Best Knee Pads For Snowboarding

Best Knee Pads for Snowboarding in 2022 [With Buying Guide]

There is no doubt that snowboarding is one of the most entertaining and spectacular genres of sports. It requires a significant amount of safety equipment to perfectly yet safely complete a stunt. Knee caps are one of the most crucial utilities for snowboarding. One wrong move, and your career is over.

So why take a risk when you have the perfect options for the safety of your lower limbs? Just keep scrolling down, you will find some of the best knee caps along with a buying guide.

This article will provide you with some invaluable information about some of the best knee pads for snowboarding ever produced to keep you out of the danger zone.

Here are the listed features; all you have to do is just keep reading!

Best Knee Pads for Snowboarding in 2020

1.              DEMON HYPER X D30

The Demon Hyper X D30 knee pads are filled with some great amenities. The manufacturer has used a top shell made with Kevlar and merged with neoprene and soft linear to make it the ultimate knee pad set. The impact material is combined with foam for comfort and protection at the same time.

The sizes are just pinched perfect for both Tight-Fit size to Looser-Fit. This is a felicitous option for mountain biking and snowboarding, depending on the consumer’s interest. The impact material is compacted with a Kevlar panel to make it completely friction resistant.

The manufacturer also has a specific plan for the customer’s comfort, with loop straps including dual hook, which are totally adjustable, and the interior is made with soft terry cloth with additional padding. Not only that but also the pads are sewn in an enunciated position, which will give the ultimate comfort of the customer.

This knee pad’s ventilation is one step ahead of others, made with crannied neoprene allowing maximum ventilation.

The item dimensions are 12 inches in length, 8 inches wide, and 5 inches in height. Weighing only 2 pounds, which makes it durable and easy to use. It comes with the Demon’s warranty.

 2.              Triple Eight Undercover

Another high-performance knee protection material which is always there to support your knees. These knee pads are durable, easy to use, and they are elites in terms of portability. With top-notch protection, including extreme flexibility and comfort, these knee pads are slim enough that they can be worn in any primary shell.

These knee pads have an EVA based foam padding with neoprene sleeves, which will allow a maximum stretch of your feet without any sort of interruption. Like other knee pads, this one also provides adjustable hook and loops.

An important matter of fact is, most of the knee pads reduce impact force only from the front, and it makes the side part of your knees more vulnerable. But this one has a particular mechanism to protect not only the front side of your knees but also both sides of the knees. It is available for people of all ages, from youth to adults.

The small fits are from 12.5-14.5 inches in length, and respectively the medium and large fittings are measured 14.5-16 and 16-17 inches. It is very light, weighing only 0.06 pounds, makes it so easy to use. Velcro straps are used to provide a tight yet secure fit.

 3.            VENUM KONTACT

If you want to get a high impact absorption service and comfortable fit simultaneously, this pack is just for you. This one is highly force resistant and extremely strong. With adjacent support and invigorated seam, it is flexible yet comfortably fitted. The manufacturer has done a great job of ensuring the ultimate convenience of the customer.

The crannied sewing method is used in this product to make it more breathable and lenient. It is an excellent choice for people with muscular physic and larger thighs; the inner part is made of terry-loop fabric, which allows maximum comfort and you will face no issues while flexing your legs.

There are three package dimensions: 15.6 inches in length, 9.33 inches in width, and 1.89 inches in height. The item is so light, weighing only 0.2 kilograms, ensures easy portability. Great for overtime situations.

 4.            STARPOW KNEE PADS

This particular one is a full set of safety equipment for your lower limbs. It has a vast collection based on the necessity of people of different ages. They have produced equipment for snowboarding and other extreme sports like skating, BMX championship, etc.

This set is made with durable PP with an EVA foaming formula for providing both safety and comfort at the same time. The package includes two knees, elbow and wrist pads, and a storage bag. The knee and elbow pads are not just straps but sleeve too, with an adjustable lingering Velcro for secure. There is a protective gear which reduces external movement while exercising and doing any workout and prevents safety hazards.

Also, there is a variation based on weight; small size is for 25-65lbs, the medium is for 66-110lbs, and larger suites are for people weighing 110-166lbs. As mentioned earlier, it is a multipurpose set that can be used for BMX biking, skating, roller board, etc. The item is so frugal, weighing only 0.34 kilograms. It comes with a STARPOW warranty.

 5.            BODYPROX Knee Pad 

BODYPROX, a reliable name in the world market and known for its premium service in terms of lower limbs’ safety. These knee pads are for everyday needs. It is a kind of knee pad that will not take up your entire leg area; instead, it will give you full freedom of moving your legs freely yet safely.

The fabric used in this item is very flexible, which ensures your comfort while moving. The producer is concerned enough for your safety that they used shock-resistant materials so that you don’t get injured and stay away from your sport for a long time or worse forever!

It comes with a pair of knee pad, which is Latex-free. Using 45% Polyester, 25% of Rubber, and about 30% of EVA formula makes it way better than other knee pads. Breathable clothing keeps you dry and sweats free.

These knee pads are very light, weighing only 0.31 pounds. The foaming material keeps leg areas warm enough to keep you away from muscle pull and stiff joints. “Premium Grip, Zero Slip” formula is used to make you feel that you are not even wearing anything! It comes with a BODYPROX warranty.

 6.            Mcdavid 6440 Hex

This particular set has body versatility. It can be placed in knees, elbows, shins wherever it fits. This one cares for your skin with long sleeve protection, which prevents friction and scratches.

There are so many good brands out there in the market that provide firm protection to your knees but leave you with bruises, but this one is one step ahead. Hex Technology has used a foam padding formula that gives extra comfort while moving. The premium service of protection gives freedom of flexing your legs at a maximum stretch and generates confidence.

A new yet effective formula called “Moisture Management Technology” ensures ultimate ventilation to keep your lower limbs dry and clean.

The package comes with a pair of the knee pad. Dimensions are measured 9.2 inches in length, 5.8 inches in width, and 1.9 inches in height. Very lightweight yet durable pads, weighing only 0.15 pounds. Color is scarlet, which gives you a premium package of style and service. It comes with a Mcdavid warranty.

 7.            SENPANG Knee Pads

Comfort, durability, easy ventilation, and premium service; what else do you need? If you are looking for something else with all these facilities, then this one is perfect for you. With adjustable resilient straps for ultimate security and the outer shell made with lightweight thickening technology, these pads provide you the best version of sports safety.

The EVA foam formula is used to ensure maximum ventilation of the fabric, making it much more comfortable and keeping you dry and ready to go!

The manufacturer will provide you a Carry-Bag with a pair of the knee, elbow, and wrist pad, a complete 3 in 1 sports equipment set. Also, a mesh carries a bag for your convenience. This product is perfect for multiple usages, including BMX biking, Rollerblading, skating and skateboarding, and cycling.

As mentioned earlier, the producer is well aware of your safety, so they used the best materials for it. It uses EVA gasket, which is totally soft but durable, and very tough PE plastic for the outer shell makes it the ultimate safety utility.

The whole package is so light that it weighs only 0.43 kilograms, which makes it easily portable.

 8.            G-Form Knee Pad

In terms of flexibility, weight, ventilation, and perfect secure fit G-Form knee pads are one step ahead of others. You just can’t wear heavy and uncomfortable pads, which will give you no advantage while snowboarding or while in other sports. You need to choose the perfect equipment that will allow you to move freely yet safely and help you to chase your dream!

This one comes with advanced protective materials to absorb maximum impact force. G-Form uses Smartflex technology to provide you with maximum flexibility, which will allow your legs to flex according to your wish. Extremely lightweight that it will no restrict your motion.

The manufacturer has used mesh backs and UPF 50+ type fabric, including crannied sewing methods for ultimate ventilation, which is essential in keeping you dry and sweat-free. Silicone-based gripper and imbricate sleeves ensure a secure fit while moving. Mentioned earlier that the producer used Smartflex technology, you will be glad to know that this method also makes completely waterproof pads.

The item is very light, weighing only 0.55 pounds, which makes them easily portable. It comes with a G-Form warranty.

 What to Look for in Knee Pads for Snowboarding

A survey shows that 30% of all snowboarding injuries are related to the knee. So it needs to tell that how important are knee caps in terms of lower limb safety. Nevertheless, we must keep our marrowbones away from any lesion.

In snowboarding, the protection of these lower limb joints is so crucial, particularly for those who are newbie’s getting themselves used to with this sport and also for the professionals who are trying to improve themselves. There are two types of knee pads based on their flex. One is a hard knee cap, and another is a softer one.

For a buyer, there are certain things to be taken into account—durability, padding material, cushioning, shell lining, shin protection, closure type and many more. To buy the best knee cap, one should have a clear idea about these things.


Durability is such an essential factor for any sports goods. Long-lasting equipment will provide you with the same service for an extended period.

Padding material:

Padding material is one of the main aspects in terms of choosing a suitable knee cap. Padding materials are made with vinyl, PU, rubber, polyethene, plastic, carbon fiber, neoprene and also gel. Also, it is like a sandwich situated in the middle of a rigid exterior and softer interior shell. Beginners should be more aware of padding material than professionals while buying a knee cap set.


Cushioning is the externalized part of the knee cap which covers the whole part. It is made with D30, rubber, hard plastic, gel, neoprene and carbon fiber as well. Its job is to protect your knees. The plastic being used here is a bit rigid, but the other soft ingredient such as neoprene and gel helps you to move freely.

The interior of the case lining has to be soft and flexible enough so that wearer feels comfortable and ready to go!

Shin protection:

Shin protection is crucial for freestylers. It provides extra safety to lower leg areas.


If we thoroughly research on knee pad closures, we will find two basic categories of closure, including the sleeve and with tightening stripes. These stripes use Velcro closures. It is a type of closure that we wear on mid-thigh areas. 

Types of Knee Pads

There are many types of knee pads made using the same principle but with different materials. You are provided with a vast collection of knee pads. All you have to do is look for your suitable one. Here is a shortlist of different types of knee pads:

  • Hexagon/Honeycomb type
  • Bubble type
  • Kneeling pads
  • Mat type knee pads
  • Rolling knee pads           
  • Sports knee pads
  • Dance knee pads
  • Work knee pads
  • Military knee pads


As you can tell by the name, there is a vast collection of knee pads based on work or sport.

Do you need knee pads for snowboarding?

Snowboarding is a dynamic game; you have to slide, fly, and land so often in a single course. While landing, your lower limbs have to deal with huge force. Your legs are only biological supporting material, and knee pads help spread the fore all-around your legs; therefore, kneepads are a must.

Final Words

Whether you are a professional snowboarder or a newbie trying to get yourself into the sport, safety is always crucial. An extreme sports genre like this requires high-performance protection to keep you safe and be more specific to keep you alive.

This article is a complete conductor of all of your queries regarded your safety. You are provided with all sorts of information about best knee pads for snowboarding or other purposes. We highly appreciate that you have been patient all the way through this article.

You are one of those persons who now have a clear and detailed idea about knee pads. So don’t waste any time and grab your suitable set and start to slide away in the snow!

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