Longboarding Vs Snowboarding

Longboarding Vs Snowboarding | A Hard And Cold Comparison

If you are an action sports lover, you are already familiar with surfing, skiing, skateboarding, longboarding, snowboarding, etc. Even if you are not that much into extreme sports, you still have probably heard some of these names because of their successively increasing popularity.

Among them, Longboarding and Snowboarding are the two most crowd-pleasing recreational activities of recent times. If you are interested in stepping into this whole new universe of adventure, we welcome you with a useful guideline of which one to experience first, Longboarding or Snowboarding.

So let’s dig deep into the article, Longboarding Vs Snowboarding

What is Longboarding

Longboarding is pretty much like any other extreme sport. Being inspired by surfing, it started in the 1950s. Gradually it continued to evolve throughout all these years, and today it has really grown as one of the most demanded sports and hobbies by adventure lovers.  

It refers to the art of riding a longboard, a kind of sports equipment. Many of us mistake it as a skateboard. However, it is kind of similar but not the same as a skateboard. Usually, longboards have larger wheels and they are lengthier and broader than a skateboard. Generally, longboards consist of a length of 35-60 inches and a width of 9-10 inches. Besides, it offers more stability, traction, and durability as well. 

Longboarding differs in styles and varies in board shapes. Different boards are used for different styles. 

Pintail, Fishtail, Drop Through, Top Mount, Cruiser are some of the available deck styles that are suitable for various longboarding styles such as transportation, downhill, freeride, cruising/carving, slalom, dancing, etc. 

Longboarding is widely used either for cruising or for transportation. Longboards with their flexible truck and soft wheels offer the riders a fairly high speed and a smooth-riding experience even on the rough surfaces. It’s pretty safe and big fun to consider longboarding for longer trips also. 

Though longboarding is relatively easy to be acquainted with, it requires a lot of strength also. As a beginner, you really need to gain mastery over your stance. The foot you place at the top should be used to maintain balance, and the other one you should use for pushing.  

If you are considering getting started with your very first longboarding journey, go ahead and have a blast.

What is Snowboarding

Snowboarding is another trendy form of extreme sports that offers a great amount of thrill and excitement to the riders. It is one of the most exhilarating snow games. 

It is a sport that involves riding down any snow-covered surface standing on a snowboard attached to the feet. So, snow is the fundamental element here. That is why it is popularly known as a winter game that requires a comfortable pair of boots. 

This game was first developed in the USA’s 1960s, being inspired by skiing, surfing, and skateboarding. Due to its undeniable popularity, it was declared as a Winter Olympic Sport in 1998 and eventually featured in the Winter Paralympics in 2014. 

The most popular styles of Snowboarding include freeride, freestyle, and free carve/race. Each of them requires specialized tactics and equipment.   

The average size of a regular snowboard is 60 inches in length and 10 inches in width. However, size and shape vary by the intended use. It is a wheel less board made of stratified hardwood. 

It is not that hard to learn the tricks of Snowboarding as your feet are bound to the snowboard. Of course, you need to maintain balance to avoid injuries. As your feet are fixed, you need to remain extra careful as well. 

Regular and Goofy are the two Snowboarding stances. In the case of a regular stance, your left foot is kept forward. On the other hand, in case of a goofy stance, your right foot is forwarded. You should choose any of these which you are comfortable with. 

As the name suggests, Snowboarding requires a snowy surface that is not available except winter. In this case, POWDERPAK Parks in Australia is an alternative option that avails an artificial snow surface for Snowboarding and Skiing.

Apart from the fun part, nowadays, Snowboarding is also performed professionally.   

How Much Similar They Are

Though Longboarding and Snowboarding are not the same things, they share a symbiotic relationship. Both sports actually complement each other. 

The first thing they have in common is the pursuit of mentality and determination to try out new things. Both of them promise big fun and a great adrenaline rush. Longboards and Snowboards are also much closer in size.  

As both the games require standing on boards, the riders can avail the opportunity to share a lot of familiar movements in terms of their functions, controls, making turns, and so on. The body motion for carving is also identical.

Both these board sports demand similar kinds of muscular strength. A rider needs basic riding skills, be it Longboarding or Snowboarding. You need to maintain balance in both cases. The techniques may differ but the distance between feet and board length is pretty much resembling. Though the stances are different, you can at least have a basic idea in both cases. 

Briefly speaking, Snowboarding is much like Longboarding with bindings in the feet. Both are equally accelerating and learning-oriented. 

Since Snowboarding and Longboarding share so much in common, one can be a good cross-training for the other.  

Longboarding Vs Snowboarding: The basic differences

As Snowboarding and Longboarding have some parallel factors, they might appear similar to the inexperienced eyes. But actually, they are not. 

Wondering why?? Okay. Let’s discuss this below. 

In reality, both of them have some diverse attributes which make them starkly different from each other. 

The first basic difference lies in the deck design. Longboards have four wheels attached to the deck ends while Snowboards are wheel-less. You have the freedom to move your feet in case of Longboarding. But Snowboarding does not allow any feet movement because they are locked on the board. 

Apart from the wheels and foot position, they also differ in their respective stances. The duck stance is widely used in Snowboarding but never in Longboarding. Longboarders always keep their feet pointed forward towards the direction. Besides, most of the rider’s weight should be shifted to the front side of the deck. 

Because of the wheel facility, Longboarding offers you to stay relaxed. But snowboarders need to stay focused as they always have to ride on one of the two edges (heel side or toe side). 

Stopping on a longboard needs foot braking and outrunning or simply bailing. But they are inapplicable to Snowboarding as your feet will be strapped to the board. You need to make your board skid across the slope by lifting your weight. 

Which One to Choose First

If you are a newbie in both Longboarding and Snowboarding, it’s probably hard to pick one. So you need to know the amenities and drawbacks of both to decide which one to start with. 

However, suppose you are experienced in any one of the two and considering gaining mastery over another. In that case, you will probably be more than happy to see a detailed analysis of Longboarding Vs Snowboarding.      

First, you need to consider accessibility and cost-effectiveness. Longboards are pretty much cost-effective as they are available within the range of $90-$250. It will cost an additional $100 for safety gear. Besides, Longboards are extremely customizable. 

Snowboards, to the contrary, range from $300-$600 at least. Moreover, you need to add the cost of snowboarding boots, pants, goggles, jackets, gloves, etc.

Longboarding can be practiced anywhere with a flat surface, including parking lots and backyards. But Snowboarding specifically requires a snow-covered surface. Not everybody can afford the luxury to go in search of snow during the summer months. 

As a beginner, longboarding needs more time and dedication to pick it up. It isn’t easy to maintain balance as the slightest movement makes the wheels turn. It has a greater risk of being hurt as the ground is made of concrete. So body and head injuries are common issues in longboarding if you are not watchful enough. 

Snowboarding is safer in this respect as the surface is snowy, which doesn’t hurt much. But it can also be dangerous if you fall downhill at high speed. However, you can access the basic Snowboarding skills pretty quickly. 

In longboarding, you can avoid some risk factors as your feet are free. But Snowboarding keeps your feet strapped. So you cannot free them if required. However, it ensures the balance of your feet simultaneously.  

We hope this article will help you to figure out which one would be the ideal choice for you: Longboarding or Snowboarding. And if you are thinking of cross-training, how will it go- strenuous or spontaneous? However, it would be best to pick up longboarding for summer and Snowboarding for winter as both the sports promise incredibly wild enjoyment. 

Final Words

Snowboarding is an expensive and unaffordable activity for most of us. Conversely, longboarding is very a very good and viable option for the snowboarders to be on board even in the off season when there is no snow around. 

We suggest you to go through our Longboarding vs Snowboarding discussion advertently and make a wise choice which one would serve you better. Regardless of your selection, you are certainly going to have the most adventurous journey of your life. And if you can overcome all the issues mentioned earlier, why not try both?  

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