its trucks are made of slick aluminum alloy and the bolts are made of hard carbon steel.

Permanent graphics will not fade with time and you will also get enough space for a custom design. This longboard is about 9 inches wide.

You can draw anything you want that adds extra beauty to the design. 70 mm 78a 70% rebound PU wheels highly Responsive and can run smoothly in hilly areas.  The larger wheel core reduces its weight so that it can be turned easily.

This longboard uses ABEC 9 bearings. These bearings are suitable according to your budget, but there are better bearings in the market. After a few days of use, the bearing may need to be changed.

The longboard has a concave design so you can speed up by paddle. Each paddle will increase speed and you will be able to reach the destination faster.

The grip on it, in which you put your foot, can be said to be great in one word. Your foot will not be displaced in any way unless you do move. Beginners can also practice tricks easily while they get used to it over time.


  • 40-inch drop through cruiser, the best choice for beginners, aesthetic design.
  • 8 ply maple hard rock makes the longboard hard enough at its best, easier to handle.
  • 7-Inch reverse kingpin truck, which is made of original aluminum and also adjustable around 50 or 45 degrees, provides the maneuverability you need.
  • Durable 70mm wheels and I am sure this is the best wheel within this price, also ensures you an unsurpassed smooth ride.
  • ABEC-7 precision bearings.

3) Volador Maple Dancing Longboard


Hearing the name, you may have understood what kind of longboard this is. It’s time to dance. You can show your dancing skills while riding this longboard.

It is longer and wider than the previous two longboards. Greater Length and width allow you to dance on the longboard without being troubled. This longboard is 48 inches long and 10 inches wide.

With the exception of some parts, the rest is close to the previous two longboards.

This longboard with a 46*10-inch deck is made of eight layers of Canadian maple which will give you a taste of stable and super flexible riding.

Its truck is 7 inches and is made of aluminum-alloy-die-casting. 70*51 78a 70% rebounding PU wheels are used to ensure you an unsurpassed smooth ride.

As always, ABEC-9 bearings have been used in it.

The specialty of this longboard is that besides going to work, you can show your dancing skills in it. It can also be called a fully pro-standard longboard.


  • 46*10 inch deck, built of eight layered Hardrock maple.
  • 7-inch kingpin trucks (reverse), made Of original Aluminum.
  • Durable 70x51mm wheels with ABEC-9 precision bearings
  • Well designed, well-engineered, claimed to be the masterpiece of longboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Potential buyers often ask different questions before buying a longboard. It is very natural that they are hesitant to choose a longboard and questions come in mind. I’ve tried to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Are Volador longboards good?

Answer: If you are a beginner and want to learn longboarding, there is no second option for the Volador longboard.  Although cheaper, the parts are of better quality and more durable than other longboards in the market.

Q: How long does it take to learn longboarding?

Answer: You know it takes perseverance and practice to learn something. You don’t have to bother to learn longboard. If you practice thirty minutes or more every day, it may take you a maximum of two weeks. Then? Enjoy your free ride!

Q: What does freeride mean in the longboard?

Answer: Generally speaking, there are some technical matters with freeriding. Spinning, stunts, maximum speed, and other craftsmanship while riding downhill are the main features of Freeride. And ordinary cruising is like riding on a flat road by foot pushing.

Final Words

You can’t buy gold at the price of water. Volador is trying to give something close to gold in the price of water. Sounds fishy? But actually, it is not. Volador is definitely the perfect longboard for beginners except for some technical issues.

For those who want to buy a longboard on a budget or start longboarding on a low budget, Volador offers comfortable longboarding experience and quality materials and i am sure, this volador longboard review will helps you a lot.

The choice is yours!

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