Skateboard Bearing Lube Alternatives

Skateboard Bearing Lube Alternatives | What Can I Use?

Skateboard bearings play a vital role in your overall skating performance. So, you must lubricate it often. Otherwise, it will get dirty and stuck in the road. 

Affording some of the best lubricants is not always possible. That’s why we have come up with some skateboard bearing lube alternatives here. Not only are they easy to use but also affordable. In absence of a bearing lubricant, they can conveniently get your job done.

The first thing that comes to our mind as an alternative to a bearing lube is oil. But which oil is suitable to grease your wheel bearing and which is not- that is the prime concern.

Below, we have outlined what you can use as lube and whatnot. Besides, the process of properly lubricating your bearing is also discussed.

Let’s walk together through the discussion to learn more.

Is It Necessary To Lubricate Skateboard Bearings?

Hell yes, unless you want to get into an accident on the dirty and sandy roads outside.

Of course, a clean and lubricated bearing will roll faster than an unlubricated one. When it encounters the dirt and debris of the roads, it will get stuck.

You don’t want a sudden surprise that your skateboard is immobilized unexpectedly, right? Then it’s better to lubricate its bearings to protect them from wear and tear.

That being said, lubricants enhance the lifetime of bearings along with making them spin smoother. Not cleaning them regularly? You will end up buying new bearings too often.

So, if you want a long lifespan of your bearings, nothing but lubricants is your best friends.

Let’s learn below about some preferable skateboard-bearing lube alternatives and their proper use.

Some Best Skateboard Bearing Lube Alternatives You Can Use

Apart from the readymade, there is some skateboard bearing lubricant alternatives available in the market also. They will help you when you are in dire demand of lubes.

You can use the following things as substitutes for branded bearing lubes:

Motor Oil:

Although not recommended as an ideal lube for bearings, lightweight motor oil is workable when you are in pinch. But it must not be too thick.

Vegetable Oil:

As a quick bearing lube substitute, you can rely on vegetable oils from your kitchen (Though it attracts dust). 

Canola Oil:

Canola oil is produced both in the edible form and in the industrial form. The industrial form is pretty good as a lubricant that can be used for skateboard bearings, bikes, doorknobs, etc.


Another good choice to lube your bearings is tri-flow lubricant. It is a spray-type lube with light viscosity.

Olive Oil:

Some people use olive oil, like other vegetable oils as a bearing lube.

3 in 1 Oil:

We found 3 in 1 oil as a feasible solution too. 

PAM Cooking Oil:

It is basically a cooking spray that can be conveniently used around your bearings to make them greased.

Which Is Better? Grease Or Oil?

There is always indecision among skateboarders between oil lubricants and grease lubricants. You too, must be worried about which would serve you better, right?

Okay, let us clarify your confusion.

We found both working great individually to make your bearings plane and polished. But both have their own upsides and downsides. 

Oil, as lubricants work better than grease in terms of making the wheels faster and smoother. As they are less sticky, they do not resist the bearings as much as the greasy lube. Resultantly, the bearings roll faster making you more accelerated.

So, if you care for speed while skateboarding, oil lubricants are meant to be chosen.

However, the drawback is you need to clean the bearings more often which is the plus point of grease. If you are a lazy one and want to avoid relubricating your bearings too often, go for grease lubricants. They are also better when it comes to leakage control and contaminant sealing.

On top of that, they withstand any adverse condition better than oil as they last longer.

But you need to skate more powerfully because they are gluier and as a result resistant to moving. You will be tired quickly putting more pressure on the board.

Truth be told, it is an ongoing debate that never dies. Ultimately, you are the one to decide which will work better for you- grease or oil?

Cooking Oil For Skateboard Bearings

Can I Use Cooking Oil On Skateboard Bearings?

Yes, you can. To make the bearings spin faster, it’s better than not using anything to lubricate them. 

Silicone Lubricant For Skateboard Bearings

Can I Use Silicone Lubricant As Lube For Skateboard Bearings?

This is the best of all, for sure. Not only do silicone-based lubes lessen dust accumulation, but they also last pretty long too.

Coconut Oil For Skateboard Bearings

Q: Can I Use Coconut Oil As Lube For Skateboard Bearings?

Answer: You can but it’s not a good idea though. Eventually, your bearings will be slower like hell.

White Lithium Grease Skateboard Bearings

Q: Can You Use White Lithium Grease On Skateboard Bearings?

Answer: To be specific, no. Being too soft and not suitable for high-temperature, they are not considered a good option for skate bearings. 

How To Clean Skateboard Bearings: Follow These Steps

With the basic knowledge of the possible skateboard bearing subs, now you will know the proper process of cleaning and relubricating the bearings.

Have a look below to learn the steps:

Step 1: Collect Necessary Tools Together

The things you need for this process are your used skateboard bearings, 91% acetone/ alcohol, a big jar or bowl, a rag, and finally a small pin, razor blade, or straightened staple to pop out the bearing shield.

Step 2: Remove The Shield

Carefully pop out the shield from the bearing. They can be either rubber made or plastic made. Use a small bobby pin, staple, or blade to remove the shield.

Step 3: Soak And Clean The Bearings

Now it’s time to soak the bearings into your chosen alcohol or acetone solution. Let them sit for 15-30 minutes. But remember, the longer, the better. 

Before taking them out of the solution, shake the bowl or jar putting a lid on it. Then take the bearings up. Now, clean them entirely with the help of a rag.

Step 4: Dry Them

After cleaning properly, let the bearings sit on a paper towel until they are dry. 

Step 5: Grease And Re-Seal The Bearings

Finally, you have cleaned your bearings and made them grit-free. Now use your favorite oil or grease lube to relubricate them. Of course, you can opt for any other lubricant alternatives. 

Properly cover the balls with lubes with your fingers. Also, apply your greasy fingers on the outside of the rubber seal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Oil Can You Use To Lube Skateboard Bearings?

Answer: You can use motor oil, vegetable oil, cooking oil, 3 in 1 oil, baby oil, etc. to lube skateboarding bearings.

Q: Can I Use Vaseline To Lubricate Skateboard Bearings?

Answer: Yes, you can. It is a pretty good lubricant. But it wouldn’t last as long as a proper lubricant.

Q: Can You Use Vegetable Oil As Lube For Bearings?

Answer: Vegetable oil like soya oil, canola oil can be used as alternative oil lubricants for skateboard bearings. They are far better than mineral oils.

Q: What Household Items Can You Use To Make Lube? 

Answer: Among the household items, you can choose acetone-based nail cutis removers, petroleum jelly, cooking oil, silicone-based lubes, etc. as alternatives to skate bearing lubricants.

Q: Can I Use Olive Oil To Lube My Bearings?

Answer: Well, we will not recommend it. It attracts too much dirt and doesn’t last long. But it will help when there is no option available. 

Q: Can I Use 3 in 1 Oil For Bearings?

Answer: As already mentioned, you can rely on 3 in 1 in the absence of a better alternative. It’s just that you need to clean and reapply it pretty often.

Final Words

Here comes this discussion to an end. We hope you have got introduced to some amazing skateboard bearing lube alternatives which are easily accessible when needed.

But please make sure to clean the bearings before applying lubes. Otherwise, all your effort will go in vain. 

Lubricants are not only responsible for the long lifespan of bearings but also protect them from rusting. While choosing substitutes of lubricants, avoid WD-40 as it is a solvent, not a lubricant.

However, you can leave your further queries about lubricating skateboard bearings in the comment section below.

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