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Best Longboard Grip Tape in 2022 | Get Strong Grip & Stylish Look At Once!

“I wanna buy a stylish grip tape to customize my longboard.” “I am not getting a strong grip on my longboard.” – These are the situations you might face if you are passionate about longboarding.

And as you have come across this article, I believe you are searching for a grip tape for your longboard. Even if you are a professional or a beginner, choosing a grip tape from numerous items is a hassle indeed.

Also, selecting the best one is essential to ensure a safe ride. If the tape you choose doesn’t serve its purpose accurately, it will not only be a waste of money but also you might face accidents/ difficulty while riding. But no more worries as we have got your back now!

We have gathered all the best items for you and will review them one by one. Yes, that’s right! In this article, we will present the best longboard grip tapewhich will warrant a strong grip along with premium looks.

So, check the article from top to toe and choose the best Longboard grip tape for you from this ultimate guide!

Best Longboard Grip Tape For You!

1.  Senya Grip Tape:

At first, Senya Grip Tape comes in the list, a high-quality product for sturdy grip in the longboard/ skateboard/ roller board. It is dyed with a unique galaxy design, which will give your longboard a cool finish.

Regular grip tapes frequently get affected by intense hot or cold weather. But this Nebula designed tape is quite adhesive and won’t strip even in extreme temperatures.

The company has also offered a unique tear-proof feature, so you don’t have to be concerned about tearing while tailoring it as per your requirements.

This longboard grip tape is almost 170g, 33.1 inches long, and 9.1 inches wide, so it is suitable for all standard skateboards and scooters. The brand, Senya, has manufactured this tape, especially for professional skaters.

Silicon carbide provides firm grip and durability to the tape without tearing off during prolonged usage. So, you can try new tactics confidently and safely.

 2.   Bootaa Grip Tape: 

The tape, which is second in the list, is an exclusive grip tape with multiple unique features like –water resistance and air escaping technique. It also comes with sticky glue, which will provide a stronghold in your longboards, skateboards, kick scooters, or roller boards.

High-quality Silicon Carbide provides superior durability for professional and long time usage. So, this premium tape won’t wear out during heavy use or intense weather.

This brand, Bootaa, has come with its new invention, The Bubble-Free Grip Tape, which enables air to pass by numerous invisible perforations.

Also, tear-proof and water-proof features ensure easy trimming to apply in Longboards, skateboards, Razor scooters of all levels.

Last, of all, this tape is packed very cautiously so that the tape doesn’t get creased while shipping. As the company has solved all the problems you might face, this classy grip tape can be the best longboard Grip Tape to enjoy a safe ride.

 3.  Black Diamond Grip Tape:

The black diamond tape is supremely adhesive and provides support to the longboard riders as per theirs. Obviously, it ensures a firm grip on your longboard. In fact, that’s why you are looking for a tape. Even though it’s grip is fit and strong, it won’t affect your shoes like other rough tapes.

This longboard tape is quite long (48 inches), wide (10 inches), and 0.25 lb to support every skateboard available in the market. The company has manufactured it with grains of silicon carbide to offer 80 grit smooth surface. Also, it is easier to trim, cut, apply, and even remove. So, you are getting all the essential benefits you expect from the grip tape.

The brand Black Diamond offers simple colored sheets and customized ones to design your board accordingly. Either you can customize the solid colored tapes as per your choice, or you can choose ready-made designs to show off a cool gesture.

Therefore, the tape avails you to land every move with confidence and safety. Thus, longboard riders like you can rock and show off their skills to the world!

4.  Mr. Pen Grip Tape: 

Here comes Mr. Pen Tape, which is one of the most durable grip tape available on Amazon.

If you are a pro longboard rider or skater, you certainly know the benefits of having a long-lasting grip tape. A high-quality tape sharpens your tricks and makes your landing as smooth as possible. This silicon carbide grit is44 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 1/32 inches thick. So, it supposes to cover all long and shortboards/decks, including electric scooters.

You can apply it easily on your decks because it’s highly sticky and provides the tight hold you need. It won’t get slippery at all and will serve the purpose absolutely. So, the ride you are planning will be 100% safe and sound.

Also, the air can pass through the tape smoothly so that the application process will be bubble-free. As it is adjustable with a severe cold or hot weather, it won’t wear out quickly.

In fact, some customers have mentioned that it is providing them long-lasting support.

5.  ZUEXT Grip Tape: 

Do you want to show off the unique design of your board, but you still need an anti-slip tap for a sturdy grip?

Or do you need a tip to preserve the art of your board?

If yes, then this tape will sort your issue.

The brand ZUEXT has come up with a clear tape that will not only provide a tight grip but also will protect the design of your deck at the same time. Thus you can confidently show off the divine art to the world!

The clear ZUEXT Grip tape is 125 cm long, 27 cm wide, and suitable for all razor, electric, or gas scooters regardless of their brands. You can apply this durable tape to your deck without worrying about bubbles. So you can trim/ clean easily for professional use.

6.  10” × 44” Black Diamond Grip Tape:

The brand has come up with another grip tape to provide you a relaxing ride. Either you want a plain tape or an animated piece to customize your board, these tapes can be the best choice for you!

This tape is easily applicable. You will experience the best performance once you nicely cover your board with it. You don’t have to be concerned about air bubbles; apply it precisely, just like you use the screen protector.

The adhesive glue in the back will tightly hold every board/deck and will serve its purpose. You might find more adhesive tapes which are quite expensive. With this price (only $7), it’s durable enough and useful to go.

7.  ZUEXT Grip Tape (11”x50″):

ZUEXT Longboard grip tape is a high-quality black tape that suits almost all longboards along with pistols, handguns, and even wheelchairs.

Are you searching for a plain yet super-exclusive grip tape? Then, you can surely choose this one!

Because ZUEXT Grip tape will provide a simple and cool finish at once!

This 50” long tape is highly recommended for skaters who want a long-lasting effect. The tape is tear-resistant and also has sandy perforations that allow air to pass through it. So trimming will be more comfortable, and the tape won’t get affected by extreme temperatures.

The company is also highly cautious about packaging, and the product will be delivered to you in a roll. Even the plastic materials used in packaging are classy, so you don’t need to be concerned about damage during shipping.

Moreover, you can get this premium tape at only $13. Indeed, it will worth your money! If you really want a cool black& durable, tape order it already, before the stock is over!

8. Rayauto Grip Tape: 

If you are into animated grip tape, you must check this tape! The graphics of this tape is praiseworthy. It will undoubtedly give your longboard a fantastic look along with high performance.

This highly adhesive tape ensures a firm grip so that you don’t slip away and show off your glory with confidence!

The tape is also splash-proof and tear-proof, so it won’t be damaged while you apply it. But you are highly prohibited to soak the tape in water.

Also, the tape is quite reliable, long (47″) and wide (10”), so it can be considered one of the best longboard grip tape! Even many customers have reviewed that they want to repurchase this for its superb quality & performance.

As the tape promises quality along with comfort, you should choose this one if you are really into customized/ ready-made tapes.

Things To Watch Out Before Purchasing A Best Longboard Grip Tape!

‘Oh gosh! So many items!

Which one should I choose?

Will it be worthy?

Will it last for long?’ – if your head is filled with tons of questions like this, then calm down. There is nothing to worry about. Yep, really!!

Because whatever you purchase will be worth it, and we are here to ensure that. All you need to do is trust us and follow our advice. So, watch out and check the things below before buying the grip tape you need!

Check The Size: 

Before ordering a tape for your skate gear, you must have a decent idea about the size of your deck. Check is the tape long and wide enough for your longboard? If you forget this point, your money might go in vain! Because, if the tape doesn’t suit your longboard, what will be the use of it?

Buy a Supremely Adhesive Tape: 

Why are you looking for a grip tape? You want a firm grip that will make you confident enough to perform creative tactics.

Indeed, you won’t want a tape which will be slippery or will damage your shoes. It would be best to look for a tape that offers high quality and adhesive glue in their back to provide you with comfortable performance.

Check if The Tape Got Creased While Shipping!

The wrinkled tape is the most troublesome issue customers have faced! Whatever you purchase with your precious money should be worth it!

Obviously, you won’t want a defective or creased tape. Many companies don’t bother much about the packaging process, so they use low quality plastic in packing. As a result, the tape gets creased while shipping.

You must check it out just after getting the delivery. Also, to prevent this kind of problem, you can choose those tapes rolled and packaged with classy plastic materials.

How To Use A Grip Tape?

Has Your longboard become old and not providing the firm grip you are craving for? Are you a beginner and searching for a durable tape to have a superb riding experience? But you don’t know how to apply it? Well, this is your chance! Because once you read it, the application process will be a piece of cake for you!

  • At first, you need to remove the back cover and unleash the sticky side of the tape.
  • Apply the tape on the deck carefully.
  • Use sharp tools like – razors/ blades to cut off the extra grip tape and accommodate it accordingly.

Thus, you will achieve the precise grip you prefer!

Final Verdict

Grip tapes are essential equipment, either you are a beginner or a pro. As you need it not only for a remarkable style but also for a comfy ride, you should choose the best one. But the market has tons of tapes, from which you are not able to decide!

Different people are giving different opinions and making you puzzled. That’s why we have come to the scenario to solve this puzzle for you! We have enlisted the best products and reviewed them together in one place.

If you go with a cheap and slippery tape, your whole purchasing purpose will be in vain.

In this article, we have enlisted the best Longboard grip tape for you, which will be worthy of your money and will ensure a safer experience. Now, whatever you want to purchase is totally up to your choice and preferences.

We hope we have delivered all the necessary information you needed. So, choose the best item and enjoy your ride!

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