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Skateboard Weight | How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Hold?

Are you curious about the skateboard weight, also the weighing capacity of a standard skateboard? How much weight can a skateboard hold?

As you have chosen to open this page, I bet you want a skateboard for yourself. However, as a beginner, you might not know much about the boards and decks. You might be feeling puzzled and don’t know how to choose a skateboard as per your weight, right?

Hey! No worries, in this article, we will highlight a manual and electrical Skateboard’s maximum holding capacity. We will also discuss the overall weight and deck weight of a standard board.

Of course, the Skateboard weight limit is an essential factor you must consider before choosing a board for you.

Different riders have different heights and body frames. So, you can’t purchase whichever looks acceptable to you. To ensure excellent maneuverability along with smooth tricks, you must choose a skateboard that matches your body frame the most!

Once you get the hang of a perfect skateboard, you will become an excellent rider in no time. Undoubtedly, it is crucial as well as a hectic task.

After reading this article, I assure you that you will get a clear idea about the Skateboard you need as per your weight. So, hurry up and read the article to choose the best item for you!

How will the Skateboard weight limit affect your Skateboarding?

Whenever you think of the Skateboard weight limit, you might wonder, “How the weight limit will affect my performance?”

As a beginner, your question is right. Of course, your performance depends on your skills. However, sometimes you need to rely on your board to flex quickly and to have a smoother performance. If your Skateboard can’t hold you correctly, it might bend or get cracked in unexpected moments.

Moreover, you might face horrible accidents such as ankle sprains or foot injuries. That’s why choosing the deck as per your weight is a must!

Naturally, heavy riders have greater gravity push and can produce higher momentum than lightweight riders. Lightweight or skinny riders face hardships to reach high speed and momentum because of friction and air resistance.

However, all the skateboards are not capable of carrying heavy riders. Many heavy riders and big guys stop skateboarding just because they can’t find a skateboard that can hold them all around. Most companies design skateboards for the majority light weighed riders. But don’t worry.

Nowadays, many companies in the market offer heavy-duty, strong skateboards for big and tall guys. Most of the heavy-duty boards are longboards, which come with superior versatility.

Skateboard Weight

Skateboard is a fun tool that practically avails you to fly in the air just by its deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings. You can kick the tail and fly higher in the air before you land graciously on a stop.

However, you need to be careful too! Of course, you don’t want this exciting ride to turn into a horrible accident.

That’s why you need to know the weight of the Skateboard on which you are entrusting yourself.

There are different types of boards available in the market. So, this weight might vary depending on the build quality. Building components of the deck, truck, wheel, and bearings play an important role in determining the Skateboard’s overall weight.

The average Skateboard weighs around 11 pounds to ensure perfect mobility while riding.

However, most skateboards are lightweight because they need to be flexible and light enough so that you can fly higher during tricks.

Skateboard Weight Limit

If you want to perform tricks and enjoy skating for a long time, you will need a fit and durable deck. But it would be best if you also had an average fitness for the best performance. It means – you must have a weight that is below the board’s weighing capacity or weight limit. You have known that Skateboard weight limit is an essential factor you must consider.

Now you might be wondering, “What is the ideal weight limit of a standard skateboard?”

Well, there is no ideal limit in the case of its weight-bearing capacity. It solely depends on the quality of the board. A strong multi-layered deck will be able to carry 220 pounds easily. However, it might still snap if you put your feet in the wrong place and land incorrectly. Some popular Skateboard comes with durable trucks and superior weighing capability. So, they may bear 250 pounds all day long. Even though there is no official weight limit, many scientific organizations have come up with a skateboard weight limit while considering a rider’s thrust, speed, and mobility.

According to the official research, the maximum weighing capacity of a skateboard is 272.3 pounds.

Whereas the official weight limit of a longboard is 300
pounds, a penny board can hold a maximum of 192 pounds.

Skateboard Deck Weight

The Skateboard’s deck is one of the most important parts of a skateboard. It is the place where a rider places his feet to maintain an overall balance.

Here, the deck occupies around 40% to 50% of the total skateboard weight. But this weight is totally up to the quality and layers of the maple wood.

According to the production companies, an average skateboard deck will weigh about 2 to 5 pounds.

Mostly, a standard deck has 7 to 9 layers. If a deck has a fewer layer, naturally, it will weigh lesser than multi-layered boards. Indeed, many wood layers make the board heavier. Still, it also gives enough strength to the deck to easily carry heavy riders all around.

Weight of Skateboard’s Truck, bearings, Wheels

Other than a deck, a skateboard has many other vital parts such as – trucks and wheels.

The truck is directly connected with the board and mainly responsible for bearing the load.

That’s why the companies usually made trucks from steel, aluminum, or titanium. So, it weighs 350 g approximately.

The higher durability of the truck is absolutely responsible for its heavyweight. However, durable trucks are more capable of carrying overweight riders.

There are both smaller and larger wheels are available in the market for the convenience of the riders.

The PU wheels weigh around 200 to 250 g and provide perfect resistance for superior maneuverability. Naturally, smaller wheels offer less resistance than the larger ones.

Bearing is a necessary component that allows the rolling motion of the wheel.

There are a total of 8 bearings in a skateboard. Each of them weighs around 12 to 14 g.

This article briefly discussed the manual Skateboard, its weight limit, and weighing capacity.

Here comes the last section, where we will talk about electric skateboards. Before going there, you might be thinking –

Why would you need An Electric Skateboard?

You know, the heavy riders have greater momentum than the lightweight riders while enjoying downhill rides. Though the skinny rider can move faster, they can’t create those greater momentum.

To resolve this issue, you can choose an electric skateboard to have a fun ride.

Suppose you are a pro rider and want some faster and wonderful experience. In that case, I will suggest you get an electric skateboard because a battery-powered skateboard will avail you to enjoy longer rides! It is the main reason why it has come up in the market.

Electric Skateboard Weight Limit

Now comes the main point –Electric Skateboard weight limit. How much weights can an Electric Skateboard Hold?

“Will it be able to hold heavy riders?”

“What is its maximum weighing capacity?”

These are the possible questions that have popped up in your mind, right?

Likewise, the bearing capacity is concerned with the structural components of the electrical Skateboard. It mainly depends on the material of the deck.

An average Electric Skateboard will be able to hold 200 to 330 lbs.

It would help if you considered this weight limit to take the best from the board. If you overload the Skateboard with immense weight, you might affect its total life span and performance. The additional load may also cause –degraded screw, cracked deck, or damaged battery. So, be careful and choose wisely.

If you are a heavy rider, it must be hard to find the perfect Skateboard that suits you. Unfortunately, most e-boards can’t support more than 220 lbs. However, you can find your suitable electric skateboard by following the mentioned factors.

  • A powerful and efficient motor.
  • Larger battery.
  • Durable deck.
  • Strong trucks.

If you consider these factors, you might be able to find the board that will carry you for more extended periods without any damage.

Final Words

Skateboarding is an exciting experience. Whenever you kick the tail and jump higher in the air, you get the enjoyment of flying like a bird.

However, this enjoyment comes with some level of danger. To ensure a safer ride, you need to know about the Skateboard you are going to purchase. We don’t want you to snap out of the board cause your weight exceeds the Skateboard Weight Limit.

In this article, we have given an overview of the weight limits of both regular and Electric Skateboard. Hopefully, you got to know the things you were looking for.

Now, you know which type of Skateboard will be suitable for you. Hurry up, choose the perfect Skateboard for you, and start your dream ride!

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