Longboard Vs Bike

Longboard Vs Bike | Which Should You Choose?

Longboard Vs Bike is a long time debate going on among the riders. Although both are pretty popular as echo-friendly and athletic transports, choosing the right gear for the first time users seems to be a tough job.

With a view to helping the riders solve this puzzle, we have enlisted our first-hand experiences regarding bikes and longboards. 

To be very honest, the performance of riding gear mainly depends on the styles and experiences of the riders. Still, there are some basic sectors that should be counted in this kind of argument.

In this forthright confrontation, we have tried to figure out which transport outperforms whom, their pros and cons, and all the other necessary details. 

Longboard Vs Bike: Which Should You Choose?

Below we have discussed some of the crucial points in which both the vehicles compete with each other. By the end of the discussion, you will get to know which one is appropriate for you and why.

So, let’s dive into the details. 


As a beginner, you must look for a ride that requires less effort. Then a bike can be the easiest option for you. 

From our childhood, we learn how to ride on a bike or a bicycle. So, no special skill is required to run a bike. 

On the contrary, riding a longboard is not as effortless as riding a bike. You need at least a basic level of skill and practice. Especially if you have never experienced riding it (which most of us don’t have).

There are a lot of styles and stances involved in the case of longboarding. Furthermore, maintaining balance on a moving board is not everyone’s cup of tea. Learning curve, weight shifting, foot pushing, all these tactics may seem very hectic for first-time board riders. 

But once you learn them you will really enjoy riding on a longboard because of its variations in riding styles.

But for a quick learning experience, a bike is a better option. 


If you are a fun lover then longboard can serve you the best. With this simple transport, you can turn your regular city paths into a playground. It gives you the feeling of surfing through the waves. Although you need to carefully watch each and every move, it really gives you the thrills and adventure when you overcome the challenges.

However, bike riding is much easier and straightforward on the other hand. It’s more like driving than riding and experiencing the thrill. So, it may seem boring at some point.

To be more specific, you cannot enjoy the stances like carving, pushing, dancing, cruising, etc. simply by bike riding. In this sense, a longboard seems more adventurous. 

Safety and Security:

Well, no arguments are needed here. Of course, a bike clearly wins over a longboard in terms of safety. 

A bike has brakes by which you can control it. But a longboard does not have any brakes. All you have is your feet to speed up or stop.

In terms of maneuver, the bike is also better as well. On a crowded pavement, it is hard to avoid any obstacle by a longboard. Because you need to control it by your feet and body weight shifting. 

Unlikely a bike has steering and handlebars. Besides, sitting on a bike gives you way more confidence and control over every move than whether standing on a longboard. 

If you are not an expert rider, falling from the board and getting injured will be your regular companion.

The only advantage of a longboard is that it requires smaller spaces to stop it because they have smaller wheels than the bike. Also, the whooshing sound alerts the pedestrians in advance.  


Speaking honestly, bike riding is soft riding and longboarding is a hard one. 

A bike does not demand any hard effort unless you climb up hills. It certainly can be considered as a low-impact workout if you cover a considerable distance.

Howsoever, even if you ride for a short time, a longboard will make you kick, push, jump, weight shift, and many other body movements. So you cannot avoid sweating even traveling a few kilometers. 

That’s why longboards are more convenient as exercise gear. 

Riding Area:

Longboard Vs Bike – which is a better choice? The answer to this question also depends on the riding terrain. 

To travel a long distance, a bike is a wise choice unless you are a longboarding pro. With a longboard, it is hard to battle the bumps and cracks of the road for a long time. Instead, they are convenient for short commutes such as from one building to another of a campus.

But a bike can run over an uneven pavement pretty well though you cannot use sidewalks like a longboard. 

In the hilly areas, a bike is more appreciated as a transport. The gear change facility lets you adjust the gear for going uphills or downhills. 

Although a longboard gives you a faster downhill experience than a bike, you need to learn properly how to stop. Besides, longboarding is riskier in the hills because the boards have no brakes. 

Cost and Maintenance:

A pretty decent quality longboard will be available for $90-$250. But an entry-level bike starts at around $200. So if you are low in budget, a longboard is an advantageous option. 

The cost difference is rather widened in terms of maintenance. A bike consists of a lot of parts. Any of them can go wrong. Servicing or replacing them is pretty hazardous and money consuming 

Apart from cleaning the wheels and bearings, a longboard has rarely any noteworthy maintenance cost. The wheels will serve you a very long period if they are properly taken care of. 


We think this is the most important issue to consider before investing in a means of transport. So, who wins the battle – longboard or bike?

Well, it depends on some facts. If you need to carry a lot of stuff then a bike will be more favorable. While biking to the campus you can have a backpack full of books or your laptop, for instance.

But you have to be very frugal while backpacking for a longboard. Unless you will lose balance. You have to fasten it really tight.  

Now come to the other side of the coin. You can carry a longboard anywhere anytime, but not a bike. 

Carry it on the bus, train, or even on the plane. No need to lock it up and park outside. How portable! Isn’t it?

But you need to be extremely careful about bike parking. You can only take it where there is a parking lot. So, there is more chance of getting stolen. 

Another benefit of bike riding is you can choose clothes and shoes of your choice. No issues. But a longboard only allows shoes with rubber soles for good balance.

Final Words

So, what is your pick from this Longboard Vs Bike faceoff? Let us know by commenting below. 

We hope our earnest effort to shine some light on this much-argued topic will be advantageous for you to decide your next transport.

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