Jessup Vs Mob

Jessup Vs Mob | Which Grip Tape Would Be Best For Me?

If a skateboarder wishes to purchase new grip tapes, he might have come across Jessup & Mobs. These brands have conquered a huge part of the grip tape market.

In fact, many renowned skateboard brands have become potential partners of Jessup & Mob.

Jessup Vs Mob grip tape, which one is better? Either you are a beginner or a professional, confusion is pretty natural. That’s what has led you to our content. 

Well, in my opinion,

There is nothing like the best grip tape in general. Both Jessup & Mobs are quite incredible and unique in their way. Choosing a better one is up to personal preferences.

In this article, we compared Jessup & Mob grip tapes while keeping all essential factors in mind. After going through our article, you will know which type will suit you better.

So, are you excited to choose the best one for your favorite skateboard? Let’s begin our knowledgeable journey, shall we?

What Is Grip Tape Made Of?

Every skater would need a grip tape to have better control over his board.

Grip Tapes are usually made of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide. They show almost similar structures as sandpaper.

On the other surface of the grip tape, you will notice an adhesive layer. Such coating allows you to apply the tape to the board easily.

Jessup Vs Mob: Which Grip Tape Will Suit Me Better?

In order to provide a better concept about Jessup and mob tapes, we have marked out several essential factors.

So, dig inside to grab the best one as per the requirements right now!


After our prolonged observation, mob grip tapes seem to be grippier than Jessup.

If a rider prefers extreme grips and profound control, Mob grip tapes will satisfy him. The only drawback of mob grip tape is – it is so grippy that the skate shows may tear over time.

On the contrary, Jessup tapes ensure a moderate grip. Once you are used to riding on the Jessup, such differences won’t matter much. Jessup tapes won’t take a toll on the shoes like mobs.

However, while debating on jessup and mob, 75% of riders choose Mob over Jessup. So, it’s certain that Mob wins in terms of grip.


Mob grip tapes are quite thick, where Jessup is thin and easy to handle.

Many people prefer Jessup just because they can easily stick it to their skateboard.

Moreover, a skater can purchase Jessup as an entire roll. Thus, he will have a lot of extra tapes left if he faces issues while applying.


As mob tapes are thick, they are comparatively stiffer.

On the other hand, Jessup tapes are thin. Many riders have even complained that Jessup peels too early where mob grip tape lasts as long as the skateboard.

So, when it comes to longevity, mob tapes will be the certain winner.


When it comes to design, the mob grip tape is a clear winner. They always offer creative graphics to fascinate skateboarders. Who doesn’t like to show off the amazing design to their buddies? 

On the contrary, Jessup offers a plain blackish or bluish design. If simplicity & plain design is your thing, Jessup is right there for you. 


Budget is a must thing every rider considers at the end of the day. Because he needs to think about how much he has left in his pocket.

We have already mentioned that the grippy Mob can destroy skate shoes. So, if you are going for a mob, be ready to buy some shoes after several months.

Well, it’s not like your shoes won’t wear out if you use Jessup tapes. Just Mob’s grip will wear them out more quickly than Jessup.

However, having a low budget, it is wise to go for Jessup. So, you won’t need to invest in skate shoes anytime soon.

Is Jessup Griptape Good?

Jessup grip tapes are pretty renowned in today’s skateboard market. Both professional and amateur riders prefer Jessup due to its moderate grip, control, and handy design.

The only drawback of Jessup grip tape is that they are too simple. You won’t see many graphics, variations, or even colors to choose from.

However, their outstanding quality makes up for the lack of style.

Is Mob Too Grippy?

Most professional skateboarders love the quality and performance of mob tapes. For this reason, many riders (like me) still prefer the mob tapes. Extra grips offer an incredible experience while skating the ramps.

Regular sanding can help you to use the gritty surface with comfort.

Well, too much stickiness of mob tape might feel disastrous to some riders. That’s because it may have destroyed his favorite shoes. 

Having such a grudge against mob tape is pretty natural. In fact, many skaters complain that the gritty surface of the tape has hurt their hands. 

What Grit Is Mob Grip Tape?

Lower grit number refers to high grit per square measurement. So, the lower the number, the more gritty the surface will be.

Nowadays, mob grip tape comes with 80 grit with super stickiness & anti-slip technology.

Is Mob Griptape Better Than Jessup? 

It is pretty tricky to decide which brand is better. When it comes to stickiness, mobs tapes are the winner. At the same time, many riders avoid mobs as too much grip can destroy the shoes. Instead, they prefer Jessup because they don’t want to invest in skate shoes quite often.

However, mob tapes won’t wear out as quickly as Jessup. I love mobs even though they are too grippy. Just sanding them solves the issues.

So, I don’t really want to lose the enjoyment of tough grip during tricks & stunts. As I have mentioned before, this choice is a personal preference.

Final Words

If you are a beginner, it is natural to be confused about Jessup Vs Mob. In this context, we have pointed out several factors to assist all riders a bit. Read all the factors quickly to know which one will suit you the most.

If you are a starter and have a low budget, go for Jessup. Again, if you have enough money, go for the premium mob tapes now.

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