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10 Best Pintail Longboards For You: Learn Carving And Cruising Now!

Are you facing wheel bite in your previous board and want a new board for a smooth ride?

Or Are you a beginner who has a great interest in carving and cruising? Either way, you need the best pintail longboards to enjoy your boarding experience.

As you have come across this page, I assume that you have said “yes” to the above questions.

Even if you are a beginner or a professional rider, facing wheel bite is a common issue whenever you take turns. During this situation, your board comes in contact with the wheels and decreases its forward motion. As a result, your board might get cracks and lose its durability.

Moreover, you can face severe accidents during wheel bite. Of course, you don’t want to get injured while having a fun ride with your mates. You need to ensure your safety either you are riding on a longboard, skateboard, or hoverboard.

That’s why we have provided a brief review of the best pintail longboards for you!

All of these items promise to make your journey smooth, pleasant, and safe by their superior response. They perform great during cruising and carving. When the classy components of pintail longboards connect with proper performance, it becomes the best board you have ever ridden! Also, It can be the best choice for beginners because of its quality and performance.

In this article, we have reviewed the 10 best pintail longboards for you! All of these items are positively reviewed by the riders, so you won’t regret purchasing them. Hurry up, read the reviews properly to choose the best pintail longboards, and enjoy a safe ride!

An Overview On The Best Pintail Longboards; Choose The Best One For You!

1.    ANCHEER 40″ Pintail Longboard:

Forty-inch ANCHEER Longboard is the first pintail board that has come in our review. If you are a beginner and want a Longboard for cruising and smooth riding, you can purchase this pintail board. This flexible board has a nine-ply maple deck with superior mobility.

As the deck is very durable, it can carry up to 220 lbs. The aluminum trucks are very thick (7 inches) and lightweight. They highly support the 70 mm PU wheels and provides excellent steering control to the rider.

Also, the 78A wheels perform smoothly with their shock absorbers and Anti-bite technology. So, you can ride on the board safely and can take speedy turns without any worries. ABEC-11 bearings are mute and highly responsive. They can quickly reduce unwanted vibrations by their polyurethane bushing.

The Durable ANCHEER pintail Longboard comes with highly adhesive grip tape, which provides universal steadiness along with irresistible flex. So, your journey will be 100% safe because of anti-bite technology along with adhesive grip tape. You can try new tricks and carvings with this board. Either you are racing/sliding down the hill or cruising, it will undoubtedly impress you! As you can assume, the company has manufactured it to give you the safest experience.

They also put much effort into its graphic design. Trust me; your mates will be jealous of the awesome graphics on the bottom of the board.

2. White Wave Bamboo Longboard: 

White wave Longboard is one of the best pintail longboards available in the budget segment. In fact, this board performs better than you expect! There was not even a customer who wasn’t satisfied with its performance. Trust us; you will be delighted with this board.

Either you want to learn cruising as a beginner or ride on the hills as an experienced rider, this premium item will do the job correctly. So, If you are up for a simple bamboo Longboard, don’t hesitate and get this pintail Longboard!

The company has manufactured the board with a combination of bamboo and maple wood. Multi-layered bamboo design and Canadian maple make the board more sturdy and durable. It’s beautiful yet straightforward bamboo design will impress every rider, and you will say, “Amazing.”

Also, it has a clear adhesive grip tape on the deck for a tight grip. As it comes with clear tape, you can show off the fabulous bamboo design to your friends and make them jealous!

This longboard is not only durable or good-looking but also performs well on roads and hills. ABEC – 9Hellion 2 bearings assist you in taking smooth turns, and (70×50) mm urethane wheels make your journey smooth. The supportive aluminum trucks under the deck are solid and thick (7 inches) as well. As you can see, it really gives you more than you pay!

3.    Krown City Surf Longboard:

Krown City is one of the most famous brands in longboarding market places. It has been working on longboards and skateboards since 1996. After being experienced for more than 20 years, Now, the brand can offer the best products within the best price range. Its mind-blowing product, “City Surf,” has maintained the pride of the brand. It has the same shape as other City pintail Longboards.

However, it is 3 inches broader than other pintails. So, you can enjoy more space to surf and dance. You will love its length and broadness because it offers comfort for smooth mobility. Thus, you can show off your moves to your friends & neighbors and amaze them right away!

Also, it comes with a beautiful sunset color that will astonish you when you will see it in front of your eyes. Many customers want to purchase it again because of its fantastic color and graphics. The black grip tape on top of the board laminates the whole deck to give you proper steadiness and grip.

Other than deck and graphics, it also has smooth urethane wheels, which are around 71 mm. The black wheels are quite robust and come with 78 A hardness. 6 inches aluminum alloy trucks underneath the deck are efficient. They aim to make curving easier for you during long rides.

Forty-six inches long pintail board also comes with ABEC – 7 bearings that can properly mount the wheels to improve your maneuverability. As you can see, this pintail Longboard is not only suitable for cruising; it even allows you to perform surfing, dancing, and other technical rides.

4.     Atom Pintail Longboard: 

Multi-color atom pintail Longboard comes with exclusive design and sturdiness to amaze the riders. They especially designed it for beginners. It will give you the perfect speed you need to learn surfing and cruising over the mountains. The Atom longboard weighs only 1 pound. However, it can carry up to 160 lbs.

The maple made deck is quite flexible too and will flex around 1 inch whenever you jump on it. If you want a classic pintail longboard with attractive graphics that will assist you in cruising for a long, you must check this item out!

Most customers were quite happy with its performance and style. However, some customers prefer more upgraded wheels and trucks after being skilled as an intermediate or an experienced rider.

Atom has manufactured its longboard with multi-layered maple wood, which is quite robust and durable. The 39-inch classic pintail shaped deck can reduce wheel bite to a large extent. A full-coverage black grip is also placed on the top of the deck to provide a tight grip when you ride on roads or hills.

ABEC – 5 bearings improve your mobility and work together with 65 mm Urethane wheels to ensure a smoother ride on any terrain. They have also added a thicker truck underneath the deck that will offer the steadiness you need while riding. So, you can assume that – the brand worked really well on quality and durability.

5.     Krown City Complete Longboard:

When you think of purchasing an exclusive longboard at a reasonable price, Krown City is the brand that comes on the scene.

From the very beginning, the company wanted to add a premium feel to the budget range. After the lengthy works of 20 years, Krown City has featured the best parts within the best budget. Krown City’s complete pintail board is one of the best boards in that line-up! It has a wide variety of colors, designs, and graphics. So, you can choose the one that attracts you the most!

With its unique pintail shape, this classic longboard can avail you to surf, crave, and dance on the hills. Its Canadian maple is very durable which comes with 6-inch silver trucks.

Its pintail shape liberates you from worries of wheel bite while carving and makes your journey 100% safe. As the board is relatively long (almost 43 inches), you will get enough radius while taking turns. An adhesive 80 grit black grip tape provides you the tightest grip while riding.

Also, 65mm urethane wheels offer you precise control by ABEC -7 bearing. All of these factors work together to make your riding experience decent and stable. If you want a simple quality board within budget range for cruising, you must check it once because this longboard really performs for what you pay!

6.    Bamboo Pintail Longboard:

Bamboo skateboards have been popular among riders for their flexibility and strength. They produced this high-quality bamboo pintail board, which is one of the best pintail longboards with superior sustainability.

From its name, you can guess that – The main component of the longboard deck is bamboo. Here, they have used high-quality bamboo on the board that is collected from the bamboo forest. So, you don’t need to worry about its durability while you surf in the mountains. You can easily bend the deck the way you need while riding. So, rely on the deck for perfect flex and stunts.

This board is quite long (almost 44 inches) and gives you enough space to place your feet. Its unique shape provides you the right reflex and strength to perform a cruise on a hill, beach walk, or college campus.

The company has produced this longboard with 180 mm silver trucks. Its 70 mm white wheels promise to provide you the smoothest ride without any hitch. They have also added ABEC – 7 bearings, which will improve your mobility.

It is also relatively light (3 pounds) and can even hold big or tall guys. As you can see, this board has every feature a beginner or an intermediate rider would ask for!

7.    Seething 42-inch Longboard:

Seething Pintail style longboard is one of the most stylish longboards with superior performance. As a heavy-duty board, it can easily support big and tall riders while cruising and surfing. The company manufactured it with nine-ply Canadian maple.

Even if you weigh more than 300 pounds, the deck will carry you all the way and help you perform stable dancing and freestyles. Thus, it provides an incredible balance between sturdiness and weight. They have also equipped thick alloy trucks, which promises to add more comfort to your deck.

The black adhesive grip tape on top of the deck is exclusive as well. It is a high density, water-proof emery paper with anti-skid technology. As it increases friction between the board and your shoes, you will enjoy a tight grip while skating on it. So, your ride will be enjoyable, safe, and steady.

When you ride on longboards, you need smooth mobility along with a sturdy, flexible deck—keeping that in mind, the company has equipped the board with ABEC-11 bearings. These speedy ball bearings ensure the smooth and fast performance of the wheels.

Also, the PU wheels come with perfect size (70mm) and hardness(80A). This pintail longboard can carry big riders (around 330 lbs.) without any hitch and weighs approximately 6.8 lbs. Also, the deck is very stylish and is available in fantastic designs that will ultimately impress you!

As it comes pre-assembled, you don’t need to worry about assembling after purchase.

8. Hana Longboard:

Hana Pintail longboards are ultimately stylish board which makes cruising easier for you than ever before! They produced it with 8-ply stained bamboo to make the board durable for carrying riders all the way. The stained bamboo design and the maple wood make the top and bottom of the deck beautiful.

It weighs around 9 pounds yet comes with the accurate flexibility you need. So, this can be an ideal board for starters by which you can enjoy cruising, carving, and freestyle all around. Its elegant pintail shape promises to prevent wheel bite and aims to make your journey safe and sound.

They didn’t attach any additional grip tape on top of the board. Instead, they used a sand grit finish on the top to maintain the right friction between your shoes and the deck.

Hana pintail board is relatively longer (42 inches) and wider (9.5 inches). Thus, you can get a bigger platform for nice curving. Its W concave subtle has enough depth for comfy riding. This concavity will correctly lock your feet on the board without making you uncomfortable while cruising. They have also equipped the deck with top-mounted trucks for a steady dancing experience.

Seven inches hanger, 50-degree kingpin, and medium stiffness add more to the pintail longboard’s stability. You can enjoy superior mobility because of high-quality wheels along with 78A hardness. These soft yet durable wheels allow you a smoother ride on any surface.

9. TGM Longboard:

TGM Longboard has come into the market with their popular pintail shape to reduce wheel bites and give you a smoother ride.

Whenever you think of purchasing a board for you or your loved ones, you wonder, “Did they produce it with high-quality components?”

Here, if you are facing the same situation, we can assure you that – They manufactured it with exclusive materials. The famous brand, Krown city, has produced its parts with utmost care. So, Don’t worry about quality at all! The deck has a beautiful tidal wave design on its back, which will ultimately impress you and your mates. If you want a premium pintail board with gorgeous graphics, this item is just for you!

The company has manufactured it with high-quality, durable maple wood. The maple deck is 43 inches long and 9 inches wide. So, you can get the space on the board to ride comfortably. 

The TGM Longboard weighs around 9 pounds and can support riders all day long!

63 mm wheels with 78A hardness give you proper mobility outdoors. They have also provided thick and robust trucks along with the deck so that the wheels can mount smoothly.

Moreover, they have added a black adhesive grip tape on the deck, which will ensure the perfect grip to avoid a slip or fall on the way. ABEC – 7 bearings help the wheels to move efficiently on the road or mountain tracks. As this board offers everything you need within budget, you won’t regret investing in it!    

10. RETROSPEC Zed Pintail Longboard:

The brand RETROSPEC manufactured their pintail board with flexible Canadian maple and bamboo to improve your surfing and dancing experiences. The deck is quite long (44″) to provide you enough space to take safe turns during rides. The unique pintail shape and 8-ply maple construction tend to improve your balance, precision, and speed.

Because of its heavy-duty deck, it can easily hold average weighed riders (Around 220 pounds). The Retrospec has a rock on the market by its toughness, durability, and intensity. If you want a magnificent and well-built longboard, this can be the one you are looking for!

Many customers have highly recommended it for beginners because the wheels offer the maneuverability a beginner would prefer. 

RETROSPEC Pintail board is a hybrid deck that provides a smooth ride by shock-absorbent 70mm PU wheels. Strong 85A wheel comes with a rock finish that gives you proper friction on different surfaces. You can assume that – the wheels will have a needed grip on tracks, and you won’t fall from the longboard accidentally.

Also, they have attached a lightweight aluminum truck under the deck for perfect steadiness. ABEC-7 has proper tolerance, which offers high speed and can bear your weight in all of your adventures. These trucks will also upgrade your running accuracy.  

What To Consider When Buying Best Pintail Longboards?

Pintail longboards are specialized boards that are famous for their cruising, carving, and surfing stimulation. The unique shape of the pintail deck has come from vintage roots. People like to purchase pintail boards because of their aesthetics and all-rounder performance.

When you step on a pintail Longboard, you totally experience a different ride because its unique shape gives you enough leverage for deep carving. Now, the question appears, “Which one should you purchase?”

As our market places have hundreds and thousands of pintail boards, it’s hard to choose the best one for you. You just can’t purchase whichever looks good or seems good to you. If you want one of the best pintail longboards for a perfect ride, you need to consider three essential factors. Else your money might go in vain. Of course, you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money.

So, check the factors quickly and choose the pintail Longboard that suits you for real!


Every rider has a different body height. If you are on the taller side, you need a big lengthened deck to ride smoothly on your pintail longboard. Taller riders need more space for feet placement and a higher weight center than a short rider. Of course, you don’t want to ride on the edge uncomfortably.

Don’t choose a shorter, smaller, and narrower deck! Else your performance will be affected badly. So, carefully choose a longboard that matches your height.


Other than height, you have to consider weight too. You need the best longboard with superior flexibility. As a rider, your overall weight will affect the flexibility and mobility of the board. Big guys need a heavy-duty deck so that it can carry them quickly on roads and hills.

Heavy riders need large pintail longboards, where light riders need small ones. When you choose the perfect board as per your weight, you can enjoy maximum flex with the best turn initiations.

Riding Location and Style: 

Where do you plan to skate? You need to consider your boarding style and location to choose the best pintail board for you. If you want to ride on a steeper hill, choose a longer board for you. If you want a board mainly for cruising and deep carving, choose a smaller pintail Longboard than your usual ones.

By considering these things, you can purchase the best item for yourself!

Final Thoughts

Pintail Longboards are quite popular among Longboard riders for safety and fun. Companies mainly design Pintail longboards to prevent unwanted accidents because of wheel bite. Whenever the wheels touch the board, a rider loses his balance and falls from the board. We don’t want you to face such situations; we care about your safety indeed!

Either you are a beginner or an intermediate rider, the pintail longboards will help you avoid such problems. So you will enjoy a unique experience.

As you can’t go through every product in markets to purchase the best pintail longboards, We have reviewed ten popular pintail boards for you. We also have discussed some factors which will assist you in buying the most suitable one for you!

Read our review thoroughly, and you will get ideas about which one to choose to enjoy curving on mountains.

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