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Check The Best Places To Longboard In The USA Right Now!

A passionate longboard rider’s ultimate dream is to skate in the best places while enjoying the fantastic scenarios.

Are you bored by riding on the roads of your neighboring area? That’s why you have opened up our article while browsing through the Internet, right?

I bet you must be excited to know about the best places to Longboard in the USA. 

Hey! Don’t worry; we won’t bore you by blabbering uselessly. Instead, we have listed some fantastic places to ensure the ultimate enjoyment of the Longboard riders.

Please hurry up and check our list right away to have a fun ride in the most favorable weather. 

Best Places To Longboard In The USA: Enjoy The Ultimate Ride In The Perfect Place!

You must be bored by riding on the regular roads of your area. Thankfully, America has many unique places for longboarding, where riders can have their quality time.

In this article, we have listed some attractive places to take you a step ahead. So, let’s start with the golden state, California!

Best Places to Longboard In California

We didn’t choose California randomly among all states of the USA. Its cities and weather are quite favorable for longboarding.

In fact, top longboarding brands, such as – Santa Cruz, Z-flex, Dusters, etc., originated from Southern California.

Moreover, South & west California are some of the best spots to enjoy Longboarding in America.

Santa Cruz

You might have already guessed that – longboarding brand ‘Santa Cruz’ was born from this land. Also, the biggest longboard Distributor Company, NHS fun factory, and NHS Museum are also located in this area.

If you are new in California, you can start the longboarding from Santa Cruz to the South highway. That highway will take you to amazing Monterrey along with Big Sur of California.

The Big Sur Park offers multiple waterfalls along with some incredible sceneries, ocean views, and Rocky Mountains. So, riding on this highway will undoubtedly be fun and enjoyable. 

Santa Cruz areas & highways offer comfy terrains, almost favorable weather, along with attractive views.

Isn’t that enough to fascinate a passionate skater? 

San Luis Obispo & Hermosa Beach

San Luis Obispo is quite famous for its skatepark. A large number of hills are surrounding this tiny village which is highly suitable for skating.

Artistically designed SLO Park covers a street on one side and ‘snake-run bowls’ on the other side. These bowls are totally perfect for those who love cruising & longboarding.

Los Angeles

After riding through SLO, you might try Los Angeles for a further fascinating ride. It certainly is an incredible spot.

Even the exciting history of longboarding has originally begun in LA. You must be curious about the story, aren’t you?

Then, let’s take a peek at it first!

Surfing was quite popular in the USA from the very beginning. However, during that time, the surfers of Los Angeles got bored by the flat & low waves as they were not too suitable for surfing.

So, they started to look for something more exciting. From that stage, they invented ‘sidewalk surfing’, which evolved and became popular in the whole United States.

Besides the historical fact, LA is still perfect for Longboard riders because of its roads and atmosphere. Any passionate rider would like to enjoy longboarding on the streets of LA.

Who wouldn’t want to roam in LA with their favorite skateboard? 

Best Places to Longboard in Washington State

While wondering about the best places to longboard in the USA, you must consider Washington as it has the spots that will absolutely provide the ultimate thrill to the riders.

Either you want a flat trail for the starters or an adventurous downhill ride for professionals, Washington has everything a rider would look for! 

Green Lake Park

We consider the green lake park as a heaven for longboarding, which is especially suitable for newbie’s. This 3-miles long smooth Trail is situated in Seattle. It is one of the best places to longboard in Seattle.

It has some slopes that are perfect for newbie’s and trainees as they are quite soft and easy-going. So, newbie’s of Washington, it’s your time to gear up to enjoy the ultimate longboarding.

Point Defiance Park In Tacoma

Point Defiance Park is one of the best thrilling spots for longboarding. Even if you are an experienced skater, we would suggest rethinking before starting longboarding in this park. But why so?

As a simple statement, the longboarders face superb speed and high risk while going down the Defiance Park in Tacoma.

In this 5-miles stream, a rider can quickly get a speed from 20 mi/h to 40 mi/h. Also, its slopes are too steep for beginners as well as professionals.

Even some professionals face a hard time while going through the slopes. So, riders who want to enjoy the thrill can try an uphill ride of 500 feet.

Doesn’t his trip sound fascinating and dangerous as well? If you have enough guts to try it once, this ride would be the best thrilling experience for you!

Besides, there are some flat and smooth terrains for trainees to practice all day long. Either you want a thrilling ride or a regular ride, the Point Defiance Park is worthy of your time, indeed!

Soos Creek Trail

Soos Creek Trail is another adventurous spot for longboard riders. This 4-mile trail will seem easy-going at first as you won’t encounter any downhill ride or slopes on the first 2 miles.

So, why did we define this Trail as an adventurous spot? 

Hey buddy, trust me! You will experience the ultimate thrill on the ending part of the Trail.

So, gear up riders as you will encounter the highest speed of downhill ride on the final route of this Trail.

Best Places To Longboard In San Diego

San Diego has many places to appease the craving of longboard riders. Either you want a freeride, flatland cruising, or distance pushing; San Diego will entirely impress you with their trails throughout the city.

Let’s dig in to find more about the best spots for longboarding in San Diego.

Coronado Island & Harbor Island

Coronado Island is the first space we would suggest trying around the San Diego Bay area. This Trail constitutes both flat and curvy roads along with pavements that will take you down to the Imperial Beach.

While riding through this 12-miles stream, you would encounter minimal traffic signals on the way. Also, the scenario here is quite relaxing and pleasing to the eye.

You can even try skating in this area during late nights to enjoy a pleasant ride without any crowd.

By turning to the North from Coronado Island, you would come across the harbor island. This island is another fantastic trail to start longboarding.

You can ride from there through the downtown to the Imperial Beach if you are up for long rides.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is another excellent spot for longboard lovers, especially for starters. However, this area might become crowded with time. The walkways here are not as smooth as the bike trails. So, we would suggest using bigger wheels for a comfy and enjoyable ride.

Moreover, we have recommended this park for beginners as the abundant grasses will provide him with enough resistance to stop.

So, if you are craving for a safer ride while enjoying unique scenarios, you must at least try riding in Balboa Park once.

Mission Bay

The Mission Bay area is another cool spot for cruising and skate-jogging as the Trail is quite long, and you would face mellower than other areas of the bay.

You can start riding from the information center to the Clairemont drive around mission Bay drive and fiesta island.

However, this area has minimum crowds and traffic signals, so your driving would be peaceful, indeed.

Best Places To Longboard In San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best spots in the USA for longboarding that you must consider.

Of course, all the San Francisco streets are not perfect for longboarding, but still, its hilly areas will completely amaze you. Also, its weather is most favorable for the riders.

However, the heavy rain of San Francisco sometimes humidifies the atmosphere and spoils the fun.

Thus, excluding the heavy rain, San Francisco is entirely impressive for longboard lovers.

Golden Gate Park & sunset District

If you are looking for one of the best places in San Francisco for longboarding, their Golden Park and sunset District will excite you, indeed. Golden Park has some steep hills, where you can enjoy some downhill rides.

By turning to the South, you will come across the Sunset District, which is famous for its residential hills. 

A rider can ride down from sunset District to the ocean while viewing fantastic sceneries. The wide, smooth roads of this area and their steady slopes are perfect for cruising as well.

On the east of the Sunset District, some downhill streets are surrounding Twin Peaks point. This 64-acre park will definitely bring joy to longboard riders as it comes with a 180° view of the San Francisco Bay area.

Napa Valley

Longboarding throughout the Napa valley is totally fun for the riders of San Francisco. However, the 1-mile terrain of the valley is too rocky and filled with gravel.

So we would suggest using large wheels while cruising around brown valley street.

Hiddenbrook is another cool space for riders who like to skate on smooth roads and steep hills. As it is a residential area, the streets have comparatively lower traffic than urban regions.

Mountain View & Carmel Area

Steven Creek trail is a famous spot for longboarding in San Francisco which is situated in the southern part of the Mountain View district. Its smooth roads and hills typically attract the skaters of that area.

By moving further to the South, you will come across the Monterrey District and caramel area, which has several longboarding spots to amaze the skaters.

The great slopes and pavements of Jack’s peak are really perfect for free riders and downhill riders. As this area is a hiking trail, you would notice some cars and hikers while riding.

If you move further away from that region, there are two more longboarding spots to blow your mind.

Technically, the Pine Hills drive and Arroyo trail’s minimal traffic and smooth roads are undoubtedly incredible for Freeride longboarders.

Final Words

At first, every rider begins their longboarding in their area or the neighboring cities. However, he would naturally get bored with the passing time by going through the same terrain every day.

So, he must have been craving for some new streets, sceneries, and adventures. I believe you are also craving for the same, aren’t you?

Thankfully, America is filled with longboarding spots for passionate skaters. In this article, we have briefly discussed the best places to longboard, which will be helpful for you, indeed.

So, get ready and start your journey with your favorite longboard in the most adventurous spot.

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