Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet

Best Snowboard Boots For Wide Feet [With Buying Guide]

Snowboarding is an exciting, adventurous game, no doubt. If you are a snowboarder, be it a hobbyist or a professional, you must know that an ideal pair of boots is the most crucial snowboard gear. But it is not always easy to get a well-fitted pair. Particularly if you have wide feet, finding the right pair of boots is quite hazardous. 

But no worries. You are not alone to face this unfortunate issue. There are countless snowboarders who cannot find the best snowboard boots for wide feet. 

Considering this problem, we have come up with a solution. 

Recently the top companies have started manufacturing snowboard boots for wide feet. If you have already started reading this article, do yourself a favor and keep on scrolling because we have prepared a list of 8 best snowboard boots for wide feetwhich are top-notch in the market. 

You will also find an in-depth buying guideline to select the appropriate pair of boots to make your snowboard experience smoother than ever. 

So, keep scrolling down and learn more.

Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet

Some of the best snowboard boots for wide feet are discussed below in detail. 

1. DC Women’s Search Boa:

The first one on our list is DC Women’s Search Boa Snowboard Boots. This is a combination of both comfort and convenience for the riders. 

If you are looking for a pair that suits any season and all-mountain actions, you must go for it. This pair from DC is very lightweight and comfy. It is built with fabric and leather. 

It is tailored using a rider-friendly formula with effortless entry and exit. It uses Boa’s H3 coiler closure system. That’s why it provides balanced support while flexing. It is designed for medium to stiff flexing. The flex rating is 6/10. 

The boot is made of Foundation Unilite Outsole, which is the lightest one of DC. So it provides durability to a great extent.

This pair from DC uses a Boa lacing system that is incredibly quick and secured. It is also entirely easy to tighten up your boots by using the dial. 

This super classy boot comes in three colors: grey and black, leopard, and white. Besides being comfortable, it is also pretty fashionable as it matches with any kind of outfit. 

You can get all mountain support from this product along with a one year warranty from the manufacturers at a very cost-effective price. 

The pair comes with a red liner that is heat moldable. The liner is also removable. It consists of a snow basic insole to ensure you the ultimate smooth experience of snowboarding against any adversity the mountain throws at you. 

2. K2 Maysis:

The second in our list is K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots Wide. This is a high-performance boot specifically manufactured for wide feet. It is suitable for all-mountain riders. 

It is a medium flex boot using a Boa lacing system like the previous one in the list. Though it uses an internal Boa with a single Boa outside. The flex rating is 7/10. 

This one is a normal weight boot providing great adjustability on the fly. The most versatile Intuition Control 3D Liner is used in this boot, combining high and medium-density foam. You will get J- bars, 3D molded Eva insoles that can be used both externally and internally.  

You can experience a super comfortable entry and exit as it does not ask you much to get in and out. It is appropriate for the intermediate level snowboarders. You will get a perfect heel hold because of the internal Boa. 

The H4 Boa Coiler System is used in this pair of boots. This particular system features a cable and reel based lacing system. The Boa automatically recovers the lace slacking issue. That’s a big plus for this boot. 

With the use of a great technology named Harshmellow, the boot offers to dampen vibration and reduce exhaustion. 

You can choose the boot from any of the four colors- Olive, Black, Grey, and Realtree. The premium quality light rubber outsole provides the ultimate grip. You can enjoy an easeful all day long ride with this responsive pair of snowboarding boots. It is manufactured in various sizes to fit your needs and comes with a one year warranty. 

3. Thirty-two Men’s Lashed

The next one to choose from the list of the best snowboard boots for wide feet is thirty-two Men’s Lashed Snowboard Boots. It can be another top pick with a 6/10 stiffness rating. 

It is one of the most versatile all-terrain snowboard boots with highly satisfactory performance. It is mainly designed for the intermediate to advanced level snowboarders. As it is suitable for any kind of snowboarding, you can get an all-day-long relaxing riding experience. 

This snowboard boot is built using a traditional lacing system, and intuition foam consist of dual-density. The lacing system offers a significant number of options for dialing. 

You will also get an Internal Harness on the liner that provides the required balance and flexibility. Besides, you can customize the fitting with the heel hold kit. 

The thirty-two Men’s Lashed is one of the most crowd-pleasing snowboarding boots offering a surprising shock absorption ability. That’s why you will enjoy a lenient and unstrained ride. 

This is a lightweight boot that has been developed by utilizing STI Energy Foam. It’s 3D Molded tongue ensures flexible flexing and prevents the tongue from excessive load. 

This mid flex boot is divided into two sections- upper and lower by an articulating cuff. The cuff makes it possible to flex the upper part without pressurizing the lower part. The molded footbed provides arch support as well.

It can be an ideal choice for freestyle riding also. It is considered as an absolute pertinence with the Independent eye stay. 

4. DC Phase

With a flex rating of 5/10, the DC Phase is our next item on the list. It is a snowboarding boot with a traditional lacing system.

With a view to serve for an extended period, it is designed with Foundation UniLite Outsole. This also offers ultimate shock absorption and lessens the risk of severe physical injuries while riding on unsmooth terrain. 

It is highly suggestive for wide-footed riders because of its excellent ventilation system. Many riders complain that they face severe sweating problems while riding. This can be a Holy-Grail for them. 

However, the inner shell is incredibly ductile and flexible to protect the feet from the snow or frigid wind around. 

The boot is very well-made with a red liner and snow basic insole. This product can be introduced with an exclusive one-liner- simple yet far from basic. 

As it is developed with waterproof formula, you can depend on it for the most prolonged longevity possible. Also, there is a wide range of sizes available.

These effortlessly adjustable boots are pretty much affordable. When both comfort and safety are your priority, the DC Phase Wide Snowboard Boots can be your first choice. 

5. DC Scout BOA

DC Scout BOA Snowboard Boots are another top-ranked boots for the entry-level riders. They can also serve the intermediate snowboarders. 

It consists of the BOA H3 coiler closure. It is an all-season snowboarding gear usable in all-mountain actions. The light and enduring formula also comes with great lenient features. 

The flex rating is 6/10. The UniLite Foundation Sole provides the ultimate comfort. You can use these boots for rugged landing as well.

As a wide range of sizes is procurable, this boot is strongly recommended for people having wide feet. Also, you need not worry about your feet’ adjustments as the coiler system is pretty much helpful in this respect. 

It features single BOA lacing along with snow basic insoles. Besides, the unique shock absorption ability makes it one of the leading products.

However, it also features a water-resistant formula along with multi-layered formation. The sticky rubber outsoles ensure the riders get the utmost grip. 

6. 5th Element ST-1

It is a snowboard boot suitable for any rider type, be it a beginner or an advanced snowboarder. This is a footgear that resembles comfort. 

ST-1 features traditional lacing with soft flexing. It ensures a day-long optimal riding by fine-tuning the fit.

A removable Comfort EVA Liner and non-rigid flex are the two most rider-friendly features of this product. Moreover, you will get eminent support from the synthetic shell. 

It is a high performing boot without high pricing. Besides, the one year warranty makes your investment reasonable and cost-efficient. 

It is considered as a “go anywhere” kind of boot among the snowboarders. They are the top choice by the park riders. Also, they are equally effective for groom slopes. 

However, this is a snowboarding boot, particularly designed for men. This can be best used at all-mountain freestyle riding. 

5th Element ST-1 is magical snowboarding footwear, which is top-notch in quality. It is one of the best selling products over the years.

This boot is convenient and ensures both easeful and peaceful mountain climbing even for the absolute beginners. 

7. Burton Mint Boa

Here comes another wise selection of snowboarding gear for women – Burton Mint Boa Snowboard BootThis offers the riders a fast and facile lace adjustment as it features a dial-it-in system. 

Though the dialing system with Coiler technology may seem a bit causeless and confusing, the users have loved it a lot. According to them, it is one of the top-graded lacing systems for a relaxing and comfortable ride. 

As Burton is one of the giant manufacturers of snowboard essentials, all their boots come with their exclusive New England Rope laces. These laces are built with American fibers and come with a lifelong warranty. Incredible! Isn’t it?

These boots are extremely lightweight because of their DynoLite outsoles. These outsoles reduce 20% weight. 

They are capable of standing against freezing, melting, sudden shock, rough landing.

You don’t need to frequently adjust the fitting while riding as the Soft Flex Power Up tongue already creates a well-organized binding between the tongue and boot. 

You can experience an instant broken-in feeling. There are vast varieties of colors you can get in this model. A full snow-proof internal gusset is used to cover the lower part of the boot completely. That’s why your feet are always warm and dry regardless of the weather.

The current available sizes are 5-10. 

8. Burton Photon Boa

The Burton Photon Boa is a Men’s snowboard boot, which is the last but not the least in our chart of the best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet. This one can be an appropriate selection for those with wide feet. 

This is tailored based on the Boa Coiler Closure System. It provides the necessary traction needed for hiking into the countryside. Your feet will be protected even on the slippery surfaces. 

This pair of boots consist of Vibram EcoStep rubber outsoles. It has a flex rating of 7 out of 10. As they are very stiff, they are not suitable for beginners. They provide adequate ankle support in the backside movements. 

The B3 Gel Cushioning enhances the comfort and stability to another level. 

This is, like other Burton Boots, built with the Dual Zone Boa lacing system. You will get the ultimate heel hold as there are three fixed adjustment zones. Both Coiler and Lockdown techniques are used to make the lace adjustments easy and effortless. 

This is a water-resistant snowboard boot with a snow-proof internal gusset. 

The inner part of this boot is formed of a sleeping bag foil that is heat reflective. This is a unique feature to keep your feet warm. 

Being tailored to the Imprint 3 Liner technology, it provides the best heel protection. The insoles are constructed of lightweight and molded EVA foam. 

This pair comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturers. They are available in half-size to give your feet a perfect fitting. 

Things to Consider When Choosing the best snowboard Boots for Wide Feet

So many brands out there! Isn’t it a bit confusing?

Selecting a snowboard boot is one of the perplexing decisions, especially for wide feet. 

But no worries. We are here to make your job half done.

Just go through our buying guideline, which describes what you should look for while purchasing an ideal pair of snowboard boots to fit your wide feet. 


This is the first thing you should keep an eye on. Know your size and purchase accordingly. Because an ill-fitting pair will provide neither balance nor comfort. But both of these are prerequisites for a watchful and mellifluous riding. 

So your boot must fit accurately to your feet. 


The second one in the list to look for is the flex rating of the boot. This rating refers to the soft or stiff nature of a snowboard boot. 

The flex rating is ranged from the number of 1 to 10—the lesser the number, the softer the flex. More number indicates more stiff flex. 

However, you must select the flex rating that goes with your riding style. For example, soft flex is the best for freestyle and all-mountain snowboarding. Soft flex boots are beginner’s best friends as they are pretty indulging. 

On the contrary, stiff flex boots are designed to provide additional response and support to the advanced level snowboarders. They offer adequate edge power as well, which is pretty much needed for backcountry free-riders. 


The lacing system plays a vital role in wide width boots selection for snowboarding. 

There are mainly three types of lacing systems- traditional, quick-pull, and BOA. 

Traditional lacing is quite simple to be used to. But the downside is you cannot adjust them with gloves in hands. 

A quick-pull lacing system offers you adjusting the upper and lower part individually, even with your gloves on. But they lack sustainability. 

The last one, the BOA lacing, uses cables made of steel. For loosening and tightening the upper and lower zone separately, you must use the double BOA lacing system. 

However, if you can afford it, we suggest you go for the triple BOA closure system. If so, you can avail of the opportunity of micro-adjustments with hand gloves on while riding. 


Regardless of your skill, you must have a decent amount of heel-hold while riding on the boards. For wide-footed riders, the boot must provide enough room on the heel side. But again, it should not be immoderately roomy to give the option of a heel lift. Your boot must provide unrestricted forth flex and spontaneous toe turning for an optimal level of a foothold.

Insoles and Outsoles:

For the best comfy and supportive footbed, the liners and insoles must be water and moisture-proof, heat-responsive.  

In order to give the essential grip and stability, specifically for the wide feet, the insoles should cause neither pronation nor supination to your feet. 

For providing enough traction and protection, outsoles are also important for the wide-footed riders. The rubber outsoles are the best choice based on performance and durability. 

Anatomic Difference:

Men’s and women’s shoes are manufactured considering the anatomical differences of their feet. Men’s boots have a bit more space around the toe, heel, and midfoot area. 

That’s why you must go for the right one based on your sex for accurate fitting. 

Final Words

To wrap up, it is pretty evident that snowboarding is quite a tricky snow game. That’s why having faultless footwear is an absolute must to ascertain the rider’s safety. However, snowboarders with larger feet are always in a dilemma to choose the right pair of boots for them. 

We hope you got the solution after reading this article if you are having the same issue. We have reviewed some of the best snowboard boots, mainly designed for wide feet, from this industry’s leading brands. 

For instance, Burton’s brand is pretty popular for manufacturing snowboard boots exclusively designed for wide-footed users. Apart from them, any branded boots consisting of liners that are heat-moldable can be the best suit for wide feet.  

A good pair of snowboard boots is a long term investment. So, think before you buy it. Be specific about your needs, riding style, riding skill, budget, and then invest your hard-earned money.

Hopefully, you can make the best use of your investment with the help of our thoroughgoing observation of some of the best snowboard boots for wide feet. 

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