Is Skateboarding Bad For Your Knees

Is Skateboarding Bad For Your Knees? Let’s Check It Out

Skateboarding is a passionate sport that plays a vital role in strengthening specific muscles. Either you want to burn calories or bring some mental pleasure; there is no comparison to Skateboarding.

However, many people claim that Skateboarding might be dangerous for the human body. Are you wondering how Skateboarding is going to affect your health? Is skateboarding bad for your knees?

Basically, the effects of Skateboarding on your body are up to the skateboarding style you prefer.

Generally, Skateboarding is not bad for knees, but you might face seriously sprained knees while going through obstacles while riding.

Is Skateboarding Bad For Your Knees? – Let’s Find Out

In this article, we have discussed the effects and injuries which may occur while skateboarding. We have also highlighted the best equipment to reduce knee injuries.

So, check our content right now to enjoy safe Skateboarding.

Is Skateboarding Bad For Your Body?

The effects of skateboarding on the body may differ as per riding style. Repeated pushing during the learning process may cause pelvis misalignment among beginners.

Also there is a possibility to get injured while cruising or performing tricks is quite common. Well, falling is a part of learning skateboarding. That’s why every skateboarder must wear proper protective gear.

As per our research, Skateboarding can severely injure knees and arms if not equipped with proper clothes or safety gear. Most skateboarders face most injuries in their extremities. The extremity injury rate is around 74%. Repeated slams while riding might leave you with chronic pain over time.

Now, you might be thinking, “Skateboarding is too harsh on the body. Why would I skateboard if it is so dangerous?”

Well, skateboarding injuries can be severe if you are not careful enough. But it is a superb form of exercise to strengthen the body.

By Skateboarding, a rider can improve particular muscle groups. It not only acts on core muscles but also strengthens the core equilibrium. Thus, your abdominal muscles, back muscles, joints, hip, and extremities will undergo an overall development.

Skateboarders master balancing and become conscious eventually. Thus they can more easily cope up with dangerous consequences than the average person.

Does Skateboarding Ruin Your Knees?

Actually, skateboarding never ruins the knee. Instead, it acts on the muscles and ligaments around the complex knee joint. Thus the joint remains strong and reduces the risk of injury, mainly dislocation of the knee.

If you jump from a certain height while performing down gaps or aerial tricks, you might end up hurting the knees. Such practice regularly can cause Arthritis at an early age of life.

Well, obviously, if you fall on the left knee or right knee while skating, you will get hurt severely. I bet every skater has faced such consequences once or twice in their life. That’s why you need knee braces to protect them whenever you fall while learning.

What Are The Most Common Skateboarding Injuries?

Skateboarding is fun and dangerous as well. There can be multiple consequences that will lead you to mild or severe injuries.

Let’s check the most common skateboarding injuries now:

Ankle & Shin Bruises

Ankle and shin bruises are the most frequent occurrence during Skateboarding. The shin bruises hurt a lot, and skaters really hate it. That’s why shin bruises are widely known as “Shinners”

Heel Bruises

Heel Bruise is one of the minor injuries that occur by landing on the heel after losing balance during an aerial trick.

Though the heel bruise is not severe, it can make the rider really weak. He may need prolonged recovery time if the hurt was too extreme or the height of the fall was too high.

As first aid, we would suggest Resting, applying Ice, Compression, and Elevation. If the pain becomes persistent, it would be better to see a doctor.

Hyperextension Of Ankle/ Hot Pockets

Hot pocket or hyperextension of the ankle occurs if you land on your ankle by transmitting excess weight. At first, the pain will remain for several minutes.

However, the pain will become more severe later on.

We would advise applying ice for several days while limiting walk or other physical exercises. Ankle Stretching will eventually reduce the pain.

However, if you don’t see any improvement or gain normal mobility, consulting with an osteopath is necessary.

Fractured Wrist & Fingers

While falling from the board, a rider might accidentally land on the bones of his wrist and fingers. Repeated wrist injury might cause a severe fracture.

Never ride on board with a wrist injury. The next fall might totally ruin your wrist. Wear proper wrist guards and be sensible. Else you will surely regret it at a later stage of life.

If you have injured your wrist, it is best to see a doctor and follow his prescription to heal properly.

Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle is one of the most common injuries skateboarders face often.

There can be several consequences like losing balance, sudden change of decision, or hesitation, leading to a rolled ankle.

Suppose a rider lands on his foot when it is half on the board and half on the ground; he might severely injured the ankle. A direct landing on the ankle will surely roll your ankles.

Consulting physical therapists is a must if you’ve rolled your ankle.

Sprained Knee

Sprained knees are not as frequent as sprained ankles. It may occur in scenarios when the feet are stuck in any obstacles.

Though sprained knee is not a frequent case, it is more dangerous than an ankle sprain. Once your knees are strained, it may take a prolonged recovery period.

Back Pain

While skating through obstacles, you will face repeated slams, making you a bit uncomfortable over time.

Basically, the offset posture may be the origin of the back pain. Stretching after every ride might help to reduce back pain.

Check the time below for a quick recapitulation:

Of Injury


Ankle and shin bruises

  • Apply ice or any antiseptics.


Heel Bruises

  • Apply Ice to the Bruise
  • The victim will need rest & compression



Hot Pockets

  • Apply ice to the injured area
  • Rest will enhance the healing process
  • Trying some stretching exercises will help a lot

Wrist and Finger Fracture

  • You can take painkillers if in extreme need
  • Pay a visit to the physician

Knee or Ankle sprain

  • Pay a visit to the doctor

Back Pain

  • Stretching exercises
  • Consult with a physician

How to Prevent Skateboarding Injuries?

After discussing skateboarding injuries, the first topic that comes to mind is “How to avoid or prevent skateboarding injuries?”

Being vigilant is the precondition to enjoy a safe skateboarding trip. It would be best if you abide by several tips to reduce skateboarding injuries or use something for injury prevention.

Always Wear Protective Gears:

  • Helmet
  • Slip-resistant shoes
  • Wrist & ankle pads
  • Knee braces or knee pads

Learn To Fall Safely:

  • Squat down while falling
  • Start rolling instead of landing on bones of extremities

Learn Foot Brake Tricks:

Every rider should master foot brake tricks, especially if he wants to ride around traffic.

How Do I Strengthen My Knees For Skateboarding?

Regular stretching and warm-up before Skateboarding will strengthen the knee. Warm-ups are meant to reduce injuries and protect the body.

Warm-up for skateboarders is consisting of following exercises:

  • Joint rotations
  • Cardio workout
  • Stretching

Check The Best Knee Brace For Skateboarding

In order to ensure superior safety for your knees, we have reviewed the top two knee brace or knee support for skateboarders.

NEENCA Knee Brace

The NEENCA is renowned for its comfy knee Brace, which has superior value in relieving knee pain & reducing injuries. The Double anti-slip technology ensures zero sliding during skating or exercises.

The gel pads play an incredible role in stabilizing the joint and supporting the knee cap tightly. Its breathable fabric is excellent in absorbing sweat and keeps the user free from allergies. Its soft elastic design is super comfy and fits in the knee perfectly.

The thick knee Brace will keep the joints warm without any compromise in comfort. Even though these braces are cheap, they provide better support than expensive ones.


  • Comfy Brace with stable support
  • Breathable fabric

Old Bones Therapy Knee Brace

These knee braces offer a sophisticated design that provides gel pads for superior stability and joint stabilization.

This medical-grade brace can increase compression on the knees resulting in promoted circulation and recovery time. The increased compression tends to reduce pain and inflammation.

The lightweight, breathable fabric ensures ergonomic comfort with the highest flexibility and support. These braces are not only incredible for skateboarders but also useful for patients with Arthritis, tendonitis, or MCL.


  • Long-lasting pain relief
  • Stable support within budget

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Skateboarding Good For Your Legs?

Answer: Yes, Skateboarding is good for the legs strength as it acts on a group of muscles of the lower limb, including glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

However, you must keep in mind that chronic strain from powerful momentum may result in severe health conditions, including plantar fasciitis, fractures, stress, or bone spurs.

Skateboarders may also face Achilles tendonitis, where the patient would need longer-term, intense therapies.

Q: Is Skateboarding Good For Your Knees?

Answer: Yes, Skateboarding can strengthen the muscles around the patella knee joint. Thus, the joint becomes more substantial, and joint dislocation is reduced to a great extent.

However, falling on your knees while riding might cause serious knee injury and knee sprain. So, wearing knee braces and other protective gear is a must before riding.

Q: Is Skateboarding Every Day Bad?

Answer: Obviously, no! Skating regularly will hone your skill and keep you fit instead. Just be vigilant enough and maintain the protective gear for a safer ride.

Q: Do You Bend Your Knees When Skateboarding?

Answer: Yes, bending the knees is an incredible idea to maintain better posture, stability, and flexibility. Knee bending tends to empower the push, which initiates the speed of the skateboarder.

Q: Can Skateboarding Cause Arthritis?

Answer: There is no surety that a skater will indeed have Arthritis. It’s basically up to your style.

Researchers have shown that repeated & excess high jump, down gaps, or aerial tricks may cause Arthritis at an early age of life.

Final Words

Being a beginner, you might have queries like, is skateboarding bad for your knees? Will Skateboarding ruin my knees?

As you have read our content so far, I bet you are aware that Skateboarding doesn’t ruin your body; instead, it’s an excellent form of exercise. The way a kid learns walking through falling, a beginner masters skating by going through slams, beatings, and bruises.

In order to keep the injuries to a minimum level, skaters must wear protective gear and be sensible.

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