Snowmobiling While Pregnant

Snowmobiling While Pregnant | Is It Really Safe?

As an extreme sport, snowmobiling is considered to be forbidden for women during pregnancy. But along with its increasing popularity, women are willing to enjoy the fun of snowmobiling while pregnant as well.

No wonder, it is an exciting and fun game. But there are some risk factors as well. Those are even riskier for an expecting mother.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to overcome the risks of snowmobiling during pregnancy with proper precautions.

Let’s get started.

Can you go snowmobiling while pregnant? Is It Really Safe?

The first question that may hit your mind is- Is snowmobiling safe for a mother?

Well, there is no definite answer as it is a debatable issue. Of course, it is not recommended by most doctors. And the reason is quite understandable.

But as a snow junkie sometimes it is hard for some women to stay away from the sled.

So, they can certainly continue snowmobiling even when they are expecting. But necessary precautions are an absolute must. Furthermore, they must need a green signal from the doctor about no other physical obstructions.

With the advancement of technology, there are so many options available. With those, a pregnant woman can nowadays enjoy the snow on the terrain by snowmobiling. But of course, it is a personal choice as it cannot be recommended as a safe journey for all pregnant women in general.

If you wish to enjoy snowmobiling while pregnant, keep on reading till the end as we are going to suggest the dos and don’ts below. 

Things Needed to be Carried

As a pregnant woman, you must carry the following things with yourself while snowmobiling. These are the must-haves in this kind of situation. So, let’s try to know what they are.

Necessary Medicines:

While planning to go on a snowmobile trip, you must consult a doctor and take all the prescribed medicines with you. Because you should be prepared for any unwanted situation in this kind of crucial condition. Also, carry a health certificate from your doctor as an extra precaution. 

Anti-Bacterial Gel:

To save yourself from any bacterial infections, anti-bacterial gels or wet wipes are the safest options. You must include these in your backpack when you are on the terrain.


Swelling is a common issue during pregnancy. So, some pairs of maternity socks are mandatory that work as compression socks as well.

Snacks and Water:

As an expecting mother, you must eat frequently and must stay hydrated. So carry some healthy snacks and enough fluids. Don’t forget to have electrolyte-rich drinks in order to maintain your sugar level.

Comfortable Scarves:

If you want to cover your belly then go for soft and cozy scarves. Also, you should choose your clothes wisely so that they are flexible, comfortable, and breathable.


Some bump bands are specially made to support the baby bump. In case you are on the ride for the whole day, you must have them beneath your clothes.

It will save you from suffering from both back and lower abdominal pain. 

Exact Snowmobile Gear:

It is obvious that a pregnant woman should carry the more exact gears for herself than a regular rider. 

You need to be careful enough to choose the right gear for you. A large enough snow-thermal, multi-layered clothes, high-quality gloves, etc. are the proper gears to have during pregnancy. 

Proper Riding Accessories:

For a would-be mother, proper accessories like a comfortable pair of boots, a reliable helmet would be the best. Besides, a pretty decent pair of sunglasses is absolutely needed to protect you from the fog and UV rays.

The above-mentioned things are highly recommended for a pregnant woman during sledding. Please note down that you must carry an extra pair of everything in case of an emergency.  

Tips to Enjoy Snowmobiling While Pregnant

Below we have included some practical tips for riding during pregnancy. Every pregnant lady should follow those to enjoy snowmobiling to the fullest. 

Consulting a Doctor:

A pre-check-up is an absolute must for an expecting mother before stepping for sledding. 

If the doctor says NO, it should be a NO to terrain no matter what. Because with the slightest risk of any physical issue, you cannot freely enjoy your time on the ride. 

Checking the Snowmobile:

Always double-check the snowmobile if it is running smoothly. A good quality snowmobile will give you a break-free, tension-free ride to refresh your body and mind.

So, checking and servicing it beforehand will be safer for a lady with a child in her womb. A fine snowmobile will eliminate the chance of any perplexity as well.

Having a Well-Packed Gear Bag:

A well-packed bag with all the necessary items included will make the journey much easier and safer for women during pregnancy.

Medicines, fluids, foods, bathroom accessories, tool kits, extra clothes, proper gears, and riding supplies are the best things to have for a worry less riding.

Carrying all these things will make you prepared for any adversity. Also, they will give you a lot of confidence. 

Not Attempting Jumps and Drops:

We know these are the real fun in snowmobiling. But for the sake of you and your baby’s safety, we strictly forbid to try these kinds of high-risk turns. 

Always remember that jumping and dropping may dangerously affect your pregnancy, especially at an advanced stage.

Avoiding Rush Riding:

It is wise to have a relaxed ride when you are not alone. Just like you ride carefully with kids on the snowmobile, you should be equally careful with someone inside you. 

So, try not to get exhausted. Ride until you feel a slight tired. Then take a break and rest. Do not get into a competition with another rider. Because you are sledding for your own pleasure, not to harm yourself, right?

That’s why take as much time as you need to go on and get off the mountain. 

Riding on a Well-Known Terrain:

In pregnancy, you must ride on terrain which you know very well. This is not the time to take risks and explore uncertainty. 

At this period your body is highly sensitive. You might lose balance even for the slightest mistake. So, you should be well-informed about what is coming next. 

So, explore your familiar track which you are accustomed to in order to avoid accidents.

Choosing Waterproof Clothes:

Always remember that both excessive heat and cold will harm you and your baby. So, waterproof clothes are the best selection for this kind of complication. They will keep you safe from water and moist.

Furthermore, your clothes should be made of comfortable fabrics and breathable. Also, your clothes should permit you to pee easily. 

Following Your Body:

We suggest you always listen to your body. 

Only you can feel whether you feel any kind of discomfort, inertia, distress, pain, or uneasiness. 

When you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy, your pelvic bones protect the baby. But you lose the protection during the last trimester. So, be careful enough to protect the baby and yourself from any obstacles while riding. 

Using Snowmobile GPS:

It is highly recommended to use a snowmobile GPS kit not to lose track. When you are on the terrain, it is only wise to let your loved ones know about your whereabouts. In case of emergency, it would help them to track you quicker. 

Accompanying Family and Friends:

Lastly, if it is possible, try not to go alone in this situation. Being accompanied by your near and dear ones would keep you stress-free and confident. They can look after you and understand your complications. 

So, be with people who you can rely on in your adventurous snow journey being pregnant. 

Final Words

However, it is always a personal preference whether to go on a snow ride or not during pregnancy. We have only suggested some compulsory precautions if you have already decided to go on a ride.

Even with all those precautions, you might end up getting into an accident. So, snowmobiling while pregnant should be a calculative decision for every woman out there.

If you feel the slightest sign of uneasiness, you should immediately cancel the plan. Also, while on the terrain you must be watchful enough to avoid any distractions.

Please remember that your safety is more important than anything else. So, proceed for a snow ride in this critical condition if only everything is under control.

Howsoever, we hope you would be able to enjoy snowmobiling during pregnancy by following our long list of safety measures.

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