Why Is Mall Grabbing Bad

Why Is Mall Grabbing Bad? Check The Perfect Way To Hold A Skateboard!

Grab the skateboard by its truck while the grip tape faces inward, touching the shorts or legs. At that moment, your skateboard seems like your third leg & you have committed the skateboarding taboo. If you stand in such a posture in a skate park, be ready to be mocked by your fellow skaters. 

As you have searched up ‘mall grabbing,’ maybe you have seen some skaters mock others for grabbing their board by truck.

Basically, ‘mall grabbing’ is a rookie style. It refers to beginners who want to look cool to their buddies but don’t have any skills.

However, why is mall grabbing bad? Why is holding the skateboard by the trucks considered taboo?

In this article, we will highlight the interesting facts about mall grabbing, its origin and many other things related mall grabbing.

So, let’s jump in for further fascinating details!

What Is Mall Grabbing?

We define mall grab as a style of holding the skateboard where the skateboarder grabs the truck by fingertips forming a closed fist. Typically it refers to the Rookies who roam around holding their board to show off instead of riding it.

Someone can easily trace the poseur as their paint might wear out over time due to constant rubbing with gritty grip tape.

At present, in the modern skateboard community, most individuals frown over mall grabbing. Such posture gives off a vibe that you care more about impressing others than actual skateboarding.

Well, it’s pretty logical as a skateboard is for riding and honing your skills, just roaming around while holding it won’t take you anywhere.

Origin Of Mall Grabbing

Nowadays, even if a rider stands in a mall grabbing position unintentionally, his buddies will begin mocking him.

However, it wasn’t the issue from the very beginning.

The term ‘mall grabbing’ originated in 2000. So it is not like skateboarders didn’t stand in that posture before the early 2000s. Nevertheless, people didn’t care about such things then. 

As per my research, in 2000, several longboard brands invested huge amounts in marketing their items. Their posters contained skaters who grab their board by the truck while the gritty tape is facing the shorts/legs. 

Skateboarders and longboarders always had a huge rivalry. In 2000, this rivalry was at its peak. Skaters used the ‘show-off marketing’ of the longboard brands and mocked the longboard riders

Due to such the fiercest rivalry, the term ‘mall grabbing’ spread throughout the skateboarding & longboarding community.

Why Is Mall Grabbing Bad And What’s So Bad About It?

Being a beginner, you might think that skateboard holding style is not a big deal. There is a wide variety of longboards and skateboards.

So why does holding style matter? Why is mall grabbing so notorious? 

Well, at least the skateboarders of this age care about the right way of holding the board. Even many modern skateboard brands designed their deck that mocks mall grabbing. 

Mall grabbing has a notorious image. It gives a vibe of a rookie who cares about looking cool and uses it as an accessory. But, at the same time, he doesn’t care about actual skating, tricks, and stunts. 

Logistically, mall grabbing is quite bad as it can easily wear out the pants. The gritty surface of the grip tape may even make you uncomfortable.

If a user walks while holding the longboard for a long time, his waist will be sanded due to constant rubbing. Thus, we don’t appreciate mall grabbing.

However, if you don’t care about others’ judgment, grab the skateboard in a manner you prefer.

What’s The Right Way To Grab Your Skateboard?

After going through our content till now, I bet you have got a better concept on “Why is mall grabbing bad?” Now you might want to know the perfect way to hold the skateboard as grabbing by truck is so notorious. 

Well, why do you want to hold it with your hands instead of riding it? Either it is a beginner or a pro, riding on the board will make him more efficient. I don’t feel any fun roaming while just holding the board. I want to ride on it in every scope I get.

In case your fellow skaters are mocking you, why don’t you shut them up with your sparking tricks and stunts? Once they witness your skills, they won’t have the scope to make fun of you.

In order to acquire that level of efficiency, continuous practice is a must. Riding onboard will eventually hone your moves and make you perfect in no time. 

There might be consequences when riding on the board is impossible, and you have to grab it. Many individuals prefer to hold it under their arms for the time being.

The ideal method of holding the starboard is at the middle portion while the trucks are facing outwards. I will advise you to be natural and hold it in a way that feels comfortable to you.

However, keep in mind that – mall grabbing will lead to awkward situations when other skaters will begin to judge you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Is Truck Grabbing Bad?

Answer: Truck grabbing doesn’t have any significant disadvantages, but it’s more of a newbie thing. Such posture gives off a ‘poser feeling’ rather than a rider.

Your fellow skaters will feel like you want to prove yourself cool while others are lame.

Q: Why Is It Bad To Hold Skateboard By The Trucks?

Answer: If a rider holds his skateboard by the truck, the gritty grip tape will face inwards. As a result, his pants will be in continuous contact with the grip tape, which will lead to damage.

In fact, you can identify posers by observing their damaged/sanded shorts.

Final Words

After being aware of the skateboarding taboo ‘mall grab,’ you might wonder, what’s so bad about mall grabbing and that’s why this article is about.

However, in the modern skateboarding community, ‘mall grabbing’ is a common issue of mockery. As skateboards were invented to enjoy fascinating rides, we would appreciate riding on them instead of holding them.

To be honest, there is no ideal way of holding a skateboard or longboard. But I bet you can surprise your buddies and relatives by performing cool stunts.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your ride now!

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