Best Snowmobile Commuincation Systems

Best Snowmobile Communication Systems In 2022

While riding a snowmobile, sometimes you may feel an urge to communicate with your fellow riders. You might get important phone calls which you probably want to pick up and cannot avoid, but you also want to ensure safe driving while answering it. So how can you communicate and drive safely at the same time?

Getting a snowmobile communicator or intercom system is the answer. There are many kinds of snowmobile communication systems available with multiple features but to find the best snowmobile communication systems is so tough.

With your communicator device’s help, you can communicate with your passenger and riders, pick and make phone calls, listen to music or FM radio or GPS navigation, and whatnot. You can even receive or reject calls hands-free!

As you will be using them in snowy weather, these are weatherproof and waterproof. They are lightweight, composed, and not heavy at all, which means after installing them to your helmet, you will not feel uncomfortable or any extra weight. Don’t worry about the installation process. It won’t be very difficult, and a manual will be provided with every product to guide you. These products are contemporary with tons of great attributes, which is a must-have for a snowmobile rider. 

Best Snowmobile Communication Systems in

    1. LX-FT4 Bluetooth Communication Systems

Sound System and Media:

The LX-FT4 has superior audio fidelity which provides Hi-Fi and ultra-slim HD helmet Speakers and delivers a close to natural sound. It enables the rider to hear sound up to speed 95mph while riding. That cancels out the noise of wind caused by speed and the engine’s loud sound. The noise-canceling ability cancels out the extra noises and picks up the sound around 2.5mm, so that you can communicate noise-free. You can listen to your preferred FM station. 

Connectivity and Voice Control:

This headset has the ability to connect with other headsets, even from a different brand, with its universal connectivity. With this hands-free intercom, four riders can communicate within a range of 2000m. You can call, listen to music, or GPS voice navigation. You get voice control of your phone’s Siri or Ok Google. 

Two Microphones and Battery Life:

The LX-FT4 communication system has two microphones that enable an option to choose between a button microphone and a boom microphone. The boom microphone is also capable of reducing the noise of wind and ambient. 

Battery Life and Weather Resistance:

This product provides a communication system with excellent battery life. You can use it non-stop for straight 10-15 hours from a full charge, and it can last over a week in standby mode. The LX-FT4 is waterproof. Actually, it is designed for all-weather. You can use it in snow, rain, heat, dust without getting any effect. 

 2.   Amazingbuy – V6 BT 1200M

Communication System and Range:

Amazingbuy V6-1200 can communicate between 6 riders at the same time within the range of 120km/h, and five riders can talk. You can pair between rider to rider or rider to pillion and easily switch. 1200m is the highest communication range in a clear line, and a sufficient range in the city is around 800m. You can talk up to 7 hours via this product. The charging time is for 3 hours.

Media Player and Noise Cancellation Ability:

This product can easily pair with other external media player devices if the device has a Bluetooth connection system. Such as MP3, MP4, portable CD player, iPod, cell phone, etc. The Digital Signal Processor(DSP) technology provides an excellent noise-canceling ability to the product. With this ability, you can hear voices or music clearly, even at high speed.

Hands-Free Headset and WeatherProof:

Amazingbuy V6-1200 full-duplex Intercom has a hands-free ability. The Bluetooth connection allows it to go hands-free by which you can answer and reject your phone calls without pressing any buttons. This product is fully weatherproof even if you use it in heavy rain or snow.  

 3.   BCA Link 2.0 – Backcountry Access

Battery Life:

It has an extreme level of 80 hours of battery life. The battery lasts many days without charging. 

Protected Channel Selection:

If you want, you can manually select the radio channels of your choice. The radio will also work in the mountains, even with elevation in between, as long as it is in a direct line. 


BCA Link 2.0 is the upgraded version of 1.0 and with more power and range. It contains 2 watts of power. 


It can easily communicate clearly with other BCA radios and other FRS compatible radios within a group or a short distance. The distance range is around 6 miles. 

 4.  FODSPORTS M1-S Pro Bluetooth Intercom

Group Intercom and Connection Range:

FODSPORTS M1-S Pro supports group intercom up to 8 riders with a distance of 2000 M. You can get the most effective and clear communicating distance between two snowmobiles is around 500m. 

Sound Quality and Media:

The M1-S Pro has a full-range membrane monomer that provides high definition sound quality and high reproducibility for bass. It has a great noise reduction and cancellation feature. It has a CSR chip, making sure that the sound and voice quality does not change in high speed, wind noise, or engine noise. 

Hands-Free Headset and Interchangeable Microphone:

The M1-S Pro can function hands-free and manual both. You can switch to one from another by pressing and holding the intercom as well as the volume button at once for 3 sec while in standby. It has two interchangeable microphones. This headset has both a boom mic and soft mic for half or open face helmet and a full-face helmet. 

Battery Life and Weather Proof:

This product comes with a 900mAh rechargeable battery. The working time of it is up to 20 hours, and standby time is up to 900mAh. This product is suitable for any weather. It is waterproof and dustproof. As it is waterproof, hence, it can be used in snowy weather without any difficulties. 

 5.  Cardo FREECOM 4+

Communication System and 4 Way Intercom:

The Freecom 4 Plus provides a Bluetooth connection of version 4.1 and can conference a four-way intercom communication system between riders at a range of up to 1.2km. 

Voice Control and Sound by JBL:

To get control over your Freecom 4 Plus, all you need to do is say “Hey Cardo,” and it will automatically do its work; you don’t need to use buttons. It connects to Siri and Ok Google directly with ease. Cardo partners with JBL and produces an ultimate sound experience you can ever have. Specially designed for the inside of your helmet while riding. It has a built-in FM radio. 

Battery Life and Other Features:

It provides 13 hours of talk time. You can even charge while you ride. It is water and dustproof. So, you can ride with it in the snow too. The mic has two options like interchangeable boom mic and wired microphone. You don’t have to press buttons to change volume; it is self-adjustable. 

 6.   FODSPORTS FX8 Bluetooth Intercom

Operating Hands-free and Communication:

The FX8 Bluetooth intercom is very easy to operate. The design of it contains a non-slip function, and there is the key button, which is quite huge. By pressing it, you can use it hands-free. Hands-free or not, you can use it even wearing gloves. It comes with a unique antenna that expands the signal’s communication speed by 30% and is capable of providing a stronger connection. It can keep the signal uninterrupted even while driving high in the mountains. With this system, you can connect up to 8 people group intercom at the same time within the distance of 2000M. 

Stereo Sound and Voice Control:

This headset contains Hi-Fi stereo sound quality even at a high speed of 120km/h and excellent noise cancellation, which will help you to communicate clearly. An intelligent CVC Digital noise reduction technology does that. The speaker has 40MM high impedance and high fidelity quality. You can listen to FM radio, music with this. Also, it can access to IOS and Androids voice commands with its voice control service. 

Exchangeable Mic and Battery Life:

This intercom provides two interchangeable mics. Boom mic for the half helmet and soft cord mic for the full helmet. The ultra-high capacity 900 mAh battery provides 20 hours of phone call time and up to 300 hours of standby time. 

     7. Yaconob BT-S3 Bluetooth Headset

Communication System and Range:

The BT-S3 is a kind of Bluetooth walkie-talkie communicator. It can automatically redial, reject and answer calls after pairing your cell phone with Bluetooth. This full-duplex intercom is basically designed for snowmobile riders. This product provides three people to connect and two people to talk by ensuring clear voice quality at high speed, around 120km/h. The longest straight-line blockade free distance is around 800-1000M. 

Hands-free, Voice Control, and Media:

You can listen to FM radio, stereo music, and GPS voice prompts. BT-S3 can simply pair with the BT-S series. You can connect to your iOS or Android cell phones. A2DP connects the GPS, and AVRCP playback control can change music. 

Installing Process and Battery Life:

The headset can be easily installed or removed from the helmet because it is snap-fitted. You can install it to full face and half face helmets. The charging time of the product is 3 hours. With standby time up to 300 hours and call time up to 10 hours, the battery life offering is really good. It also provides Bluetooth intercom for 8 hours straight. 

Weather Resistance:

It is designed to waterproof, which also prevents sun heat. You can operate it in all weather like rain, snow, and in heat. It can function precisely from -10 ̊C to 55 ̊C (14°F – 131°F) temperature. 

 8.  FreedConn T-COMVB Bluetooth Headset

Communication system with Helmet Headset:

This communication gear can provide three riders connecting and two riders talking simultaneously. The version 3 Bluetooth intercom can keep up to 75mph or 120km/h. Also the distance of maximum intercom is 2625 feet or 800m. You can choose a hard mic speaker helmet system for half face helmet as well as a soft mic Bluetooth system for the full helmet.

Installing Process and Battery Life:

The Intercom Headset is quite easier to install. The package provides a manual with the tools and products. It is a wireless Bluetooth system and can only be controlled by a button. It is waterproof. The product can support up to 10 hours of the phone call and 7 hours for the intercom. It can standby for 300 hours.

Stereo, FM, and Voice Control:

FREEDCONN T-COMVB offers music, FM radio, and GPS voice navigations. The Hi-Fi speaker helmet headset provides AVRCP playback control, stereo music at high speed, and a very clear voice. Also, the DSP technology cancels echo and suppresses noise while riding the vehicle at high speed.

Hands-free Intercom:

With this product, you can auto receive, reject, and even redial by enabling hands-free call function.  

 9.  Cardo DMC/Bluetooth Packtalk

Voice Operation Feature and Connections:

With this brand new feature, you do not need to press a button or stop riding your vehicle. All you need to say is “Hey Cardo,” and it will work and be authorized by your voice. It can connect right away with your iOS’s Siri or android’s Ok Google. It also provides easy customization settings through the Cardo Connect App for both android and iOS. 

Communication System:

Dynamic Mesh Communication(DMC) is a next-generation intercom that resolves all usual Bluetooth difficulties and turns the product into high quality and efficient motorcycle communication system. It also has a full remote control capability and Bluetooth version 4.1. 

Audio Sources and Sound by JBL:

Cardo DMC/Bluetooth Packtalk Bold JBL Dual provides an ultimate listening experience. You can listen to FM radio, music and also do intercom and phone calls together parallelly. These work together because of smart audio mixing. It provides a high standard long-distance reception of FM radio, which is around 1600 meters/1 mile. 

Battery Life and Connection Range:

It has a standby time up to 1 week and takes 4 hours to charge before the first use. It also offers up to 13 hours of talk time. The connection range between the two bikes is up to 1.6 km. It also provides connections between two people or four people, even fifteen people. 


Waterproof and Dustproof. 

Other Attributes:

The product has interchangeable boom and wired microphone options. It has a built-in FM radio, which has the ability to select the strongest signal and an auto-adjusting volume system automatically. 

 10.  LEXIN B4FM Bluetooth Intercom

 Bluetooth and 4 Way Conference Intercom:

With this headset, you can have a conversation with four riders simultaneously with a range of 1600 meters. It will make the experience of the ride incredibly well and adventurous. It also has universal pairing features. 

HiFi Stereo Headset:

This feature contains the finest Hi-Fi stereo music. You can also listen to FM radio and voice guidance of GPS. 

Hands-Free and Voice Commands:

It provides a hands-free communication system with access to Siri and S Voice, voice controls of iPhone and Samsung. By this feature, while riding you can communicate without using your hands and give voice commands. 

Sound Quality and Battery Life:

The quality of sound is crystal clear for listening to music, radio, and communicating. It has a tremendous advanced noise cancellation technology even after speeding up to 120km/h. It needs one lithium-ion battery capable of offering 8 hours talk time, 120 hours of standby time, and a 15hours music stream. 

Interchangeable Microphone with Great Helmet Compatibility:

Like most headsets, this LX-B4FM has two exchangeable mics. Button microphone is basically earphones with mic button control, used for full-face helmets. On the other hand, the Boom microphone is for open face or convertible helmets. 


This product can be operated in every weather condition. It is waterproof and works even at -3°F. 

What to Look for In a Snowmobile Helmet Communicator

Before buying a snowmobile helmet communicator, you must know about its features, implements, and how this works. As these communication systems are not that cheap, you have to keep it in mind before purchasing. However, it will totally depend on you which one you will prefer. 

High Sound Quality:

While snowmobiling, the most crucial feature you keep in mind is sound quality. If you can not communicate or listen properly, then what is the use! The communication system has to have a noise cancellation feature and high-quality sound. 

Connectivity and Range:

You have to find the right connection to communicate easily with your fellow riders and passengers. If the Bluetooth connection is weak, then you will not be able to communicate clearly. 


Ensure that you pay for the right product at the right price. Check every aspect of the product is worthy enough as its value. 

Installation and Size:

Before buying, make sure it is compatible with your helmet type. Also, try checking the manual and the instructions if they are vivid enough. The product should be lightweight for your own comfort. 

Other Attributes:

Of course, You will want long battery life because you don’t want your communicators to stop working in the middle of your ride. As you will be riding in snow, it has to be waterproof. It will be better if your communicator allows for GPS navigation and calls. Do ensure that you spend your valuable money
on a product that has the best quality with good features. 

 Can I use a Motorcycle Helmet for Snowmobiling?

So, it may occur to you that why to bother buying a separate snowmobile helmet and why you can not use a motorcycle helmet that you already have because they basically look very similar. Well, they do share similarities in the basic design factors, but there are some key differences between snowmobile helmets and motorcycle helmets. 

A snowmobile helmet at least has a double pane shield and a breath box. However, motorcycle helmets lack these features. Consequently, one can use a motorbike helmet while snowmobiling if the weather is not very cold, but if the weather is very dense and foggy, then the motorcycle helmet won’t help much. You will need a snowmobile helmet in dense weather. 

Final Words  

Are you planning to buy the best snowmobile communicator for yourself? Buying just any communication system is not worth it.

This guide will provide all the important information of best snowmobile communication systems and also what you need to know before buying.

Before investing your money on a huge amount, try figuring out which communicator has the ideal features that you are looking for. I hope I was able to portray a vivid guide for you. 

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