Best Skateboard Wheels For Rough Roads

Check 8 Best Skateboard Wheels For Rough Roads In 2021

If you have been skateboarding for quite a long time, you must know how difficult it is to ride on rough terrain without a proper set of skateboard wheels. 

Usually, soft wheels work best when it comes to riding on rough roads. But there are so many options out there. Confused which will suit you the most?

Let’s explore together the best skateboard wheels for rough roads in 2021.  

Best Skateboard Wheels For Rough Roads Comparison Table

With years of skateboarding experiences, we have listed 8 products in this review that we found the most workable to fight back rough surfaces.

Of course, each of them is individually tested by our expert team before putting them in this comparison.

Among the 8 wheels, we found the Shark Skateboard Wheel is the ultimate winner considering its architecture, endurance, execution, and steadfastness. 

Let’s dig into the detailed analysis to know more about each of them.

8 Best Skateboard Wheels For Rough Roads Reviews

Among so many alternatives in the market, we prefer the following eight wheels to keep you safe while riding on rough terrains.

Check a detailed discussion below with all their pros and cons.

1. Shark Skateboard Wheel (California Roll):


Key Features:


Having a diameter of 60 mm, Shark Wheel 78a skateboard wheels are a perfect match for rough and bumpy roads. We know that bigger wheels work better on roads full of dirt, debris, rocks, and pebbles.

These wheels exactly fulfill this criterion being made with perfectly fine size. Consequently, you will not be at risk of wheel bite.

Scientifically Proven Performance:

In practice, it is proven that these wheels can withstand dirt, debris, water, and other particles better than any conventional wheels. 


Being beautifully built, Shark Wheel 60 mm lasts quite long even after frequent use over rocks and bumps. However, they also assure smoother riding for longer than a regular set of skateboarding wheels.

Traction and Grip:

We often find that while maintaining quality and speed, most of the rough roads skateboard wheels compromise traction and grip. Not anymore as these wheels don’t impact any of them.

You can get super traction with proper grip in case of sliding, turning, cruising over gravels. They will match all of your riding styles while exploring your stone-covered neighboring areas.

Pack of Four Wheels:

As it is a set of complete packages, you will get four wheels in a set. So, it will be enough for one skateboard. Also, the wheels offer better maneuverability while doing tricks and stances.

Wavy Pattern:

These wheels have a wave pattern design, not a completely round shape, which rather adds an advantage to them. The design is meant to alleviate abrasion while you are in need of a high speed.


  • Bigger wheels to absorb shocks and impacts
  • Suitable for tricks and stances
  • Wave pattern allows reducing friction 


  • A bit pricey compared to similar category products
  • Doesn’t hold bearings for long

Why You Will Choose It:

However, if you have enough budget and you long for a smooth riding experience, this must be your pick. Apart from the minor issues, we found it super comfortable even in the roughest terrain. It literally fights gravel or any other obstacles in your way and makes you skate freely.

No wonder it was featured in the famous Future Tech segment of Discovery Channel. 

2. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheel (Cruiser Wheel):

Key Features:

Fully Assembled:

The set comes with four wheels that are already assembled. Also, get pre-installed ABEC-7 bearings and spacers with it. Being fully assembled, they are super easy to install on your board.

Polyurethane Wheels:

We loved the fact that each of the wheels is well-constructed with premium-quality polyurethane. As a result, they last longer than expected. This feature makes them suitable for any type of surface as well. 

Lubricated Bearings:

Another amazing feature of this set from FREEDARE is that the bearing steel is finely lubricated.  So, they perform better in any adverse condition than any regular set. 


What makes it a great fit in our best skateboard wheels for rough terrain is its price. So many advantages in just a few bucks. Literally, it is a winning pick if you have a low budget. Still, you can get satisfying quality to ride on rough roads or cruising around.


Being made in the size of 58 mm, you will love the softness of the wheels. Along with an 82a durometer, they are pretty soft for smooth riding and maintain a satisfying speed. 


Along with being affordable, these skating wheels are easily adjustable too. You can set them up with any type of board like penny boards, longboards, or cruisers. But they are specifically designed for cruising in the larger and wider form. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • High-quality polyurethane makes the wheels durable
  • Equally suitable to ride on asphalt or rocky/uneven surface


  • Not suitable for smaller boards
  • Bearings could have been faster

Why You Will Choose It:

What makes it exceptional is the extremely affordable price range with its ability to cover long distances as well. If you are looking for a regular board for transportation, this could meet your expectations.

Moreover, the 58 mm diameter is worthy enough to allow speedy acceleration when needed. On top of that, even beginners can practice street tricks safely.

3. Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheel:

Key Features:

Wheel Diameter:

As the manufacturers claim, the wheels are well-constructed in 54 mm diameter. This indicates how nicely they are shaped to adapt to your skateboard. You will experience no wheel bite with these large enough rough roads skateboard wheels.

Low Durometer:

Having a low durometer rating, only 78a, we found these amazing wheels from Ricta pretty soft. No worries if you are skating on bumpy grounds. They will take care of any difficult terrains. That’s why it is one of the best skateboard wheels for bumpy roads.


Even the roughest roads will feel like the smoothest warehouse floors under these super bouncy wheels. You cannot but fall in love with the easygoing tricks and turns besides its super fast speed. No need for frequent push as the wheels runs smoothly.


Unlike other skateboard wheels in a similar size, these are lightweight- only 7.05 ounces. In spite of being modern shaped, they are not weighty at all. Both the inner layer and the outer layer make it a great deal for cruising or filming.

Solid Structure:

We loved the well-built wheels that are urethane-made. Additionally, they are extremely quiet while riding without making any harsh sounds. Reasonably, they are known as Cloud Wheels, giving you an unintimidating skating experience. 


  • Speedy enough on even the roughest pavement
  • Soft and large enough to ensure hassle-free riding
  • Super lightweight for smooth rolling


  • Not engineered to practice advanced tricks
  • A bit expensive
  • A bit sticky

Why You Will Choose It:

What could be a better option for cruising around the town other than these premium quality rough road skating wheels? More than anything else, the amazing customer reviews prove how satisfying they are!

When it comes to skating on rough surfaces, they are known as speed demons. That’s why even the professionals suggest it to ride on rugged terrain, sidewalks, or rocky pavements. You cannot go wrong with these amazing wheels from Ricta.

4. Orangatang Kegel Skateboard Wheel:

Key Features:

Maximum Speed:

As the diameter is large enough, 80 mm, these wheels by Kegel provide breakneck speed while rolling over almost anything. No matter how bumpy the path is, how many cracks, grits, or gravels is there- you will experience the maximum speed with Orangatang Kegel 80 mm skateboard wheels.

Best Grip and Traction:

Being especially engineered for rough roads, the wheels have sharp square lips. Those lips are highly effective to provide remarkable grip. On top of that, you will be able to safely slide any obstacles when it is required. We were amazed by the balance even when we faced the most irregular pathway.

Large, Exposed Core:

One of the best features, perhaps, the large 46 mm core. Because of its valley-shaped cross-section, the weight of the wheels gets reduced. Consequently, you will enjoy fast acceleration and wavy slides.


What makes it a great fit in our best skateboard wheels for rough roads is the ultimate versatility. Regardless of longboard or skateboard, they could be used both for downhill and cruising. Besides, riding on uneven streets to cover long distances, pumping, hard carving, etc. are also allowed by these orange wheels by Orangatang.

Urethane Formula:

Like all other Kegel wheels, these are formulated by following the Happy Thane formula. Needless to say that, this formula makes them unique with super fast speed, splendid pull, and butter-smooth sliding.

Premium Quality:

Having a perfect size and durometer of 80a, it belongs to the premium category of skateboarding wheel. That’s why professional riders often use them and recommend them most often. Talking of the workmanship, they are sturdy enough to support even on the most difficult surface.


  • Maximum speed, grip, and traction
  • Eye-catching orange color
  • Single push is enough to roll over anything


  • Might be too big for some small boards
  • Overpriced for those who have a shoestring budget

Why You Will Choose It:

We highly recommended this package as it comes with four wheels. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, they will work equally great for you. That is the USP of these wheels that does justice to every penny you spend.

Most interestingly, you can fix the oversize issue by using riser pads. What more do you need from such an excellent set of rough-terrain skateboard wheels?

5. Ricta Skateboard Wheel:

Key Features:


One of the prerequisites for performing better on cracked surfaces to maintain balance. In this regard, you can trust Ricta Clouds 92a Wheels with closed eyes. Be it a bumpy sidewalk or a rocky skate park, these will work just fine offering the necessary balance.

Hi-Energy Urethane Formula:

Guess what makes it one of the speediest wheels out there. Yes, it is the NRG Hi-Energy urethane formula. At the same time, you need not compromise your performance while doing tricks on the streets.

Excellent Grip:

On slick terrain what you need the most is an outstanding grip. Thanks to these soft Ricta Wheels that are there to help you out. Providing excellent grip, they hold the bearings well to fight back any dirt, dust, or debris on the road.

Larger than Average Wheels:

What we found troublesome after ordering a set is that they are wider than conventional wheels. So, it would be wise to order a size smaller than your actual requirement. 

Comfortable Riding:

As they are amid soft and hard wheels, you will feel relaxed while skating over rough areas. That is the specialty of the Ricta Cloud series. 


  • Smooth and comfy riding 
  • Great for doing mid-level tricks
  • The urethane formula makes it faster


  • Not compatible for tenacious tricks
  • The color gets yellowish pretty soon

Why You Will Choose It:

The smart white color will surely grab your attention. They look amazing. Apart from the outstanding outlook, we also loved the professional-level workmanship. Being tailored with top-quality urethane materials, they outperform many other rough road wheels in a similar size range.

Also, if you think about safety first, this should be your grab. The 92a softer wheels slow down the speed to keep you safe and sound. We highly recommend it for beginner to intermediate riders.

6. Bigfoot Skateboard Wheel (Cruiser Filmer Wheel):

Key Features:

Smooth Wheeling:

Use the famous Bigfoot Wheels in the size 53 mm and have a steady rolling experience. Moreover, they are soft enough to endure bumps and cracks.

Hard Plastic Core:

Because of the hard plastic core, bearings don’t get restricted while sliding or turning. As a result, the speed doesn’t get affected. So, you can enjoy fast rolling. 

83a Durometer:

Are you new to skateboarding? No worry as Bigfoot is there. Their 53 mm wheels are manufactured with 83a durometers which perfectly meet the expectations of the new riders. Get introduced to smooth and speedy skating over a rough surface. 


Riding on rugged areas? Tired of the heavy grinds? Not anymore. Not only these amazing wheels will assure a steady ride but also will surprise you with a quiet journey. Ride on the roughest spot without any distracting sound and enjoy your everyday commuting. 

Small But Steady:

Although these are small in size, they satisfied their customers with high-performing ability. They are smooth, stable, and perfect for a rocky street or sidewalk. Try out some tricks without any fear as they will take care of the tangled terrain pretty well.


  • Great for cruising and filming
  • Roll around pretty fast
  • Extremely affordable price range


  • Not that long-lasting
  • A bit difficult to kick and turn
  • Not for professional use

Why You Will Choose It:

Want something premium at a very affordable price range? Don’t miss it out. Although it takes little time to get used to the riding tricks, you will love it once you do.

Compared to any top-grade skateboard wheels for rough roads like Ricta Clouds, it performs pretty similarly while cruising. If you are searching for the most budget-friendly one, give it a try.

7. Value Not Found Skateboard Wheel:

Key Features:

Super Swift:

Another one from Ricta secures its place in our top 8 skateboard wheels for rough roads list. Of course, you will experience the fast speed as these are particularly made for rough roads. The 86A durometers are enough to perform well with small boards. 

Excellent Grip:

Worried of a dirty surface? Tired of fighting with a wooden skatepark? This set is definitely your pick. Offering a firm grip, Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels 86A is always there to slide any splits very smoothly.


The lightweight construction makes it the best suit for rugged terrain. On rough roads, these wheels don’t affect your speed with a heavy feature. Thanks to its 9.12 ounces weight that makes it a great grab for filming or cruising.


As the name suggests, Ricta has tailored it as a unisex skateboard wheel. It is one of the prominent reasons for its cloud-kissing popularity. 

Hybrid Wheels:

We loved its subtle compromise between hard wheels and soft cruising wheels. Being perfectly made to serve in the rough spots, it also works just fine for skate parks to do tricks.


  • Soft cruising wheels with 86A durometers
  • 57 mm wide diameter with the larger contact patch
  • Suitable for regular riding 


  • Sometimes a bit bouncy 

Why You Will Choose It:

Why not? This is literally the go-to wheel for many avid skateboarders. You will feel like snowboarding. Yes, that smooth they are.

The outstanding grip on a dusty pavement makes it compatible to skate on hundred more rough surfaces. Moreover, you need to pay only a few bucks. You will not regret it even for a second.

8. Cruiser Skateboard Wheel:

Key Features:

Soft Surface:

On the last spot, we have come up with a cruiser wheel set from CCS which will absolutely seal the deal. Enjoy the smoothest surface ever to add comfort to your riding. The manufacturers showed their mastery to make the surface smooth enough to avoid any cracks while colliding with something hard.

Smooth Rolling:

The 78a durometer perfectly adds value to your investment. It covers a betwixt thickness which is neither too hard nor too soft. Resultantly, no hurdle starting from twigs to rocks can come your way. These wheels will just roll over anything easily.

High-Quality Urethane:

Like most of the premium grade skateboard wheels for rough surfaces, these too are made with high-quality urethane. Needless to mention, how comfortably you will be gliding over even the craggiest courses.

Super Durable:

Buy a set of four wheels from CSS and cruise for the longest possible time. They are extremely durable even after regular use. Certainly, they are the greatest grab when it comes to preeminence. 


No matter you have just stepped into the skating world or you are a regular buddy in this field, you can just put your faith in this very brand. Since 1985, they have been serving in the skateboarding industry. The customers are more than satisfied with their different sets of wheels. These lightweight white wheels are their latest invention.

Without any exception, these too are unfailingly reliable. From filming to cruising, they are going to accompany you wherever you go.


  • Enormously durable and dependable 
  • Smoothly glide over the roughest roads
  • Value for the money


  • Not as soft as claimed
  • Not large enough to handle lips in the pavement

Why You Will Choose It:

Want to try out an inexpensive set? Then these are your perfect picks. In addition, you will be using it as an all-purpose one if you buy the 57 mm size. On top of that, they offer sleek rolling, hassle-free gliding, and a perfect durometer to handle cracks.

No more rattling up on the road with these soft wheels. If comfort is your priority, you should get it at once.

How To Choose The Best Rough Road Skateboard Wheels? (Buying Guide)

After going through the review section, you might want some more information to seal your deal. In that case, the following qualities should be checked to rate a skateboard wheel- whether it is good or bad. Of course, you need to decide on your requirements first.

Then look for the following checklists to make the best use of money.


The first thing to look for in a wheel to skate on rough roads is the size or diameter. The countdown usually starts from 48 mm and ends at 60 mm. There are even some larger wheels. In this case, the bigger the better is the technique to follow. But yes, it should match your board size as well. Otherwise, you will end up having injuries. 

Larger wheels offer a wider contact patch. So, they are more capable of handling any cracks or splits on the road. For a well-balanced ride, you must rely on the larger diameter to fight with twisted terrain.


After diameter, hardness ratio or durometer is the next thing to check. The hardness of the wheel is measured by two scales, A and B. According to scale A, the wheel hardness ranges from 73a to 101a. The B scale is similar to it with a difference of 20 points. If a wheel is rated as 80b on the B scale, it has the exact same hardness if rated as 100a.

For a safe and secured skating experience over bumpy roads, you should choose the durometer not more than 67b and 87a. Please remember that the lower the durometer rating is, the softer the wheel is.

Being softer, it will provide a better grip. So, rough road skateboards must be equipped with soft wheels for better performance. 

Wheel Types:

For rough roads, try out cruiser wheels instead of park/street wheels because they are larger and much softer to fight a strenuous struggle against any rough pavement.

Moreover, they are made in a way that will fit with any board. And most importantly, they will roll faster than a regular street wheel. For fun riding around your neighborhood or to your regular skating way, cruiser/filmer wheels are the best option to depend on.

Wheel Shape:

Surprised how the shape of a wheel defines its performance? It really does. A round-shaped wheel will slide easily because of its rounded edge.

While a sharper edge will ensure better grip to lessen the sliding rate. You will be able to get locked immediately after encountering grinds.

Riding Surface:

Last but not the least; rather the most important checklist is the riding surface. Technically known as a contact patch, this is the section that comes in contact with the ground.

Although a narrower contact patch helps better in doing tricks, you must focus on the one. Because the larger the riding surface, the firmer the grip and the faster the speed. So, as a rough road skater, never compromise your grip by choosing narrow surfaces. 

How To Skateboard On Rough Ground?

Some special tactics should be followed while skating on a rough surface. The list includes:

  • Choosing wider and softer wheels
  • Using flat boards like longboards or cruisers that offer larger space and better stability 
  • Having some prior skateboarding experiences before trying on coarser surfaces
  • Wearing proper safety gear like shoes, pads, helmets, goggles, etc.
  • Learning the basic skateboarding tricks

Skateboard Wheels Size For Rough Surfaces

As you already know, wheel size has a great impact while skating on uneven areas. And we have already discussed how a bigger wheel helps you out handling shabby surfaces much better than a narrower one.

However, you must note that wheels that have 50-70 mm diameter work best riding on rugged terrain. Also, the durometer must not exceed 87a or 67b.

If you buy a larger wheel than 56 mm, you should add riser pads to avoid wheel bite.

There is no perfect size for rough road skating wheels. Based on your riding styles, board, and riding areas, you should adjust it. But bigger and softer wheels always roll faster to maintain a standard speed. Also, they lessen the risks of injuries.

Should I Get Hard Or Soft Skateboard Wheels?

Soft of course, without any second thought. Though there is a popular misconception that hard wheels are better for tricks. It is true to some extent. But as a rough road skateboarder, you need comfort and control more than anything else.

Otherwise, you will end up getting hurt. Softer wheels will award you with a smoother ride- no matter how coarse the path is. Usually, a wheel is considered soft with a durometer rating of 75a-90a.

These are the best for keeping you rattle-free while riding. Adding more, soft wheels will keep you fast and firm on the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can You Skateboard On Rough Ground?

Answer: Yes, you can. With adequate safety gears, it is pretty much possible to ride on a skateboard even on rough terrain. It doesn’t matter how rocky the road is. You just need a set of appropriate wheels, a proper board, and some basic skateboarding rules to know. Of course, you must always be cautious as the road will be less forgiving once you fall out of the board.

Q: Can You Skateboard On A Bumpy Road?

Answer: Hell yes. With the availability of proper wheels and customized boards, you can comfortably skate on a bumpy road just like you do on regular streets or parks. Yes, it will be a bit difficult to practice several advanced stances. But once you get used to the riding style, practicing basic tricks will no longer be a problem.

Q: Are Harder Wheels Better For The Street?

Answer: Usually, regular skateboarding on the street needs hard wheels. As you enjoy learning new tricks here, harder wheels are better to do that. They will handle curves and turns better than soft wheels. So, you will be able to learn new stances faster than expected.

Q: Are Harder Wheels Faster?

Answer: Yes, they are. They seem to be faster in speed while the softer wheels are a bit slower. As harder wheels offer better speed, they are more suitable for regular streets or skateparks which have smoother surfaces.

Final Words

Skateboarding is fun for sure, be it your hobby or means of everyday commuting. But without the exact equipment, it can turn into woes and injuries. One basic piece of equipment for skateboarding is a wheel. Our list of best skateboard wheels for rough roads is meant to help you out choosing the current best products in the market.

If you are a beginner to the intermediate level rider, Ricta Skateboard Wheels is a considerable option. For budget-friendly, you can look for FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels, Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels, or Cruiser Skateboard Wheels. However, for premium quality wheels to have better grip and gliding, we strongly recommend the Orangatang or the Shark one.

Regardless of your selection, we guarantee the agility, indemnity, and solidity you need to skate on rough surfaces with any of them.

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