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Longboard Basics for Beginners | You Must Know

In the beginning, you need to know what a longboard is, and you have to gather some information about longboard basics. Also you have to follow some tips and know how to longboardMany people confuse longboard with a skateboard, but a longboard is different from a skateboard.


What is a longboard?

A longboard usually used for cruising or traveling, and since it is a little larger, it is more fun to ride. And because of its wheel size, and much better hardware, it can run much faster.


Another common question, how long is a longboard?


The longboard is usually a little bigger, the length of a longboard is usually 32 to 59 inches (about 81 to 150 centimeters), and the width is 9 to 10 inches (about 22 to 25 centimeters). And the size of the longboard varies due to the different types of longboarding.


How long should my longboard be?

It depends on what kind of rider you are. If you’re a shorter rider, a longboard around 34 inches would be perfect for you.


And if you are of average height, you will feel a lot of comfort by riding a 40-inch longboard. And for those who are taller, 50 inches or so would be perfect for them.


Some Longboard Basics


Here are some basic things you need to know to ride a longboard

1. Move the longboard forward

The first thing to do is to learn to move the longboard forward. You can learn by yourself how to do this. You can do this by keeping one foot on the longboard and push the ground with your other foot. You can do it with any foot, and it is better to use the foot on which you feel comfortable.


Start by pushing gently, and then gradually increase the speed. Getting the balance right in the beginning is the hardest thing to do, but gradually it gets better.

2. Turn or curve the longboard

Then you need to know how to turn.  The better you can do it, the better you can enjoy longboarding. Moreover, even for tricks, it is important to learn to turn or curve the longboard.


There are two types of carving boards: 

Heel edge longboard used to turn inwards, and in this case, you need to use your heels to move downward, and toe edge longboard used to turn outwards where you will use your toes to move downwards.

3. Sliding the longboard 

Sliding on a longboard is another fun thing. If the longboard speed becomes too high, then this speed can be easily reduced by sliding.


It can usually be done in two ways:

The smoother a rider can make a slide, the more skilled he becomes in longboard tricks. 

4. Stop the longboard

There are many ways to stop the longboard; you can choose any of the following:


(i) Foot Braking

This is the easiest and most natural process. You have to drag your one foot on the ground, and the speed of the longboard gradually decreases because of the friction.


(ii) Carving

Leaning down the hill and reduce its speed by pushing the longboard wheel from side to side


(iii) Air Braking

When moving at high speeds, stand up and stretch your arms, strong winds will slow you down a bit.


5. Always be careful

Longboarding is a real adventure game. Just as it gives a lot of pleasure to the rider at the same time, a little mistake can lead to a very bad injury. So always be careful and wear safety gear in the time of riding. Never be overconfident; always follow the rules.


To get a good idea about the longboard, you need to know a little about all the parts of a longboard. As just as you need to know about longboard decks, wheels, you also need to know about longboard trucks, bearings.


It will be to your advantage, and then you will know for yourself what type of parts should be on your board and what type of parts goes with your riding style.


Also, it is good to have some idea about the types of a longboard, because the type of longboard differs depending on the purpose for which the longboard will be used. You want to use a longboard for crushing; obviously, you have to take that type of longboard, now if you buy a longboard that is good for freestyle, it will not be good for your purpose. 


Final Touch


If you have read the whole article, I think you are lucky because here I have tried to highlight all the longboard basics for beginners and all the ideas that a beginner should have. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed if you start your longboard journey with these things in mind.

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