Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding

Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding [With Buying Guide]

In an extreme sport like skateboarding, safety gears hold the utmost importance. The rising competition in this game requires the latest styles to adopt. That’s why riders often face some sort of injuries while getting used to new tricks. 

Here come the wrist guards in the scenery. In order to stay safe, skateboard wrist guards are the must-have gears for the skateboarders because wrist fractures are the most common injuries in skateboarding. 

However, a decent pair of wrist protection gear can literally work like magic to protect you. Be it a regular or an electric skateboard, you can rely on it to keep your hands and wrists protected.

Go through our honest reviews below of some of the best wrist guards for skateboarding of recent times with all their conveniences and handicaps in detail.

Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding

1.    Pro-Tec Street

Being manufactured by the popular brand Pro-Tech, this street pad reasonably deserves the first item to be reviewed. 

The product weighs 7.05 ounces having dimensions of 23.6×15×15.7 inches.

These wrist guards cover the palm as well, along with wrists. You will get some sort of additional support to try out new moves confidently. The thumb hole provides a stable grip to assure security. As a consequence, your pads will not slide off of the gloves easily.

We loved the matchless fabric quality of the guards. Besides, they are out of the box durable and comfortable to wear. Being stitched by nylon threads, they seem even firmer.

The ergonomic design offers complete palm and wrist protection. They splint with full wrap straps.

You can synthesize the straps based on the arm girth size. These guards are usable by anyone in most of the extreme sports. Being launched in 2009, it is still equally popular because of its protective features.

The Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards are famous for their enhanced coverage, top quality material, and tight-sewed construction. 

Get these guards as CE certified for over 50 kg riders. They are capable of providing support during any unexpected fall. 

2.    Triple Eight Wristsaver

Another big brand, Triple Eight, occupies second place on the list. Their Wristsaver Wrist Guards are finely constructed to meet your all safety standards. 

If you prefer unparalleled protection, this is undoubtedly your thing. Also, the two available styles certainly draw attraction.

The first model comes in a butterfly design along with strap closure and three hook-loop sets. This model offers the best customization possible. However, the second model comes with only one hook-loop set. Also, it has a slide-to-wear-fit and a nylon mesh lining.

Both models are designed to ensure comfort and safety in the first place. Fitting is one of the major issues in these gears. Triple Eight Wristsaver Guards pass the criterion successfully by providing a snug-fitting. 

The slide-on design provides the users easy on and off the facility. You will get the best quality in the most affordable price range. The lightweight and preeminent features are its centers of attraction.

The nylon body with a stretchable mesh doesn’t require much space. So, use them by enjoying maximum breathability. This is the best option for the weaker wrists as it features EVA foam between the wrists and the splints. The foams absorb shock and offer a great cushion. 

You will love the front and back splints as they are impact-resistant, replaceable, and high-density. 

Weighing only 4.94 ounces, the product has dimensions of 1×1×1.9 inches. You can use this to skate hard to get the necessary protection.

It is available in four sizes. Consequently, it can suit both adults and kids. However, this product comes with a 180-day limited warranty from the manufacturers. 

3.    Triple Eight Hired Hands

Another excellent dual safety product from the brand Triple Eight, designed to meet all your safety necessities. This is a gloves-cum-guard for the skateboarders.

Top grain leather is used to make these wrist guards, the highest in quality. Indeed, it stands out from the others. Reasonably they are incredibly durable and comfy in the cold weather of winter. 

The replaceable top and bottom ABS splints are the notable features of these gloves. They are impact-resistant and removable as well. 

It is capable of withstanding any sudden fall. The manufacturers themselves described the product as burliest. No wonder they provide you complete wrist protection.

The EVA shock-absorbing foam with double stitching formula makes it a hot favorite item among the riders. You can choose it with closed eyes and rest assured. 

The four available sizes are suitable for kids, youngsters, and adults as well. Although they are high-end products, their premium quality service is completely worth the price.

Hire Hands to feature a full padding system to ensure the ultimate defense in any adverse situation to save the wrists from getting hurt.

The thick neoprene support strap provides a snug and secure fitting. Besides, the adjustable hook and loop closures are like the cherry on the cake. You can adjust them as per the size of your arms and the required grip.

They feature the EZ pull-on loop that helps in effortless tightening. Talking about the sizes, the small fits include 7-8 inches, medium fits 8-9 inches, large fits 9-10 inches, and X-large fits 10-11 inches. 

4.    Wrist Guard for Skateboarding

Regardless of the skaters’ level, pro or beginner, you can get supreme protection from these high-quality wrist guards. 

The anatomically designed protection gears for left and right hands are suitable for any type of skating. We loved the protective caps that are perfectly shaped to provide support and comfort.

Speaking about the features, the ABS splints on the palm work great to offer hand and wrist protection. Besides, they are entirely impact-resistant. 

In the case of summer sports, your hands will remain cool and dry because of the open back design. They are relatively easy and breathable to wear.

To provide necessary support and relieve wrist pain, the wrist brace is the ultimate savior featuring a lightweight splint and stretchy fabric. These guards are the best choice to protect the wrist, hand, and palm simultaneously. 

These gloves feature a fast and facile wear-on and off system being tailored for both males and females. 

The easy-strap closure lets you adjust the wrist brace for a flawless fitting. It also keeps the pads in place during the movements in the sports. Not over yet. The straps can assure a more flexible fit by adjusting the strength of the closure. 

How can we forget the EVA foam? They are the common yet effective feature for cushioning and shock absorbing. Besides, the inner pads are sweat-absorbing as well. 

There are two conformable nylon straps on the palm and the wrist, respectively, to let you enjoy the thumbs and fingers’ full movements. The available sizes suit the kids and the adults mostly.

You can choose it as a multi-function gear to use in snowboarding, inline skating, skiing, roller skating, along with skateboarding. 

5.    Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves

The name Hillbilly needs no introduction. They are famous for producing industry-standard protective gear for years. Their Wrist Guard Gloves are also not different in terms of quality. 

They provide a unique fitting like a glove instead of a strap fitting. As a result, you will get more stability and comfort.

Moving towards the material, we cannot but admit that their materials are softer and stronger in terms of durability. They will provide year-long service being tailored with the goatskin leather.

Not only is the material comfortable but also lightweight, water-resistant, and sturdy. Consequently, they promise to sustain through heavy-duty usage. 

The Hillbilly Wrist Guards Gloves are a combination of hand gloves and guard cover. They secure half of the fingers and let you move the hands freely. Also, they offer an excellent grip without any slide-off.

Looking for a heavy-duty wrist guard to withstand even the worst falls? Surely you can pick this one to get extreme mobility and safeguard. Being double stitched with nylon threads, the gloves keep your wrists always stable.

You need to choose the size as they are half-finger gloves carefully. Only then you can expect the exact grip and fit. The measurement tips and the size charts from the manufacturers are quite helpful in this respect.

The product dimensions are 10×6×6 inches, and it weighs 1.1 pounds. This is one of the best seller protective gears throughout the world for skateboarding and mountain boarding. 

6.    187 Killer Pads Derby

If you are searching for a fingerless wrist guard, you cannot go wrong with the 187 Killer Pads Derby Wrist Guards.

Although it doesn’t restrict your fingers, you get the necessary protection along with flexibility. You can afford the natural movements of your hands with these skateboarding wrist guards.

The protective plates are cupped and contoured. They cover a wide area of the palm and wrist. 

You can have a quick slide on the system to have an effortless fitting experience. The extended protective area rebounds the energy of hard impacts. 

We got the sweatband pretty convenient and useful for a quick wipe-off. They are also placed in a suitable location. 

You will remain unaffected by hard falls because of the extra-thick splint. The inside padding provide lenience at best. 

No worries about the heat, as these wrist guards are built with perforated materials. As a result, improved breathability is also ensured.

Speaking of durability, they stand out from others because of the strengthened thumb hole and palm. The ballistic nylon is stitched perfectly to add an extended lifespan.

We are satisfied with this sturdy product having dimensions of 3.94×3.94×5.91 inches. It weighs 5.61 ounces.

However, they are available in various sizes, starting from X-small to Large. Being designed particularly for the Derby skaters, they successfully meet the needs of the skateboarders as well. 

7.    ELOS Wrist Guards

The ELOS Wrist Guards are another name of comfort and reliability. These protection gear successfully meet the needs of skateboarding, longboarding, rollerblading, inline skating, etc.

The sturdy and shock-resistant ABS splints protect the palm by absorbing impact. It equally serves to protect the beginner and hardcore enthusiasts. So, have a hassle-free adventure without thinking much of the safety of your wrists.

The three adjustable straps make the guards a flawless fit for your wrists. Therefore, they work both as a glove and a helmet in terms of providing safety. 

We enjoyed the breathable, comfy construction with the oxford fabric. The fabric helps minimize the sweaty messes of your skin underneath. You can wear them for pretty long hours without any uncomfortable feeling. 

The adaptable Velcro closures let the wrist guards fit any wrist size. To get the proper fitting, measure the circumference of the palm with tape. 

You will certainly love the minimalist design along with its protective features. 

What to Look for in Best Wrist Guards for Skateboarding

Figuring out a decent pair of skateboarding wrist guards could turn into a daunting process sometimes. There are a wide number of features to look for. We have narrowed down the list below, highlighting the most important factors while choosing an ideal pair of wrist guards. 

Have a look below.


The very first thing to consider is the material. There are wide variations in materials such as fabric, latex, leather, elastic, and many more. You need to decide the material based on protection and weather demands.

Hot weather needs a lightweight and breathable material. In contrast, cold weather requires thick materials. Also, you must remember that the harder the materials, the more the protection. But they will result in more sweat and less flexibility. 

Fitting and Flexibility:

As a safety gear, a wrist guard must have a snug and comfortable fitting. Otherwise, it will provide discomfort. So, the fitting should be neither too tight nor too less. 

Most of the conventional guards have three straps to ensure a snug and secure fitting. You need to make sure the straps are flexible enough to be adjusted if required.


There are a number of wrist protection styles like full-finger, half-finger, and fingerless. It entirely depends on you which style you prefer. Think about which type suits you the best and makes you feel the safest. Then buy accordingly.


Check the purposes of a wrist glove before buying. Find out whether it is designed for a specific purpose or to meet the general needs of a skateboarder. Because all the outdoor sport wrist guards will not be equally suitable for skateboarding. 


Although you should not compromise quality in the safety essentials, budget is indeed an issue here. You should not buy anything that does not assure complete protection. Also, the money you will spend should be worth the features like durability and performance. 

Most of the standard skateboarding wrist guards will cost you from $20 to $60. 

Final Words

Getting injured and having bruises are quite normal while skateboarding. You cannot abstain from them completely. But with the right safety equipment, you can certainly reduce the chances of getting hurt.

Skateboarding wrist guards are a powerful protective gear to protect you from severe injuries. So, we suggest you be cautious while choosing them.

Our best wrist guards for skateboarding list consists of the top seven skateboard wrist guards of today’s time. Whichever you choose, you cannot make a wrong move in any way. 

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