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Skating Mongo Vs Regular | Their Basic Differences

Being a beginner, you might have heard about ‘Mongo’ and you may not care about stances & go for the comfortable one. However, in the skateboarding world, it is really a big deal. The regular stance gives the skater a proper flow and stability.

So Mongo is not like a skateboarding taboo. Still, it is usually frowned upon, but why? Is mongo pushing really bad?

In this article, we have held a detailed discussion on Skating Mongo Vs Regular.

Mongo is frowned just not because it looks weird. Mongo pushing is way tougher than the regular one. While performing mongo, a rider has to move around his feet frequently. So, achieving proper stability takes more time than usual.

In order to get a better concept on mongo & regular stances, check our entire article below and begin the skateboarding trip now!

What Is Pushing Mongo?

Pushing around is the essential skill a skater learns at the very beginning. It is ideal for pushing with the dominant foot.

If you are a regular footed rider, you have to place your right on the rear and push with that. In the case of lefties, they have to push with their left foot. This stance is termed as ‘goofy.’ By pushing with the dominant foot, a skater can achieve better control and stability.

However, Mongo is totally different from goofy or regular stances. Mongo pushing seems quite clumsy and dangerous. Skaters have to twist around most of the time to attain a natural posture. Due to frequent feet shifting, the weight balance gets messed up, and the overall stability decreases.

Thus, they lose the smoothness of skating and seem like a rookie.  

Skating Mongo Vs Regular: What Are Their Basic Differences?

Basic Concept:

When we say regular pushing or proper stance, it means pushing the skateboard by the rear foot. First, a rider has to place his front foot near the trucks and bolts. Then the dominant back foot helps in pushing forward. 

We witness a totally different concept in the case of mongo. During mongo, at first, the skater has to place his dominant foot near the trucks while the front foot will be responsible for pushing.

But then, things get tricky to maintain the normal position. Here he has to bring his front foot on the center and simultaneously place the back foot on the tail.

Performing Ollie Or Kick Turns:

Pushing mongo can leave you with a couple of disadvantages. Either you want to perform Ollie, hop cracks or kick turn; you must have better access to your tail. Performing Ollie with regular pushing is quite convenient. All you have to do is bring your dominant foot towards the tail. Thus, you get enough time to react to unexpected consequences.

During Mongo pushing, you have to focus on extra steps. As your stability will decrease, the reflex time will decrease as well. Any unexpected situation may lead to dangerous accidents due to less reaction time. If you have skate mongo before, I bet you have faced this issue already.


When your dominant foot is placed on the skateboard center, the weight distribution gets messed up. Thus the ride becomes unstable, especially if you have already reached a greater speed.

Avoiding Obstacles:

As mongo pushing is already unstable, it’s hard to change the root if some obstacle suddenly appears on the way.

On the contrary, regular pushing is quite stable as the front foot is already placed close to the front bolts.

I bet now you can imagine why we have stated that Mongo footwork is quite clumsy. Skating is already hard enough. So why would you make it harder by mongo pushing?

Why Is Pushing Mongo Bad?

Looks are not the only issue while pushing mongo. Pushing mongo makes skateboarding harder and more dangerous.

Let’s why you shouldn’t push mongo!


Risk is the first factor to consider while discussing difference between mongo and regular skating.

Regular pushing provides a stable base to rely on & push. However, while performing mongo, the dominant foot placement causes weight shifting.

Firstly, if the board’s back weighs more, the front wheels will pop off the surface during the push. So, you will have poor control, stability resulting in an imprecise & hectic ride.


Regular pushing always looks natural whether you are backing off to push or stepping on the tail.

However, Mongo consists of multiple foot works. After placing the back foot on the board, you can hardly expect any stability. Then, you need to bring your front foot in the exact same position for the next trick while the back is on the tail.

Aren’t they too complicated, especially for beginners? 

Silly Appearance:

Most professionals don’t prefer mongo as a rider loses his smoothness. Now you might say, ‘ I am a skater and don’t really care about the looks.’

Well, yeah, appearance might not be the major factor to consider. In a group of skaters, your skating style will make you unique.

However, mongo has always been a technique that won’t make you cool. Instead, you will look ridiculous.

Do Any Pros Push Mongo? 

Yes, some professionals and talented skaters loved mongo. So, if mongo is your thing, don’t feel nervous. These professionals corrected their stances before starting their skating careers. Here are the pro skaters that push mongo:

Bill Danforth:

Bill Danforth was quite notorious for his styles and mongo pushing. He was known as ‘Pushing Dan’ & ‘The Nomad’

Randy Colvin:

The professional skater Randy Colvin showed mongo pushing in Two World Industries Men in 1990. The skill he showed the world in the ’90s was really marvelous.

Tom Penny:

The talented Tom penny was a mongo pusher in his early days. Later on, he corrected his stances and became a legend over time.

Chris Cole:

Can you believe even Chris Cole was a mongo pusher at the beginning? When it comes to skills, Chris Cole is incomparable.

However, Jamie Thomas motivated him to proceed as a regular pusher if he wants a skateboarding career.

Final Words

Mongo Vs Regular stances might have seemed like a hectic thing to focus on. However, style and stability matter a lot during skating.

After going through our article, I bet you have understood why mongo is so notorious. If you are a mongo pusher and want to build a skateboarding career, correct your stances immediately.

It is never too late, so go for it and show off your dazzling styles.

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