Longboarding In The Rain

Longboarding In The Rain | Things You Should Do

“Longboarding in the rain” or “Can you longboard in the rain” – how thrilling to hear, isn’t it? As an adventure addict, it is hard to miss this kind of golden opportunity. But sometimes some people don’t have an alternative to riding during rainy weather. 

Here comes the question- is it really possible to ride on a longboard in the rain? If yes, then is it safe and wise? What precautions are necessary for it?

If the above questions are knocking on your head, then please don’t miss this article. This is a complete guideline of longboard in rain including all its pros and cons. 

So, let’s explore every detail of this adventurous and challenging experience. 

Pros and Cons of Longboarding in the Rain

As an extreme sport, longboarding can be both joyful and dodgy at the same time, particularly while it’s raining. 

So, it has both conveniences and inconveniences. Wondering what they are? Then have a look at the list below. 


  • As a rider, you will be more cautious while it’s raining. So, it will add a lot of different experiences to your longboarding journey. 
  • For beginners who are not good at sliding, a wet surface is way more helpful to learn sliding quickly. 
  • It will give you a never-felt experience along with heavenly pleasure. Once you try it, you will know how much fun and thrill it offers.
  • As a result of being more careful, you will have fewer chances of distraction and injuries.


  • A slippery road is full of dangers even for those who are walking. So, it can really be uncanny while longboarding. 
  • Because of the less traction, taking turns and making other stances are way too risky on a soggy surface.
  • Your longboard will crush fast if it’s not properly taken care of. After every ride in the rain, the board needs to be dried. It is a big hazard indeed.
  • The bearings will be damaged if not washed and cleaned duly. So, a wet surface adds a lot more after work to your routine in order to keep the longboard long-lasting.
  • While raining or after raining, you cannot enjoy riding at a high speed because the wet and slippery road will not permit you full control of your board. This one is a major drawback of longboard in rain.

Things You Should Do

You must take care of certain things to ride on a longboard during rain – be it for fun and thrill or for an unavoidable situation. 

To ensure a smooth longboarding experience in the rain, we have divided the safeguards into three parts. Let us explain below. 

Before Riding:

There are some preparations that you can take before starting your journey. These tricks will lessen the risk factors of riding on a damp route. 

Be selective of longboards and choose a cheap and convenient one to use in the rain. Because using all of them will make you do a lot of extra maintaining activities. Also, if it is damaged, you will not lose much. 

Although the longboard might be cheap, you should go for standard bearings and wheels. They will help overcome the less traction of the road.

Check the board thoroughly all over the body. If you find any scratches in the deck, be careful enough and mind that it would be warping prone. Also, a scratched longboard should be dried thoroughly after an adventure in the rain.

Sealing the scratches is a must before you use them. Any water-resistant element like hairspray, paint, etc, will do the job.

Choose a board that covers at least a part of the wheels. Otherwise, it will be a disadvantage. 

Be selective about your attire. In rainy weather, it is bound to get dirty anyway. So, putting on a cloth that does not hurt you even if it gets wet and untidy. Like the board, the clothing must be inexpensive. 

After clothes, now it’s time to decide on your shoes. Since they are a crucial component to keep you safe, it would be the wisest to pick a non-slippery pair. Otherwise, the grip tape will get wet and as a result, you will end up facing serious accidents.

Traction is an important issue to hold control of the road. In the rainy season, we suggest you have a set of rain wheels to get consistent traction on the slope. If you don’t afford to buy it, the DIY option is available as well.

The most valuable piece of advice for you would be- buy a waterproof board. The less it will absorb water, the more you will gain traction and control. So, it will keep you safe all the way while you are enjoying longboarding while it is raining. 

During Longboarding:

In the longboarding journey, you must consider some safety tricks if the sky is showering. It is completely different from a usual ride. So, having a helmet and safety pads is a must. 

If there are puddles, try your best to avoid them. It’s already raining. So, what is the benefit of adding more water to your board?

Besides, a puddle can deceive you with a large hole or a stone. Why take the risk of a sudden crash?

Please remember that a smart rider would never practice new tricks and turns during rainfall. Instead, stick to your regular stances and be wide-awake enough.

Every little move counts on disastrous weather like rainfall. So watch your moves and the road as well. Even a thin line can make you fall hard. No matter what, try to hold control of the longboard. If something unexpected happens, you should give up and go back at once. 

After Riding:

Once you finish riding, that is not the end. There are some additional tips for you to follow. 

To maintain a longboard effectively you must disassemble it after every ride on a rainy day. Then take away the wheels and bearings, clean and dry them appropriately along with the other parts. Furthermore, the kingpin must be unscrewed. 

A board needs to be kept at a dry place even after hair drying it. Don’t use it immediately. 

There are some rules for drying the longboard as well. Never put it directly on the ground. You can keep the wheel first and then place the deck on it. 

To keep the bearings fine and sharp as a new set, apply lubricant on them after every wash. Otherwise, they will eventually get destroyed. 

Way too tiring? Well, that’s how it is. But if you do not have the patience to follow this long procedure after an exhaustive rainy ride, just spin the wheels frequently. 

This is not the best idea of course, but at least some water will be disposed of the bearing.  This will lessen the chance of rust. 

Is Longboarding in the Rain Bad?

This is perhaps the most searched query about longboarding. The answer is yes and no at the same time, depending on a few facts. 

If you are a beginner, then, of course, it is a bad idea to ride on a longboard while raining. Countless surprises are waiting for you and they can be venturesome like hell. So it is never suggested for beginners to start this uncanny journey. 

But if you are a professional and looking for some fresh new experiences, longboard in rain can make a blast. 

It will add whole new expertise to your longboarding career with a lot of adrenaline rush. The best fun ever – that is the best part of riding on a board on a rainy day. 

Closing Thoughts

Rain can be both a blessing and a curse for the longboarders. If someone gets into a scrape and is bound to ride on a longboard during rainfall, it may be quite hazardous. 

But if someone desires to explore the unexcavated excitement and palpitation of this adventurous game, longboarding in the rain can add the next level of enthusiasm to their journey.  

So, it’s your turn to make your mind up whether you are up for it or not. If yes, then don’t forget to follow the tips and tricks we mentioned. They will make the journey smoother and easier.

Happy Longboarding!

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